Shower cabin with hydromassage: with bath, bath, nozzles, dimensions, hydromassage cabin

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Shower cabin with hydromassage
  • Pros
  • What to consider when choosing?
  • materials
  • shower cabin care
  • shower cabin types
  • shower types
  • types of hydromassage Popular sizes
  • Nozzles
  • Additional functions
  • Manufacturers and prices

A shower cabin or cabin is a special closed equipment on all sides or a bathroom space equipped with the necessary fixtures for, to take a shower. Usually it consists of walls, a pallet and curtains( doors).

Today many shower cabins are equipped with a hydromassage function. Hydromassage is a very useful procedure for the body. It has a healing and relaxing effect on the body and just gives pleasure. The benefits of hydromassage can not be overestimated, since it has a very beneficial effect on the body as a whole, so buying a shower booth with hydromassage function, you will acquire not only a source of purity, but also a source of health. Shower cabins with hydromassage function are also called hydroboxes.


  • Occupy little space;
  • economically consume water;
  • are highly hygienic;
  • allow: and take a shower, and relax;
  • exercise body wellness massage.

In addition to the above advantages of shower cabins, there are also booths that perform whole fitness programs. They contribute to health promotion, prevent the occurrence of colds and give cheerfulness for the whole day.

Advantages of shower cabins with hydromassage
Advantages of shower cabins with hydromassage

What to consider when choosing?

  1. The size of the bathroom.
  2. Water pressure. With a low head, the hydromassage function does not work.
  3. What materials are made of the parts of the shower cubicle.
  4. Pallet. It must be reliable and of high quality to withstand heavy loads;The roomy, but compact;have a raised surface to avoid slipping.
  5. Doors( curtains).They should move apart easily and noiselessly and move away.
Tips for choosing a shower with hydromassage

So, here's what you need to do before you buy shower cubicles with hydromassage:

  1. Measure the space allocated for it and determine the size of the cabin.
  2. To clarify the water pressure of your house for this booth? The water pressure can be found in the housing department, and the minimum pressure for the booth can be obtained from the manufacturer. Typically, many of them indicate this in the characteristic of the equipment. Today, in the market of shower cabins with hydromassage, the German pressure booths "Hoesch", the Italian "Jacuzzi" and the Spanish "Hydro-Box" have the least pressure, and the hydro-massage also works.
  3. Pay attention to the materials from which the walls, pallet, doors or curtains of the shower cubicle are made. The best hydromassage shower booths have glass doors and acrylic pallets that must have a thickness of at least 10 cm.
  4. Doors should be snug against the walls of the cabin so that water does not leak in any way.
  5. Prepare the necessary tools and parts for installing a shower enclosure, and it is better to invite professional assemblers to install it to avoid breakage and installation errors.


Walls, doors, roof and shower tray can be made of different materials. On how high-quality these materials will be, the service life of the shower cubicle will depend. In addition, it depends on the materials that care should be taken for the booths.

Most often, there are shower cabins, the walls and the door of which are made of polystyrene. The main drawback of this material is that after a time it becomes cloudy and divorce appears on it. In order not to face such problems, you can choose glass showers. They cost a little more expensive, but they look very nice, and with proper care will always shine. In addition, now you can find showers with patterned, tinted and frosted glass.

Shower cabin with hydromassage from polystyrene
Shower cabin with hydromassage from glass

Shower trays can be:

  • cast iron;
  • with steel;
  • acrylic;
  • ceramic;
  • and from artificial stones.
Cast-iron shower tray with hydromassage
Ceramic shower tray with hydromassage
Artificial stone shower tray with hydromassage

Care for shower cabins

In order for a shower cabin to serve you and your family for a long time, you need to take care of it and take care of it properly.

Here are some tips for the proper care of shower cabins:

  1. Many faucets of foreign production are not provided for our realities, so it is necessary to install several filters to reduce the adverse effect of local water on equipment.
  2. After taking a shower, it is necessary to wash the shower tray with special cleansing agents and dry with a sponge. Walls and doors should also be washed or simply wiped off with soap and water droplets.
  3. External metal parts, pipes, faucets and mixers should also be periodically wiped with special cleaning agents.
  4. In order to extend the duration of built-in highlights, they must be switched off after taking a shower.
Care for shower cabins with hydromassage

Types of shower cabins

There are many variations of shower boxes. Depending on the functions performed, the following types are distinguished:

  1. Simple.
  2. Multifunctional.
  3. Combined.

A simple shower cubicle is a small shower cabin in the bathroom. On both sides they are confined to the walls of the bathroom, and from the other simple curtains for the bathroom. A pallet is provided below. The top remains open. The advantage of these shower cabins is that they are inexpensive and do not take up much space.

Multifunctional called shower cabins , equipped with the necessary equipment to perform many functions. These cabins can create conditions for a Turkish bath and rain in the rainforest, can perform water massage, create aromatized steam and are equipped with lights. These cabs are managed by a very convenient electronic system.

