Barbecue with your own hands

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Furnace with your own hands

First of all you need to determine where your furnace will be located. After this, you need to take care of the sketch, drawings and all the necessary materials.

When choosing a place for future construction, for safety reasons, remember that next to the future furnace there should be no wooden structures or fences. It is not recommended to build a barbecue very close to the house, it is better to choose a quiet and quiet place in the depth of your site, where you and your guests will be pleased to chat or just sit by the fire. However, the place for the oven should also be quite spacious, so that smoke can easily dissipate.

Other important points:

  • chimney height of the future barbecue
  • size of the foundation of your oven
  • no trees with long branches near the
  • availability of wind protection
  • possibility to arrange a number of places for rest.

When choosing materials, remember that the tree is absolutely not suitable for interaction with open fire, but for exterior decoration of barbecue it can still be used in small quantities. For the main construction, choose a stone or brick.

Now we will consider the option of a brick oven. Of course, it will be necessary to perform the necessary blinds from concrete.

Barbecue with your own hands

Drawings of a barbecue oven

Having chosen a place for your project, sketch and draw drawings. It is quite easy to find suitable options on the Internet, but you can also create your own project according to your personal needs. In any case, if you are going to make a barbecue, you will need to decide on the type of future focus. There are not many of them:

  • closed barbecue
  • open barbecue
  • semi-enclosed barbecue( under awning)

In fact, any garden barbecue is an open fireplace equipped with a grill for cooking. Sometimes such furnaces are equipped also with a smokehouse, but if you are not an experienced builder, start with simple options.

Bricklaying of BBQ oven

So, you have purchased all the necessary materials, selected a place for construction, marked out your building site. Now you can start building. It will take place in several stages:

  • foundation device
  • brickwork of the furnace walls
  • grate laying

Important - take care of protecting your construction site from rain. At none of the intermediate stages the future furnace should not get wet.

The first stage will probably take you most of the time, mainly due to the fact that it takes about 3 days for concrete to grasp, and it is advisable to wait a couple of weeks for it to freeze properly. It is important to remember that depending on the size of the future garden barbecue, the minimum depth of the basement must be at least 20 cm.

In any case, the pit under the foundation is always the same depth and with a depth margin - you will need to fill the pillow from the slag to the future foundation. Use ordinary gravel as slag. Prepare the formwork for the foundation, fill the prepared concrete with a layer of gravel and let it freeze.

After the foundation is frozen, proceed to the second stage. Spreading the first row of bricks, be sure to use the level and make sure that the corners are even. Usually a metal coal tray is laid at a height of five or six rows of brickwork, but you can make your oven and above if you want.
Barbecue with your own hands
After laying the pallet, lay out two more rows of bricks and, from now on, between each next row, place the metal rods in the solution in such a way that approximately seven centimeters of the rod are seen on both sides of the furnace. This will allow you to move the brazier - the iron grate for cooking - to different heights.

Lay out the wall you need to the height you determined, but not too high, it is enough to protect the fire from blowing. In too high a center, the thrust will be worse.

The third stage seems to be the easiest, but do not relax. Give the finished building a neat appearance as quickly as possible, until the solution between the bricks has dried. Carefully remove the unevenness of the mortar between the bricks and slightly fill it. Now it remains to wait until the solution has solidified and you can start using the barbecue. Do not rush, otherwise with heating seams can crack and your building will lose its appearance and reliability.

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