We make a garden path from a tree and lay it on the plot

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Many holidaymakers were thinking about how to make a garden path from a tree with their own hands, as well as how to make it fit in the villa design. Tracks in the history of mankind have already appeared - they served as a guide to guide the traveler to places of congestion of people or to the ultimate goal. So the paths made in the garden serve not only for the decorative component, but also for a comfortable and understandable movement through the country plot.

Garden paths made of wood

Garden walkways made of wood

So the paths are erected:

  1. Across the perimeter of the suburban area;
  2. To the bath house;
  3. To the toilet;
  4. Before the arbor, etc.

Varieties of wooden tracks

Speaking of wooden paths, many come to mind the classic wood cuts with a circular saw that fit throughout the garden. In fact, it is, the classical version of the wooden tracks in this case is, let's stop on this option and consider the variety of spills.

Track made of wood cuts made by own hands

Wood chip track made by own hands

A key feature of this technology is the arbitrary shape of the track. Here everything will be limited only by your imagination, you can lay out a straight path.

Path from wood spills

A path from wood saws

And you can experiment and lay out the track in any order, by the way, note that the seams between the wooden disks can be filled, too, whatever. For example, sand, gravel, crushed stone or grass is perfect for this, and it is also possible to sow the lawn in interlayers.

A sown lawn between the spits of wood

A sown lawn between the

wood spills. You can see a sample of the sandy backfill in the next photo, note that this is also an interesting option.

Long walkway made of wood

Long wooden walkway

Recommendation - always use impregnating protective wood from rotting! Of course, the most important material for our path is the tree. Of course, it is not necessary to cut a young and healthy tree. In the construction shops for a long time sold a wooden frame, the average cost of one cut is about 50 rubles, calculate the number of spills necessary for your path and buy the necessary materials.
  • The second option is the manufacture of spilov own hands. To do this( if your dacha is located near the forest), go into the woods and look for a fallen tree( preferably birch) and choose it as a material for our future cuts.
  • After our saws are ready we will determine what height they will need. If you are going to set the track in the ground and tamp them there, then the height of the spills should be of the order of 10-20 cm.
    Woven trunk of a tree for a garden path

    The sawn trunk of the tree for the garden path

  • Next, we lay the path out of the spills in an arbitrary sequence. So we summarize, to put a path from a tree, we take the following steps.

    How to build a track

    1. Digging a trench - the shape of the future track can be outlined using a wooden thread and pegs.
      We dig a trench for a path from a tree

      We are digging a trench for a wooden walkway

    2. Please note that a tree is not a very durable material, so that our path lasts for a long time necessarily make a waterproofing so that our tree does not interact with the soil. To do this, lay the polyethylene film on the bottom of the pit.
    3. We do drainage of the track, for this we put a large rubble on the bottom of the pit. Drainage is needed in order to protect our path from decay.
    4. We make a pillow from a layer of sand - it should be about 10 cm in height.
    5. We lay wooden saws.

    Video - garden path from wooden spills

    Garden walkway made of wooden planks

    In addition, often make tracks from wooden boards of a rectangular shape. It is also not difficult to design and erect, but here an additional attribute is the laying of boards on the formwork and impregnating them with wood impregnating impregnations.

    Garden path of boards

    Garden path of boards

    Garden path made of wooden boards

    Wooden walkway made of wooden boards

    Wooden walkway in the form of parquet

    Wooden walkway in the form of a parquet

    Path from a tree

    Wood path

    Soway garden paths made of wood can be done with their own hands. For this, no special knowledge of design and construction is required, but all it takes is just to stock yourself with a bit of diligence and diligence and you will succeed. Subscribe to the updates of the site Stroy-Shkola.ru, and we will gladden you with new ideas on landscaping the site.

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