Cabinet Design

Who does not dream of getting his own study at home? This idea is visited by everyone who has the opportunity to work at home. Own cabinet allows you to keep your status, emphasize your style, and also a little in an informal atmosphere to communicate with your partners at home.


  1. Advices on the design of the cabinet
    1. Choosing the room
    2. Orienting in the style of
    3. Flooring
    4. Comfortable and functional furniture
  2. Photo of the cabinet design

However, it is not possible for everyone to acquire their own work area. In modern apartments it is extremely difficult to find any modest corner, where it would be possible to design the design of the office. And if there is such an opportunity, then often the office has several functions - a workplace and, for example, a home library, or a corner of family achievements.

In general, the design of the cabinet includes the working direction, as well as elements of hobbies and hobbies of all household members. For example, it is often possible to meet interesting designs of the manager's office, decorated with trophies, produced independently during the hunt. It can be interesting and memorable things brought from other countries.

Advice on the design of the cabinet

We choose the room

It should be understood that the working area should be slightly away from other active zones of the house, such as kitchen, living room. It's great if the office is designed in the attic floor, if it's a private house. As for the design of the office in the apartment, it is not particularly necessary to pick and choose - any vacant area of ​​the room is allocated to the workplace. By the way, pay attention to the separation of a large room, for example, a living room or bedroom, on the work area. Dividing the room with a plasterboard partition, it's okay to arrange a working part of your life.

Oriented in the style of

When you design the interior of the cabinet of the head, no strict requirements and rules are put forward. It can be a classic, maybe rustic style, high-tech, minimalism. But in all cases, the cabinet should not have straining and excessively bright, or, conversely, dull shades that will strain and oppress. Adhere to calm and natural materials and tones. The perfect solution is the design of the cabinet in light-green colors, as in the photo, which will provide a flush of freshness.


Carpet throughout the floor is the most common option for finishing the floor in this area. This method has tremendous soundproofing properties, which makes it so popular. In case of registration of a natural design of the cabinet of the house, take a closer look at the parquet or ceramic tile. Agree, a parquet board made of ash or cherry will create a wonderful atmosphere in the room. To create a certain home environment, you can decorate the floor with a beautiful carpet, it will also allow zoning the room. You can get acquainted with interesting photos of the cabinet design on the website, where the choice of ready-made projects will necessarily inspire something new and fresh.

Comfortable and functional furniture

Desk, armchair, cabinets and shelves for documents and books - most interior cabinet projects include only these most important pieces of furniture. But do not reboot the premises with cumbersome elements, this will only reduce the space. If it is planned to receive guests in the office, it is better to allocate a small sofa and a coffee table for this purpose, as in the photo.

Photo of the cabinet design

Below is a large-scale photo gallery of the cabinet design that will help you determine the direction and style in your unique design.