Lighting on the balcony

Thanks to the architectural arrangement of the balcony, its space can be functionally increased, turning it into a cozy "gazebo" or combining it with the room, thereby expanding the living space. However, in order to turn into reality the conceived design of the balcony, it is necessary to conduct wiring and make classroom lighting there.


  1. How to make lighting on the balcony?
  2. Required inventory and accessories
  3. Preparatory stage
  4. Assembly and laying of wire
  5. Installation of
  6. lighting fixtures Photo of lighting on the

balcony How to make lighting on the balcony?

Many of the townspeople decide to significantly simplify the lighting on the balcony, installing lamps and connecting them to an ordinary extension cord. But if you are serious about the issue, first of all it should be remembered that the electrification of the loggia should meet all the requirements of fire regulations and be safe in operation.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the type of wiring, which can be hidden or open, after which it is ready to start the preparatory work, laying the cable and connecting the electric power.

Required inventory and accessories

To make the lighting on the balcony with your own hands you need a puncher, voltage indicator, drill, arrow tester, screwdrivers, pliers and other construction equipment along the way. For lighting wiring, you must first purchase an electrical cable of the appropriate section, corrugation, switches, sockets, junction boxes and the lamp itself.

Preparatory stage

Before making the strobes, it is necessary to decide where the electrical supply will come from for lighting the balcony: from the junction box or the socket. Since it is difficult to find the junction box around the apartment, to open it and unwind it, it can be problematic, the outlet fits best. In the case of electricity from the outlet, the electrical path through the apartment to the balcony will be hidden. Therefore, the next stage in the creation of lighting on the balcony will be the marking of the route of the wiring and the drill-hole punching by the perforator.

Installation and laying of the

wire When the shrouds are ready, we proceed to laying the cable( the wiring should be copper) and covering the asbestos strobes. Then, using the junction box, join the electrical wiring of the apartment and securely insulate the connection. At the same time, concealed wiring involves drilling the strobes both in the apartment and on the walls( ceiling) of the balcony. While open wiring on the balcony is in the fastening of the electric cable on the supporting structures. This type of wiring excludes a number of technical operations, greatly simplifying the process of installing the cable. Special corrugated hoses are necessary when connecting light to the balcony. Their essence is to prevent a possible fire during a short circuit.

Open wiring will be appropriate depending on the interior of the balcony. If the loggia is planned to be lined with wood, then the open wiring will be just right, as it will disappear under the cover layer.

Installation of

luminaires The choice of lighting fixtures on the balcony should be approached from the practical side. If the balcony is to be used as a separate room, for a workshop or pantry, it will be enough to install one luminaire. Another thing is when the engineering structure extends the living space. In this situation, the role of luminaires is based on the possibility of high-grade lighting, as in the photo.

Designers recommend using electrical appliances to decorate the interior, zoned the room. Depending on the idea of ​​the room( working or relax zone with a soft sofa), the lamp must be different from its "relatives", embodying a new role. As shown in the photo, various lighting panels, spotlights in a false ceiling, wall or floor sconces can be used as lighting on a balcony. And, most importantly, when choosing a lamp, it is necessary to pay attention to its operational properties, as not every device is able to withstand winter frosts.

Photo of lighting on the balcony