Lighting in the bathroom

Most often in the bathrooms, the presence of windows is not provided, because of their small size, so you need to pay special attention to the organization of quality additional lighting. There are many options for the design of ceiling lighting, walls and even the floor, thanks to which, your bathroom will look special and unique. Even the most daring lighting options, you can do yourself, if you follow the advice of specialists.

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How to make lighting in the bathroom?

In the bathroom, before and after a busy day, we conduct many different procedures to relieve tension and fatigue, so the quality lighting of the ceiling in the bathroom, as well as other nuances of lighting, are very important. Ideally, light should approach daylight, for better and more natural perception of skin color and other objects.

Since the lighting in the bathroom is used for different needs, it must be combined, as in the photo, so that it can be turned on or off, if necessary. For example, if you make a make-up, or shave, the light should be concentrated near the mirror. This can be done with the help of sconces, directed lamps, or pointwise. Variants of lighting in the bathroom can be seen in the photo below.

When you just need to take a shower or load a washing machine, enough lights on the ceiling with a wide angle of dispersion, multidirectional halogen lamps or spotlights.

When designing the design and lighting scheme in the bathroom, you need to think about safety, excluding contact with water and using special sealed fixtures that can be located in wet rooms. The sconce is never installed directly above the bathroom, as when exposed to water, the bulbs may explode. It is also necessary to exclude any contact of the wiring leading to the luminaires with water, using a hidden type. It is necessary to refrain from tees and extension cords, use grounding for the entire electrical network.

Aesthetics in bathroom lighting

In order to design the lighting in the bathroom with your own hands, you need to pay attention to the shape and number of fixtures that directly depend on the size of the room, decoration, layout and ceiling. For this purpose, sconces, floor lamps, chandeliers, spotlights and spotlights, mounted, or suspended from the ceiling can be used. Aesthetics manifests itself in any detail, emphasizing sophistication, simplicity with the help of both conventional and designer lamps.

To create a special atmosphere in spacious rooms, can be used for lighting, floor lamps: sturdy, airtight small diameter.

If you want your bathroom to look bright and expressive, and you enjoyed rest and romance, then experiment, fantasize, not forgetting the advice and safety precautions for premises of this class.

Photo of bathroom lighting