Accessories for shower cabins: gaskets, nozzles, small fittings, choice

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Accessories for shower cabins
  • Species
    • Rollers
    • Seals
    • Nozzles
    • Fine accessories
  • Glass
  • Advice for choosing

It should be understood that a modern comfortable shower is not just four walls and a water flow. An important role in the functioning of this device is played by accessories.

Fittings are a skeleton, that is the basis on which the entire cab structure is based. Due to her use of plumbing is convenient and easy. Accessories can be invisible to the eyes, but this does not in any way diminish its significance. Let's look at its types.



These devices are considered to be the most important component of shower enclosures, therefore their choice should be approached with the utmost care. More about the videos for dushkabina read in another article.

Rollers for shower cabins


With their help provides tightness and waterproofness of the entire structure. waterproof models, magnetic, as well as gates for doors can be classified as seals. With the help of a clamping profile, all possible leaks during the operation of the cabin are minimized. Seals are usually

elastic materials, such as rubber, PVC or silicone .They are not afraid of moisture, temperature drop, they have solid indicators of wear resistance. There are different types of coupling, which is why there was a certain classification of gaskets:

  • A-shaped;
  • B-shaped;
  • C-shaped;
  • T-shaped.
A-Imaginary seal for shower enclosure
Types of seals for shower cabins
T-Imager for shower enclosure

These elements are treated with antibacterial compounds, they are easy to clean and wash, and can also be replaced if necessary.


Some of them are called watering cans, but this is not entirely correct. A watering can is a traditional shower for a bathroom or a cabin. The nozzle also works together with the watering can, providing an additional head of water. Modern nozzles are able to hold a session of an unforgettable whirlpool. They are mounted on special panels, or directly on the walls. The number can be different, depending on the wishes of the buyer and his financial capabilities. Control of the injectors is realized by changing the position of the mixer.

Types of nozzles for shower cabins

Fine accessories

Nevertheless, its importance is comparable with all other accessories, which we have already talked about. Here we are talking about hinges for doors, connectors to ensure the immovability of the walls of the shower, the handles for doors and so on. The hinges can be divided into several types, depending on their functions:

  • Glass-glass. Connect the two glass elements;
  • Wall-glass. Accordingly, connect the wall and the glass component of the structure.

And the opening at the loops can be both fixed and adjustable .As materials for the manufacture of such accessories, forged brass with an anti-corrosion coating is used, although alternative solutions are not uncommon.

Accessories for shower cabins - hinges, connectors, handles

glass Many modern models of shower cabins are made of tempered glass. Therefore, for them it is necessary to use appropriate fittings, which must meet certain requirements.

First of all, the accessories materials should in no case be afraid of water. And we are talking about the constant contact of these elements with a moist environment. Therefore, connectors and loops are most often made of carbide brass, polished brass, matte and polished chrome.

As a result, the fittings ensure a long and trouble-free operation of the entire shower system. But her choice should be approached competently.

Accessories for glass shower cabins
Hinges for shower cabins from glass
Shower cabins from glass and accessories for them

Tips for choosing

  • First of all, pay attention only to proven manufacturers with a pretty big name. This is the result not only of successful advertising, but also of the appropriate level of trust on the part of clients. Do not follow the rule about a person who pays twice.
  • Stick with one firm. It is not worth buying the hinges of one manufacturer, the rollers of the other, and the pens in general for the third. So the integrity of the aesthetic component can be seriously compromised. And this is at best.
  • Study the moisture resistance, consult with the sellers. It is not superfluous to study the features of marking. The most important thing is the availability of additional protection against moisture. If it does not prove to be on the hardware, it will soon become worthless and will have to spend money again.
  • Before going to the store, remove from the cabin all data, dimensions and so on. Alternatively, you can remove the damaged item and come to the store with it. So it will be even easier for specialists to choose an appropriate alternative.
  • The accessories differ not only in the manufacturer and in the materials used. They fix the elements in different ways, so determine in advance what exactly you want to get as a result.
  • The best materials for making fittings are stainless steel and brass. They easily withstand the loads that occur in the bathroom. Here it is a question of constant contact with water, a high level of humidity, sudden temperature changes, condensate, a load on glass elements and so on. At the same time, it is naive to believe that brass and stainless elements are eternal, better not worth it. Over time, they will have to be replaced, but the service life will significantly exceed any alternative fittings.
Tips for choosing accessories for shower cabins

As you can see, the shower can be completely repaired or even assembled from scratch, using the appropriate hardware. Do not think that only accessories play an important role.

Practice has shown that elements such as rollers, seals, connectors and other types of fittings have a direct impact on the durability, comfort and comfort of your shower enclosure. Therefore, approach this issue responsibly, choose quality components and enjoy an excellent alternative standard bathroom. After all, more often people turn to shower cabins.

Accessories for shower cabins

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