Fragrance for the closet: what to put in the closet for a pleasant smell

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Everyone likes it when their closet smells fresh and their laundry smells nice. Let's look at how aromatic sachets of different types, soaps, perfumes and unexpected improvised means will help to scent your closet and the things in it.

General rules

We must remember that we are scenting things and linens, and not the closet itself. The aroma of towels, bed linen or clothes should not be cloying or bright. The aroma of freshness or floral notes should only be felt when we put on clothes, wipe our face with a fresh towel, or make the bed with clean linens.

The scent from your clothes should not overpower or conflict with your perfume or care products. Consider this when choosing fragrances.

Classic diffusers, fragrance sprays and other means for aromatizing rooms are not suitable for a closet or small dressing room, as their output is too intense. In addition, the aroma will not be able to penetrate closed drawers and numerous shelves.

To achieve a uniform, but not “screaming” aroma in all places of the closet or chest of drawers, it is necessary to use several fragrances. Ideally - on every shelf, in every drawer and additionally on a hanger, next to things.

Therefore, fragrances for cabinets, chests of drawers and small dressing rooms must meet several criteria:

  • small size and, as a result, low intensity of aroma release;
  • long-term and stable work in a small space;
  • environmentally friendly and safe even when in contact with clothing;
  • the ability to lay out on shelves and drawers, hang on a hanger.

Important! The scent for the cabinet should not be too strong and bright. It should give off its aroma for a long time and evenly.

Florentine sachet

Considering all of the above, aromatic wax sachets best suit these requirements.

Florentine sachet is the name of a small tile based on wax and aromatic oils. Often such sachets have original decor and can be placed in a prominent place.

They are made from 100% organic soy wax and stabilized fragrance oils. Solid body perfumes and massage candles are made from the same materials. That is, they are completely safe for human health, which is important, since the sachet can come into contact with clothing and linen that comes into contact with the skin.

At the moment, almost all wax sachets are made by hand. During production, aromatic oil is mixed into the melted wax, so the aroma spreads evenly throughout the entire volume of the sachet, and is not just on the outside, as with many fragrances. Therefore, the wax aroma has a lasting aroma for three months.

Sachets are made in different shapes:

some are suitable for hanging on a hanger next to clothes; they are usually larger in size.

Scented wax sachet

others are compact in size, made in the shape of “hearts”, “candies”, “cubes” and other things, and are more suitable for laying out on shelves and drawers.

Aromatic sachet 10 hearts

Since the sachets are made from wax, they may leave slight marks on dark and colored fabrics, so it is best to place them in an organza bag or next to your items.

You can also make these sachets yourself, for this you will need:

  • high-quality organic wax;
  • stabilized aromatic oils, preferably made in the USA (as they are the safest and mix perfectly with soy wax);
  • pouring molds;
  • dishes for melting wax in a water bath and for mixing with aromatic oil;
  • scales to accurately determine proportions;
  • decor in the form of dried fruits and dried flowers - optional.

A scented wax sachet is the most modern and safe way to scent linen in closets and chests of drawers.


  • wax can stain clothes, but it is easy to wash off, as it is completely vegetable;
  • The melting point of wax is no more than 65 degrees, so do not use the sachet near heaters, and do not leave it in open sunlight to avoid melting.

Sachet - paper bag

This is a cheap analogue of wax sachets. They use filling made of paper, crushed mineral material or talc.

The aroma composition consists of synthetic components, here is the composition of one of them:

"essential oils, alpha-isomethyl ionone, butyl methylpropional, citronellol, geraniol, hexylcinnamal, limonene, dinolool."

Poor quality aromatic sachet

One of the manufacturers writes on the packaging that opening the sachet is strictly prohibited:

Do not open the paper bag! Avoid contact with skin and eyes! Has a pronounced effect on the mucous membranes of the eyes.

Based on these precautions, and taking into account the entire chemical composition, it is not recommended to use such sachet next to baby clothes, bed linen or towels - in short, with all things that have contact with skin. It may not be safe.

Aromatic sachet Greenfield

They are easy to find on sale and are inexpensive. Usually sold with a hook on which to hang them.

