Children's playground in the country - we will consider the main options for the construction

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To your child was happy to spend time in the suburban area, it is desirable to build a playground there. There are several types of such sites, each of which is designed for children of a certain age:


Children's playground in the country with their own hands

  1. Playground with swings.
  2. With a tree house.
  3. With swings and others.

We will talk about each of the options in this article.

Building a sandbox at the dacha

Sandbox can be:

  • a) open;B) closed.

A bit later, we'll look at both options, but before that I'd like to talk about one very original idea that complements the children's sandbox.

Sandbox with a "secret"

So that the sandbox is not a primitive structure of four boards, you can do the following.

Sandbox with pegs - photo

Sandbox with pegs - photo

The secret is the first. We supplement the sandbox with simple installation / dismantling. We will need about forty hemp of the same size, which we will treat with an antiseptic and dig into the ground. The very form of the design can be anything, but it is better that hemps are large: you can create special paths from them, according to which children would run.

The second secret. You can make it in the form of a table. By the way, even some factories resort to this.such a table will serve as a "working classroom" for children, which has a favorable atmosphere for creating houses.

The third secret. You can build a sandbox in the form of a sailboat, using an old tractor tire for this. We will also need a wooden mast stick decorated with a sail.

Open sandbox

Open sandbox - photo

Open sandbox - photo

The first stage. We prepare a place. It is desirable to equip the sandbox immediately near the windows, so that the child is always in sight of the parents.

The second stage. We excavate the excavation for the construction. The width of its sides should be about 2 meters, and the depth - 0.4 meters.

The third stage. We equip a special pillow using rubble or building pebbles. This will become our drainage system.

Fourth stage. In each corner of the foundation pit we install a beam - the future support of our structure.

The fifth stage. On each side it is necessary to attach a planed board, pre-painted and treated with an antiseptic.

Sixth stage. We attach additional boards for seats.

Seventh stage. We fall asleep about twenty centimeters of sand, preferably river or from the store( there are less glasses in such sand), preliminary having strained it through a fine sieve.

Closed sandbox

Sandbox cover

Cover for sandbox

In the course of the work we will need agrofibre, planed boards of 1.2 meters each, plywood, door hinges and meter beam.

Sandbox in the form of a ship

Sandbox in the form of a ship

The first stage. Preparation. Actually, the first five stages are the same as in the previous version. Just repeat them.

The second stage. To the bars, serving for support, we attach an additional layer of boards.

The third stage. We begin to make a roof. We measure each side of the sandbox and cut out the necessary size of the plywood sheet. After that, cut it and fasten the door hinges.

Fourth stage. On the sides of the construction we mount agglomerates, which subsequently spread to the bottom.

The fifth stage. By connecting both pieces of plywood by means of loops, we fix the agrovolokno itself. Actually, this ends the work, it remains only to paint the sandbox.

The main advantage of this sandbox is that it protects sand 24 hours a day from getting garbage, so you do not have to clean it later. To learn more, read the article - how to make a sandbox in the country house with your own hands.

Children's rocking chair

This rocking chair diversifies the playground. It is a fairly primitive design, which is best performed in the form of fairy-tale animals. So, below are the basic steps of manufacturing.


Children's rocking chair in the country - photo

The first stage. We prepare necessary materials - a solution, a figure of a small animal and the big spring.

The second stage. Tear out the foundation pit.

Third stage. Fill the pit with a solution and place the edge of the spring in it, so that in the future the structure was sufficiently stable.

Fourth stage. After solidifying the solution, we attach a figure to the spring, preferably with a pre-prepared seat for sitting.

The fifth stage. We enjoy the way kids play on a rocking chair!

Classic childrens swings

For the construction of such a design, too, it will not take too much time or money. What do we need to do?

The first stage. We need a pair of three-meter beams, a chair with a back, a cable and a galvanized pipe.

The second stage. Roem two excavations, approximately 60 centimeters each. In them we fasten the bars, pretreated with antiseptic. Fill all with concrete and wait until it dries.

Third stage. On the cross-bars we mount a galvanized pipe, on which, accordingly, we place an armchair with a backboard with the help of a cable.

Baby swings at the cottage

Children's swing at the dacha

Fourth stage. For safety, you can sharpen the sharp corners of the chair.

In addition, we can increase the strength of our structure several times. Thus, on children's swings can ride a few people at once, even adults. Instead of a pair of pillars, you need to install six, and instead of a regular chair, you need to attach another, more roomy. By the way, you can use the car seat for comfortable sitting, besides it is much softer.

Video - children's playgrounds in the country with their own hands

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