Combined shower cabins - these are quite original and stylish multifunctional hydroboxes with hydromassage, which are positioned by their issuing companies as home SPA salons.

Simple shower cabins with hydromassage
Multifunctional showers with hydromassage
Combined showers with hydromassage

In the form of:

  • angular;
  • round;
  • is oval;
  • rectangular;
  • and polygonal shower enclosure.

The most popular are corner, as it is with this form of the booth that you can use the space of the bathroom as efficiently as possible. Are the best option for small bathrooms. Therefore, you can find angular gyroboxes for different price categories.

Types of whirlpool

Water massage in the shower is vertical and combined. The most convenient is the vertical hydromassage, as in this case, the shower can be taken and standing and sitting, and massage to receive all parts of the body. Adjusting the intensity of water flow, you can get from a relaxing massage to an invigorating.

The combined hydromassage includes both vertical and horizontal water massage. This hydromassage is in large hydroboxes with a bath.

The company TIMO, for example, offers shower cabins with hydromassage of the following types:

  1. Shower TIMO T-1120 L / R - equipped with six nozzles of the same diameter that perform a vertical hydromassage of the back and legs;
  2. Shower. TIMO TL-1503 - also equipped with six nozzles, performing a vertical hydromassage. The pallet has a height of 20 cm.
  3. Shower. TIMO T-7709 - the operation of the injectors can be controlled via an electronic system and adjusted to the desired mode.

In addition to the above, in some hydraulic boxes there is a function of "tropical shower", which is classified as one of the types of hydromassage. This massage perfectly eliminates fatigue and is an excellent remedy for stress.

Shower cabin with hydromassage TIMO T-1120 L / R
Shower cabin with hydromassage TIMO TL-1503
Shower cabin with hydromassage TIMO T-7709

Popular sizes

For small bathrooms, shower cabins with hydromassage of 80 * 80, 90 * 90, 100 * 100 size are suitable. As a rule, their standard set includes only a shower head and a vertical hydromassage. Can also include a rain shower. They have shapes, more often angular, round and square. In addition, there are folding showers, which folded up to occupy no more than 20 centimeters.

For bathrooms of medium size, the cabin size is 120 * 80 * 215( width * depth * height).

And for large bathrooms you can buy hydromassage showers with a bath. Some of them are double rooms. They are usually the size:

  • 150 * 85 * 218( length cm * depth cm * height cm);
  • 170 * 90 * 220;
  • 150 * 150 * 222;
  • 150 * 150 * 223( double).
Popular sizes of shower cabins with hydromassage


In the shower cabins are installed three types of nozzles( water and air atomizers):

  1. Hydromassage;
  2. Aeromassage;
  3. Combined.

Water is injected through the hydromassage nozzles with pressure, through the air-massage nozzles - air, which turns into bubbles. And through the combined nozzles are fed and water and air.

Hydromassage shower nozzles
Aeromass jets for shower cabins
Combined shower head nozzles

Additional functions of

Every year, companies that produce showers try to improve the quality and functionality of their equipment so that they can take a shower and relax and strengthen their health. For this reason, hydrobuses with more options are now available. At the moment, as additional functions in the shower cubicle are installed:

  • Electronic control systems that allow you to easily configure and manage the functions of the shower boxes.
  • Radio.
  • Ventilation.
  • Seats.
  • Shelves for placing things.
  • Towel holders, handrails and hooks.
  • Function "Tropical shower".
  • Decorative lighting.
  • Electronic panel or display for controlling the intensity of the whirlpool.
  • Temperature controller.
  • Timer.
  • Special unit for aromatherapy.
Additional functions of the shower cabin with hydromassage

Manufacturers & prices

The best companies producing simple booths today are:

  • Hyber;
  • Ammari;
  • Fresh;
  • Eurosun;
  • Pegas;
  • Sinowell;
  • Nautico.
Shower cabin with hydromassage from Hyber
Shower cabin with hydromassage from Ammari
Shower cabin with hydromassage from Fresh

Among the manufacturers of multifunctional booths were: Attoll, Midocean, Teuco, Villeroy &Bosch, Niagara, Glass and Appollo.

Multi-functional shower cabin from Attoll
Multifunctional shower cabin from Midocean

The best producers of combined steel booths: Gruppo Treesse, Fituche, Eago, Coliseum, Tarim, Jacuzzi, Movida, Avanta.

Combined shower cabin from Gruppo Treesse

Among domestic manufacturers high-quality and inexpensive hydrobuses are produced by the companies Akvapol and Atlantis. Very good hydromassage showers are manufactured by the Finnish company TIMO.

Shower cabin with hydromassage of domestic manufacturer Aquapol

Hydobox prices vary depending on size, functionality, manufacturer, brand and materials used in the assembly. Today, the shower booth can be purchased, ranging from just under 1000 to 10 thousand dollars.

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