Sachet in a paper envelope for the closet

The disadvantage of such sachets is that the paper bag can be easily damaged, and the contents are toxic. And they will have to be constantly changed. They hold the aroma:

  • In the chest/closet 20 days;
  • In the dressing room for 10 days;
  • In the bathroom/toilet for 7 days.

Sachet bags with herbs

The classic and most popular version of the aromatic sachet. Incense bags can be easily purchased at household chemicals or home improvement stores. It is not difficult to make such a sachet with your own hands.

How to make your closet smell nice: 17 ways

A handkerchief, a cotton baby sock, or any piece of cotton fabric will do. You can make the bag decorative - decorate it with beads, embroidery, tassels (if it hangs in the closet) or knit it.

Lavender bags

After adding the filler, the bag must be tied or sewn up.

Choose the filler at your discretion. It can be dried lavender, rose petals, pine needles, cloves, mint, orange peel. All herbs and spices must be well dried.

The smell of herbs has different persistence. It usually starts to disappear after a month of use. At first, you can revive the smell by squeezing the bag. If this does not help, the filler should be replaced.

Good old soap

This is a great cabinet freshener and also a moth repellent. Choose toilet soap with a strong aroma, ideally handmade with a bright perfume composition. However, some budget soaps hold the scent well. To prevent the soap from touching your clothes, wrap the bar in a cloth. For a large aromatization space, take several pieces.

Scented soap

The aroma of soap dissipates slowly and is therefore long lasting. But this method is not suitable for everyone - some people generally do not like soapy smells.

We use essential oils

A simple fragrance is made from a piece of cotton wool (or a cotton pad) and a few drops of essential oil. Place the cotton wool in a bag and poke holes in it - this way the aroma will come out slowly and gradually.

Essential oils

Choose essential oils at your discretion. Lavender oil has a calming effect, while orange and other citrus oils have a slightly invigorating effect. The scent of lemon balm or chamomile is suitable for scenting bed linen. Eucalyptus oil is very effective at freshening the air (and healthy), but too much will leave your clothes smelling like a pharmacy. Oils with a strong odor are undesirable.

The disadvantage of this method is the need for constant renewal: the aroma lasts in a piece of cotton wool for about a week, then you need to add a few drops again.

You need to be careful with any essential oils if you have allergies in the house.

How to make your closet smell nice: 17 ways

Making flavor using soda

Baking soda is a better flavoring agent than cotton wool because it neutralizes unpleasant odors well on its own. Add a few drops of essential oil to a tablespoon of baking soda and place the jar with the mixture on a shelf. If using a container with a lid, make holes in it.

Essential oils and baking soda

The flavor stays fresh in the cupboard for about a week. Then it needs to be updated by adding drops of oil.

The container must be placed in a visible place so that it does not accidentally turn over.

Incense sticks

There is no need to set them on fire to scent the cabinet.

Incense sticks

Simply place the stick on a shelf or place it in a paper bag so it can be hung. The scent will last for a month.

How to make your closet smell nice: 17 ways

Cooking skewers for flavor

You can use them to make an analogue of incense sticks. The skewers are rubbed with essential oil or perfume and placed on the shelves. When the smell dissipates, rub them again.

Flavoring from skewers

The skewers should not come into contact with clothing - the essential oil leaves marks. You can put them in a bag and hang them.

Empty perfume bottle

A used bottle retains the scent for a long time. Remove the dispenser and place the open bottle on a shelf. If there is some liquid left, you can spray it on the cabinet wall.

Perfume bottles

But if your closet contains more than just your things, consider whether your perfume smells good to them.

How to make your closet smell nice: 17 ways

Spices in a box

Ginger, cinnamon, rosemary or cumin will give your linen a spicy oriental aroma.

Fragrant spices

Use a box or slightly opened bag. It is important to place the spices so that they cannot spill on your clothes. Vanilla can be taken both in a bag and in the form of pods - tie them into a bunch and put them in the closet. Spices can retain their aroma for up to a year.

The main thing in using spices is a sense of proportion.

Aroma candles

They smell strong even without lighting.

