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Profiled pickler - materials and characteristics

The profiled sheet is produced from various metals: stainless steel, copper, aluminum. In residential areas, the aluminum profiled sheet is more popular than others because it does not have a large mass, it is also resistant to corrosion and inexpensive.

Sometimes the elements do not have a top coat. For external structures, such as a roof or fences, a galvanized element is used. To the effect of moisture, the corrugated fence is stable, and therefore has good strength. It is an order of magnitude more expensive than a sheet of aluminum, but the quality fully justifies the price.

The profiled sheeting, coated with a polymer coating, will also last a long time, with questions about the design of the fence being eliminated, because the color scheme is quite diverse. True, the paint is hard to tolerate high temperatures, from which it is necessary to cut the profiled sheet only by cold methods.

Fins from proflist - advantages and disadvantages

There are many advantages of for such material, here are just some of them:

  • durability and strength of the profiled sheet are well-known advantages, it can last up to half a century;
  • in the construction of the roof can be called an ideal option, because simplicity in installation, light weight and reduced load on the house - this is its undoubted advantages;
  • galvanized sheet is not affected by atmospheric fluctuations, and is resistant to mold and rust;
  • you can be sure of safety in case of fire: the material does not spread fire and does not burn.

However, along with such striking properties, the felting device has and disadvantages. They are not particularly important, but in the construction of them should be remembered, especially before the installation of structures from such material.

  • Sheets can form dents. If the dimensions of the profiled sheet for the fence are small, even from a light blow there may be a defect. It should be borne in mind that if your goal is to build a durable construction, then it is better not to save on the thickness;
  • If you create a roof from a profiled sheet, the rain will cause noise that will significantly reduce the comfort level. This problem can only be solved with the help of insulating material.

Fiberglass fence - installation and operation features of

Given that the thickness of the profiled sheet for the fence must be in accordance with the design, one of the best design and construction solutions is considered to be a fence with brick poles. Afterwards, in the brickwork, the mortgages should be installed, to which the gates, wicket and longitudinal lag will be fastened.

Brick masonry is created around metal pipes, we should not forget about the jointing and the construction of a strip foundation.

Steel sheets are distinguished by their durability and strength. Polymer coating and galvanizing - a reliable protection against fading and corrosion. Manufacturers often use a double-sided polymer coating for sheets. As a material, profiled is attractive by its variety of colors. Under any design in the territory is created profiled sheet for the fence, the colors you choose yourself. If the protective and decorative layer is violated, it does not bring any trouble to the owners, since the dismantling of the damaged area will not take much time.

Also the material reflects the sound frequencies well enough and lowers the noise level from the street on the selected site. You do not have to worry that the wind will break trees in the garden or cause harm, because another bonus is to protect the territory from the wind. Popular nowadays is the corrugated timber for wood fence, which is often used in suburban areas. For its installation requires metal poles, longitudinal lags and corrugated board.

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