Instructions - how to make an ottoman from the tires with your own hands

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Good afternoon, dear subscribers of the construction portal - By this lesson, we continue the step-by-step guides aimed at improving the suburban area, as well as its design. Today, we'll figure out how to make an ottoman out of tires with our own hands.

Upholstery from the bus with their own hands

Pulling out of the bus with your own hands

Tools needed to create a puff:

  1. Rubber tire - for a puff of a standard size, a 15-17 inch car tire is quite suitable, you need to emphasize the size, the more you want to have the ottoman - the biggeryou need to choose a tire.
  2. Rope twine - the rope size must be at least 20 meters, becausethe consumption of the rope is quite large, again, above all, it depends on the size of our tire.   

    Rope twine

  3. Electric drill - it will be needed in order to make holes in our tire.
  4. Plywood sheet - you will need plywood thickness of about 3-5 mm, then it will need to saw off in the form of a circle to form a puff for the puff.
  5. Adhesive and lacquer - The glue is necessary for fixing the twine to the tire, and the varnish is needed to cover and give an aesthetic appearance.
The necessary tools for creating a puff from the bus

Required tools for creating puffs from the

bus Step-by-step technology

  1. First of all, cut the sheet of our plywood from the outline of our tire and make a round sheet, then drill holes in the tire and plywood to fix and connect the tire and plywood.   
    Drill holes in plywood and in the tire

    Drill the holes in the plywood and the

  2. bus. Next, use screws or bolts, but note that when fastening the elements with bolts you will need to make holes for the bolt caps so that they do not protrude from under the plywood cover. We fix the plywood sheet to the tire.
    We fasten the plywood sheet to the tire

    We fasten the plywood sheet to the tire

    . By the way, please note that the sheet of plywood is fastened from two sides, becauseto the bottom of our puffin we will attach the roller legs, which will be the movement of our puffin on the wheels.
  3. We begin to glue our twine to the tire, it is necessary to start from the middle and lay the twine in the shape of a snail, which contributes to a pretty beautiful pattern.   
  4. We need to glue the adhesive on a strong adhesive, we advise you to use glue in a special gun, but if you do not have such a tool, then glue - "Moment", but please note that it must be very sticky! .   
    We begin to lay the twine in the form of a cochlea

    Begin laying the string in the form of a snail

  5. Further, when the lid of our puff is pasted with string, we begin to glue the string directly onto the tire itself.   
    When the lid is pasted on, we go to the pasting of the tire

    When the cover is glued to the

  6. , we need to turn the tire from the top to the bottom, which will facilitate the easier fastening of the rope.   
    We turn the tire and begin laying the rope from below

    Turn the tire over and begin laying the rope from below

  7. Next, we glue the tires completely, and cut off the excess twine and glue it onto the lid.   
    The ottoman from the tire is almost ready

    Puff from the tire is almost ready

  8. Next, glue the cover and cover our ottoman with varnish. Coating the puffs with varnish is necessary in order for the rope, to which our ottoman has been glued, is not soaked under the influence of rain.
Upholstery from the bus with their own hands

Puff from the bus with your own hands

Puff of the tire - ready. By the way, as a decor you can fasten the legs to it - the wheels, then it will become the object of adoring your children. On this all, subscribe and join our group, builders with their own hands! .

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