The device of shower cabins with a pallet and without a pallet, dimensions, assembly

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The device of shower cabins of different type
  • Closed and open types
  • Hydraulic units
  • Pallets - dimensions, shapes, material and height
  • Without pallet or floor drain
  • Choosing a guard
  • Roof and frame
  • Optional equipment
  • Collecting a shower enclosure in parts

Closed or open, made of glass or plastic,built-in or even hydroboxes - shower cabins have appeared not so long ago, but managed to firmly establish themselves in the bathrooms of millions of people. Practical, functional and aesthetic - the reasons for their popularity is not difficult to explain. Choosing a cabin for your bathroom, everyone will certainly find an acceptable option to your taste and pocket, which harmoniously fits into the interior of the room. At the same time, it is important to remember - to choose a shower - this is still relevant, it is also important to install it and, if necessary, to repair it, for which you need to know the structure of the shower cabins.

Shower cabin in the interior

Closed and open types

Choosing a place for your cabin, proceed from the fact that the closed model you preferred or open. If you want to place it in a corner, then choose the open version. However, in this case, make sure that the walls are completely tiled, which will protect them from contact with water. If the open type models consist only of a pallet, watering cans and doors, the shower cabins of a closed type, or as they are called, monoblock cabins, are additionally equipped with side walls, a roof and a shower panel. In closed models, the required temperature is very well maintained.

Shower enclosure

Shower cabins are also built-in. This model is installed in a recess in the wall, since it provides only internal panels. The shower of this type is closed with a sliding, transparent door.

Outdoor shower
Closed shower cubicle
Built-in shower cabin

Hydraulic units

Another interesting option, liked by many, are the hydraulic boxes. This shower is combined with the bathroom, and the functions of such a device also have an order of magnitude greater. The more expensive the model, the wider its possibilities: it includes hydro- and aeromassages, various backlights, the function of "tropical rain", built-in radio, telephone and TV, and much more. If a steam generator is provided in the hydraulic box, then you will also have your own home sauna.

Hydrobox in the bathroom

Pallets - dimensions, shapes, material and height

Pallet - the bottom part of the shower enclosure, where the water is collected and from where it then merges. Pallets come in different types and each chooses something that more closely matches their needs.

Shower tray assembly


First, they vary in form. Four types of pallets are distinguished by this criterion:

  • semicircular;
  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • pentagonal.


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Secondly, the pallets are made from various materials:

  • Acrylic. The most common. Very popular due to the ease of care. The disadvantage is that the surface of acrylic is very easily damaged. In justification it is worth noting that it is not difficult to eliminate scratches. Such pallets are very light, yet durable.
  • Ceramic. Also very common material for pallets. However, they are very cold, so before entering the shower, they must be heated with hot water. And as a whole they are durable and easy to care for.
  • Earthenware .The main advantage of these pallets is that they can withstand a large weight.
  • Cast iron. The most durable and reliable, but due to this and quite expensive.
  • Steel. If the pallet is made with enameled steel, it will heat up quickly. The most important thing in choosing this pallet is its thickness, because the thinner it is, the louder water flows on its surface, sometimes creating a lot of noise.
Semi-circular shower tray
Round pallet of dushkabin
Triangular shower tray
Rectangular shower tray
Cabin with asymmetric pallet
Shower cabin without shower tray

To increase comfort and safety, the bottom of the pallet can be coated with an anti-slip coating to reduce friction.

Anti-slip shower tray cover

Pallet type

Thirdly, the pallets are self-supporting or those that are installed in the floor.


Fourth, the pallets vary in height. The higher the pallet, the more convenient it is to wash and bathe children, pets. Basically, pallets are from three to ten centimeters high, but their level increases when installing a drain.

Shower cabin with a high pallet

No pallet or floor drain

However, the shower can do without a shower tray, in this case the shower walls start from the floor itself. It is desirable then to lower the cabin under a slight slope towards the drain, and the floor must necessarily be waterproof, so as not to flood the neighbors from the bottom. In general, if you stopped on the option of draining into the floor, then the task of installing such a shower cabin is best entrusted to real professionals. After all, redoing expensive repairs as a result of water leakage or eliminating the consequences of a short circuit is not a pleasant pleasure.

Shower cabin without podnna
Shower drain to the wall

Choosing fencing

Fences for shower cabins can be divided into several types:

  • Frame. Made of plastic, glass or aluminum.
  • Frameless. Made of durable glass. Pleased with a variety of choices: all kinds of colors, patterns and transparency level.
  • Shower curtains. Often made from polystyrene - a material, the lack of which is that over time it can become clouded and lose its original appearance. This is not surprising, because it is considered one of the most inexpensive. Also curtains for the cabin are made of durable glass, which can not be broken. It can be transparent or tinted, decorated with various patterns or patterns, smooth or with a relief surface.
  • Shower doors. Can be swinging, that is, open both inside and out, the main thing is to provide a place for this. Also roller, which is very compact. Some models can be assembled by an accordion.
  • Shower walls. For durability, it is worth choosing the most durable and reliable. There are walls made of plastic, tempered glass, tiled or made of stone. There are also unusual walls made of wood and covered with a special tool that protects against moisture.
Shower enclosures
Frameless shower cabins
Shower cabin with doors

Roof and frame

Most often, the frame for a shower enclosure is made of aluminum. It has become so popular due to its strength and external aesthetics. And the reliability of the frame is very important, because other elements are attached to it: walls, doors, roof and pallet.

As for the roof, it is provided only in enclosed shower cabins. It should be selected according to the size and shape of the model. Thanks to screws, acrylic roofs are easily attached to the carcass of the cabin.

Shower Enclosure
Shower Enclosure with Lighting

Additional equipment

Well, do not forget about other things useful in shower affairs. And if in expensive models everything is already provided for maximum comfort, then to cheaper cabs it is necessary to buy internal parts, such as: mirrors, lighting, hangers, seats, shelves and much more. Do not forget about the ventilation system and the hood, so that you feel comfortable in the cabin and not stuffy. In particular, this is important for the elderly, who, with lack of air, may have heart problems. For maximum comfort, many install MP3 player and phone.

Additional equipment for shower cabins

We collect the shower cubicle in parts

It is not difficult to assemble the shower yourself, it's important to follow the instructions clearly. If you decide on this bold step, then you need to know the order of the action. The most important thing is to arrange the cabin close to the sewage drain.

We start from the very bottom. We adjust the pallet at the right angle and connect it to the sink. The pallet can be on legs, bricks or cement screed.

Further, using bolts, firmly install the side walls using sealing gaskets. Using the screws attach the shower panel. Then the frame is attached to the pallet.

Shower enclosure

Fasten the rear walls of the shower enclosure to the walls of the bathroom. The final stage is to install the roof with bolts. Finally put the door in place and your cabin is ready for operation. The whole process is best done in the open space, so that there are no difficulties in working.

Mounting the shower enclosure

If you have doubts that you can manage yourself with the installation of the cabin, it is best to entrust this matter to experienced professionals.

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