Repair the roof of a private house with their own hands

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The roof is one of the important structural parts of the house, which is the protective barrier of the interior from the bad weather, wind and precipitation. But no matter how qualitatively and completely it was done, repair can not be avoided with the passage of time. If repair of public multi-storey buildings is the destiny of public services, the repair of private estates completely falls on the shoulders of their owners. In the case of minor damages, it is not necessary to contact the professional builders, their services will not be expensive, but repairing the roof of the house with their own hands is an excellent way out of this situation.


  1. Where to start?
  2. Choosing a roof repair method
  3. Repairing roofs from different materials
  4. Video repairing the roof of a private house with your own hands

Where to start?

Regardless of the roofing material and its construction, the first step is to analyze the damage. First, assess its general condition. This can be done by examining the roof from the outside of the building - large damages will be clearly visible against the background of a holistic coating. Next, inspect the attic room for the presence of damp spots, puddles, rot, mold, as well as dampness on rafters and ceilings, traces of stains on the walls. Identify such defects will be easier in rainy weather. If such defects become visible after a bad weather, then the reason, most likely, lies in the damage to the roofing itself, or joints of the material. In the event of a periodic leak, when some time has passed after the precipitation - then in the roof, apparently, there are microcracks. After the inspection, all defective places should be marked or traced with chalk so that during the repair nothing is missed.

We choose the technique of roof repair

At the second stage we will have to deal with the cause that caused the leak. It can consist of: the displacement or loosening of roofing elements, mechanical damage to the base or the coating itself, the appearance of cracks, rust, corrosion or the destruction of fasteners. After identifying the reasons, it is much easier to understand how to eliminate it. If you still decided to repair the roof of a private house with your own hands, then the amount of repair work in the future will be determined by the material from which the roof is made.

Repair of roofs from different materials

If the roof is made of cement-sand or ceramic tiles, the essence of repair will be in strengthening its construction or in replacing the old joint putty with a new solution. Restoring the roof of the metal involves removing gaps with a sealant, replacing the whole sheet with extensive defects or applying steel patches for small damages. The repair of roofs from bitumen shingles should be done at a temperature of 5 and above degrees, due to its fragility. The job is to remove the damaged plate, remove the nails holding it, and then install and fix the new element. The chips and cracks formed in the slate roofs are sealed with cement mortar or special adhesive tapes. Nails that fasten slate sheets to each other are covered with linseed oil or oil paint, to avoid the appearance of rust.

Roof repair of various materials has many nuances, in more detail you will be told about this photo and video of repair of the roof of the house, presented on our resource.

And in the end, I want to add - do not forget about safety precautions, and then the result will ensure you a happy and long stay in a dry and cozy house.

Video repair of the roof of a private house with their own hands

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