How to make high beds of boards with your hands - step by step instructions

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On the appropriateness of high beds in its hundreds of disputes quite a lot. And, nevertheless, even opponents recognize that they greatly simplify the care of plantations, which is of no small importance for the elderly, as well as those who, for health reasons, can not fully work on the garden plot( dacha).

If high beds are planned to be built by oneself, there is no reason to start thinking about the merits and demerits of just such an "engineering solution".But the manufacturing technology is a question that interests many people. We will stop on the most simple and accessible material - wood, that is, on high beds of boards.


Construction of the "artificial garden"

The high beds have other names - loose, elevated. But we are talking about the same method of solving the problem. This is just a frame( in this case of boards), inside which the soil is loaded. The usual land or specially prepared soil mixture is at the master's discretion, depending on the crop under preparation.


Although this is only a simplified description of the high beds. Its assembly by itself - a number of certain technological operations, as will be discussed below.

Recommended parameters of high beds

Naturally, the summer resident decides what size of the "plantation" it is more convenient for him to choose. Therefore, we are talking only about the optimal dimensions, which are determined on the basis of practical use of such structures.



With this parameter, most of the difficulties in calculating the most acceptable size. Its value is determined based on where exactly the artificial plot is arranged.

  • When framing on a fertile soil, without isolation from it, the optimum height of the artificial border of the artificial bed is 18 ± 4 cm.
  • If the plot settles in a place unsuitable for growing plants directly in the soil( isolated construction), then at least 30.
  • In their plots, many farmers grow potatoes. For this( and similar) culture will have to increase the height of the skirts a little, given the depth at which the tubers develop. As a rule, in this case two to three boards are attached to the sidewalls of the frame, which are fixed one above the other.

Separately it is necessary to tell about so-called compost constructions. They are mainly installed in regions with rapidly changing weather. For what? For example, the dacha is located not just outside the city limits, but at a considerable distance. If weather forecasters warned that at night frosts are expected, will everyone be able to go to the site to cover the seedlings planted in the open ground?

Compost, placed in a high bed under the earth layer( and it remains relatively warm), keeps the root system from freezing. For this design, the beads should be made at least half a meter, sometimes even higher.


Length, width

The first parameter is defined arbitrarily, but the optimal values ​​of width( cm) are from 90 to 120. It is only necessary to relate this value to the height of the rails. Criterion one - whether it will be convenient for a trucker to reach the middle of the garden.


How to make

Here, a detailed description of all technological operations, as well as recommendations for the selection of tools, is not required. Figures are all well explained. Everyone can knock down the frame from the boards according to the given sizes with their own hands.


What to take into account

When making a high bed, isolated from the ground, it is necessary to carry out a number of additional activities. This mainly relates to the work on the "bottom" of the frame.

Protection from rodents. For this purpose, a metal mesh is laid on the bottom.


Exception of weed germination. Quite often there are recommendations on the use of foil film. The simplest and cheapest option, however, in this case, you will have to think about how to ensure good drainage. After all, this material - a waterproofing, and the stagnation of water in the garden is fraught with the decay of the root system of plantings. A more acceptable solution is geotextile. Perhaps the reader will come up with something different, but the meaning is clear.

General recommendations of

The board has a significant drawback - it is rotted. Especially if it is used for artificial beds. Regular watering of the plot is the constant contact of the material with moisture. The way to protect the carcass from decay is at the discretion of the host. The most common methods are impregnation with used engine oil, special purchased preparations and so on.

We need only understand that all garden crops are contraindicated in contact with artificial materials( only natural).Boarding boards, for example, plastics - not an option. In general, the problem of extending the useful life of wood is a separate topic, so the author is limited only to paying attention to the need to solve it.

When assembling skeletons for high beds, it is not desirable to use nails as fasteners. After all, such designs of boards can last for more than one year;then they will have to be dismantled / collected on a regular basis. In this regard, a good solution is the fixation of individual frame elements by self-tapping screws.


In order not to complicate your life at the beginning of the next season, puzzling over what particular boards are held together, they should be marked. For example, 1-2, 1-4.In the spring it will be clear that from these elements No. 1 is gathered. A compiled during the initial installation scheme will tell which side of the frame is placed this or that board.

Everything else - choosing a place to install high beds, depending on the illumination of the territory, the wind rose and the like - is no different from the rules of arrangement of traditional plots on the site.

When it is advisable to use high beds

At the beginning of the article, it is noted in part how convenient such constructions are. But, in addition to facilitating the processing of beds, they allow you to solve a number of everyday problems.

  • When planting plants that need different soil characteristics. In each of the plots, you can download exactly the soil mixture that is needed for the normal development of a particular crop.
  • If there are difficulties with the arrangement of quality drainage on the site.
  • Ability to install high beds in any location, even unsuitable for truck farming due to soil properties.
  • If it is necessary to insulate the plots. With regard to artificial beds, the solution of this issue is greatly simplified.

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