How to make your closet smell nice: 17 ways

Remove the protective layer and place the candles on the shelves, and they will quickly fill the closet with their aroma. Candles retain their scent for up to 6 months. But if candles have been stored for a long time before use, the smell will deplete more quickly.

How to make your closet smell nice: 17 ways

Dry perfume

Good quality solid dry perfumes can last quite a long time. Just open the lid and put it in the closet.

Solid perfume

Sachets with crushed dry perfume are produced especially for linen. They are also found in the form of powder or granules, which can be applied to cabinet shelves (but it is better to keep them in a box or bag). Their scent will last for several weeks.

Scented paper

You can buy such a product at a perfume salon or make it yourself. Place a few drops of perfume on a clean sheet of paper (regular A4 size).


The leaf is placed on an empty shelf or in clothes, depending on what you want to scent - your outfit or closet space.

How to make your closet smell nice: 17 ways

Citrus zest

The aroma of citrus fruits is wonderfully refreshing and improves your mood. Grate the peel of a lemon, grapefruit, tangerine or orange and place in an open container.


Use on spacious shelves and in a compartment with hangers - this way the smell spreads better. Do not place the zest on your laundry to avoid stains.

Dried fruits

Our grandmothers also put pieces of orange and tangerine peel in cabinets for scent and to repel moths. Grapefruit rinds are especially good for freshness.

Dried fruits

So that they don’t spoil the look and don’t get caught, put them in a bag. Avoid contact of peels with clothing. Some people use apple as a flavoring, but it only lasts for a few days.

How to make your closet smell nice: 17 ways

Coffee beans

The best option for coffee lovers. Just wrap the grains in a bag and put them in the cupboard.

Coffee beans

This method is good for scenting clothes, but it is better to keep coffee beans away from bed linen - their smell is invigorating.

Bath bombs

Salt bombs are a great way to freshen up your closet if you place them at the bottom.

Bath bombs

The aroma will last a long time if they are not unpacked and not used for their intended purpose.

How to make your closet smell nice: 17 ways

We remove unnecessary odors from the closet itself

All scenting efforts will be fruitless if the closet itself smells bad. New furniture may smell like paint, wood, or other materials. An old closet becomes damp, musty, and can reek of mothballs or tobacco.

Organize your closet

Regardless of the cause of the smell, the cabinet must be completely ventilated and damp cleaned. It is enough to wash a new cabinet with soda; for an old one you will need vinegar or boric acid. Dry the furniture well and then start scenting. And to reduce humidity, place a glass of salt in the far corner.

Folding laundry correctly

In addition to regular cleaning, proper organization of space in the closet will help in the fight against odor.

  • Do not put clean and worn items together. It is generally not advisable to keep the latter in the closet, but if there are no options, allocate a separate section for them.
  • Do not put wet things in the closet.
  • Put away out-of-season clothing after washing. Use vacuum bags for this.
  • Don't pack things too tightly. An unpleasant odor appears, among other things, due to the accumulation of things with poor ventilation.
  • Regularly “inspect” the things in your closet and sort through them. If there are no pets at home, leave the closet open at night.
How to make your closet smell nice: 17 ways

How to make your laundry smell fresh

It is enough to wash dirty clothes. But what if things smell bad even after washing? Follow these simple tips to keep your laundry fresh.

  • Use fabric softener. Add it to the special compartment of your washing machine before washing or rinsing. Do not exceed the dosage indicated on the product packaging. If you don't like the scents of store-bought products, add a few drops of essential oil to the conditioner compartment. Important: this must be done before the last rinse, otherwise the machine may be damaged.
  • Use laundry detergents that contain antibacterial ingredients. This is especially important for underwear. And it is not at all necessary to take chlorine-containing products. Modern gels with aromatic fragrances destroy germs and at the same time give things a pleasant aroma.
  • Take care of your washing machine. Once every six months, carry out deep cleaning with a special product or vinegar. When not in use, keep the machine slightly open to prevent moisture from accumulating. Remove washed laundry immediately.

The choice of means for scenting cabinets and clothes is quite large, and you can always find a suitable option to suit your taste. Together with regular cleaning and proper washing, they will be enough to ensure that your clothes delight you with freshness and a pleasant aroma.

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