Variants of interesting self-made car motocross

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Motoblock today is an indispensable thing not only for farmers, but for any summer resident. Thanks to its application it is possible to greatly facilitate the work, which is connected with agriculture and cultivation of the country site. Currently, for the motor block, a huge number of various useful additions are being developed that turn this device into a motor unit designed for normal plowing of the land or mechanization of harvesting of grown vegetables. If there is a small amount of money and the desire to create, as well as the initial skills of working with technology, you can convert a motor-block with your own hands into a different kind of useful homemade.

What kind of homemade can be assembled by modifying the usual motoblock

. Variants of interesting homemade items from the motoblock are different. Everything depends on the needs and fantasies of its owner. Some homemade products are used to improve soil cultivation, others for hunting and fishing, and others are just for fun. There are several typical designs that can be found most often:

  • A practical and convenient mini tractor.
  • Snowmobile for lovers of winter fishing and hunting.
  • Not a cross-country off-road vehicle.
  • Swamp for trips for cranberries.
  • Motor vehicle for transporting sledges.
  • Karakat for cross-country traffic.
  • Similarity of ATV.

For the construction of any of these units you need a basic knowledge of mechanics.

We build a mini tractor and all-terrain vehicle from the

motoblock. Almost all the homemade products made from the motor block are designed to facilitate the work of a person. The one who did not plow the land, dragging this car by the horns, does not know how hard and tiring it is. It is much easier to sit on it and go. However, the design of the product does not allow this to happen without some alterations. By making certain changes in the design of the motoblock, you can get a comfortable and maneuverable mini-tractor.

By making certain changes in the design of the motoblock, you can get a comfortable and maneuverable mini-tractor.

Having made certain changes in the design of the motoblock, it is possible to obtain a convenient and maneuverable minitractor.

However, there is one significant problem. You can not sit directly on the motor-unit, without raising the center of gravity of the apparatus. This is unacceptable, since the machine may tip over in turns. Therefore, a second axle with a width of at least 1.2 m is required. The wheelbase of the motor block itself must be extended to these limits too. The turner is not needed for this, since the necessary attachments to the drive shaft are commercially available. They increase the distance between the wheels to the required.

Usually, light or medium motorized blocks do not have a differential, which negatively affects their maneuverability. Therefore, it is necessary to install rotary extenders that limit the excessive rotation angle.

Blocking rotary extension

Blocking rotary extension

Today, even a person who can not handle metal can make a mini tractor, because there are ready-made conversion kits for sale, which consist of:

  • Frames equipped with engine mounts.
  • Footboards with pedals installed on it.
  • Driving seat.
  • Levers turn off the semi-axle locking system.
  • Steering systems with installed traction.
  • Front beam, equipped with brake discs and wheel hubs.
  • Rear hitch with hand-held convenient lifting gear.
  • Wings.
Set for minitractor

Kit for mini tractors

There are no major problems when converting a motoblock into a mini tractor using the listed parts. But it turns out a tractor, on which it is much easier and more convenient to work the ground than on a motor block. The design and every detail is precisely measured and adjusted. She was tested in various conditions. Therefore, you do not have to adjust anything.

In order to assemble a cross-country vehicle from a motoblock, one who has already made a tractor needs only to install a wide cross-country rubber on the wheels. For the above-mentioned homemade products, it is more convenient to use a water-cooled engine, since it is less prone to overheating and more enduring to long-term loads.

How to build a bogotrood and a snowmobile from the motoblock

There is no significant difference between the two self-made items, since both must have minimal ground pressure. To do this, it is necessary to make special wide snow-swamp wheels. To do this, you can use low-pressure wheels or make adaptations from old caterpillars from the snowmobile "Buran", as shown in the photo. This will allow you to place right in them the standard wheels from the motoblock. In order to put on such lugs, the wheels are lowered and inserted inside the self-made "bast shoes".Then they simply pumped the tires, and they dig into the lugs tight.

So look homemade grousers.

So look homemade grousers.

After these simple manipulations, you can safely go on a journey through the swampy plain or deep-throated snow. In practice, it has already been proven that even a low-power 6-hp motor from a motor block is quite able to provide sufficient traction in difficult conditions even on small slopes.

Such a bogotokhod is able to remove a single bucket of cranberries from a remote and hard-to-reach swamp.

What is a motorbike and a carat?

Who ever rode on a motorized tow truck specially made for this purpose, paid attention to its striking similarity with a motor-block. Then why not make it yourself. After all, the engine, controls, the way to form torque and transfer it to the wheels are similar. The only difference is that the motorbike has a pair of caterpillars, which allows you to move through the snow and drag the sled along the endless snow-covered field. To realize a dream into a finished product, so necessary for winter fishing and hunting, you can simply buy a complete set of caterpillars on the chassis. If for someone the cost of this design seems high, you can make it yourself. To this end, it is necessary to thoroughly study the features of the construction of the caterpillar construction, which consists of a driven and leading sprocket on each track and several rubber rollers. All this is mounted on a frame welded from the channel. On it the engine and a rudder with controls are fastened. To build a sleigh on skis is no more difficult, for someone who will cope with the previous task.

You should not bypass the party and such an interesting homemade dress as carat. Its advantages are in the huge wheels, which are cameras, strapped together. Sometimes instead of belts use cargo tires. They are made easier by cutting out unnecessary elements. Leave only the protector and part of the side. For manufacturing it is most convenient to use an electric jig saw.

Wheel for karakata assembly

Wheel for karakata assembly

Drives for caracas use the usual car, to which the expanding structure is attached. Sometimes they come very original, welding together two round metal basins and cutting holes in the bottoms under the hub, as in the photo below.

Wheel for karakat from two basins

Wheel for karakata from two

basins Although such a carat from a motor-block looks rather awkward, it is able to briskly surpass swampy areas of the terrain, and also transport up to 100 kg of cargo.

So can look like a carat from a motoblock

This might look like a carat from a motor-block

Quad bike from a motor-block

It's quite possible to build an ATV from a motor-block, only it will not have the power and speed of the present, since the engines on the motor-block are completely different. But its patency and maneuverability will not be worse.


Here is an interesting quad bike can be made from the

motoblock. It will be necessary to get into such a quad bike not like in a motorcycle, but on an ordinary seat. Wheels for him special do not need. Suffice it to choose suitable from a car, capable of being equipped with wide-pass rubber.

Thus, the motoblock can be remade into anything, there would be a desire and a need. Find suitable materials today will not be difficult.

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