Water filters for the country house from a well and a well, which one to buy?

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Subjective owner reviews and conflicting ratings should only be used as supporting sources of information. Independent study of technological processes and samples of specialized equipment is the right way to determine the best filter for water purification in the country. This information will help to implement the project with minimal costs.

The best filter for the country

The main pollution in the water from the well and well in the country

All sources differ not only in the level of pollution, but also in the composition of impurities. To clarify the parameters of water quality, a laboratory analysis should be done. These tasks are quickly carried out by regional branches of SES and specialized companies. When placing an order, you can specify a list of controlled items. For the correct compilation of the corresponding list, it is necessary to take into account the design features of typical sources.

The increased concentration of impurities in the well is due to:

  • open head, which provides air access;
  • weak cleaning abilities of bottom backfill;
  • destruction of functional components - walls, intake device, etc.

Individual deficiencies are eliminated before the installation of equipment. In particular, it is recommended to perform a disinfection procedure with a chlorine solution to clean the well from organic matter.

Pollution in the water in the country

Even careful preparation does not eliminate the main drawback of this structure - shallow depth. A layer of soil 15-20 meters thick is not able to prevent water pollution by agricultural and other waste. According to research by specialists conducted in the Moscow region, it is recommended to use all wells for summer cottages with mandatory filtration of the extracted liquid.

The well solves some of the identified problems. In this case, it is possible to exclude the anthropogenic factor of harmful effects on the environment and the presence of aerobic microorganisms.

But you will need to apply special methods to combat other characteristic pollution:

  • salts of calcium and magnesium;
  • ferrous iron;
  • hydrogen sulfide;
  • small fragments of rocks and other undissolved impurities.

As in the first case, it is necessary to eliminate the damage in the source before the implementation of the special water treatment project. At the same time, the quality and performance of engineering communications and the pumping station are checked. Samples for transfer to the laboratory are taken at the entrance to the facility.

The best filters for water purification in the country

Important! Let us emphasize the absence of an ideal (universal) way to solve the indicated problem. Before choosing one or another filter / system, we recommend that you do a complete chemical analysis of the water.

We will study electromagnetic treatment as an example of anti-scale technology. This method is really effective as it works well even with hardness over 20°F. One device, when consuming only 4-6 W, provides a coverage area of ​​500-800 meters. This is enough to protect the pipeline of a large dacha, along with connected household appliances.

Its use is simplified as much as possible for ordinary users who do not have deep professional knowledge. The device automatically sets and maintains the necessary signal parameters. You can wind the coil yourself with several turns of wire based on any straight part of the main pipe. The force field has no effect on the hydrodynamic parameters, so pressure correction is not required.

An additional advantage of this choice is a long service life. The operating parameters of typical models do not deteriorate after 20 years or more of continuous use of the equipment. There are no associated costs for replacing cartridges and cartridges.

The listed advantages should be evaluated together with the lack of a cleaning function. This feature explains the need for a classic water filter that retains harmful substances.

Consider in detail the popular methods of water treatment, taking into account the characteristic pros and cons. This will help you find components with the most suitable technical parameters.

hollow fiber

Equipment in this category performs very fine cleaning with a level of up to 0.01 microns, which is called ultrafiltration. For this, a special membrane made of hollow thin fibers is used. The pores in their walls do not let even microbes through. Larger particles get stuck in the gaps between the beams: silt, clay, sand, etc.

Hollow fiber garden filter

Durable models can be washed or soaked in an acid solution to remove calcium deposits. Regular repetition of cleaning extends the life of the membrane up to 3-5 years.

For a more accurate assessment of the benefits of technology, try to make a comparison with reverse osmosis. Hollow fiber processing is characterized by high productivity (from 800 vs. 7 l / h) with comparable efficiency in the fight against bacteria and viruses.


The advantages of these devices are discussed in detail in the example, so we note the features of the correct comparison of models from different brands. The main control parameters are the amplitude and frequency of the signal. The first is estimated by the power of the generator (at least 4 W). The second is in terms of the bandwidth (from 1 to 15 kHz or more).

The values ​​\u200b\u200bindicated in brackets are advised to be used by experts in order to ensure a longer protection range - from 600 meters. The implementation of these recommendations will help to successfully deal with scale, if the water hardness reaches 15-16 ° F.

Electromagnetic filter for the cottage

Flowing (main)

Immediately after the water is taken from the well (well), the first filter is installed. It retains the largest fractions of impurities. In addition to the established level of cleaning, equipment is selected according to the compatibility of connecting dimensions and performance. The processing speed must be sufficient for the maximum flow rate, which is determined by a special calculation. Individual manufacturers indicate the permissible number of taps that can be open at the same time.

Flow (main) filter to the country house

At the same stage, you can clean the process water:

  • iron removal - aeration and catalytic loading;
  • softening - granulated synthetic resins;
  • removal of abrasives - mechanical filtration.

In the corresponding technology, replaceable cartridges with specialized or combined loading are used.

Fine and coarse cleaning

The definitions noted in the subheading are approximate. There are no thematic standards for coarse cleaning. But appropriate can be called models with a filtration capacity of 50 microns - mesh filling, disk, etc. For fine cleaning, string modules and cartridges are used - from 1 and 5 microns.

Coarse and fine filters

Brands of the best water filters for the country

Using examples of serial products presented in the corresponding market segment, we will consider the possibilities of the presented technologies. In the catalogs of these brands, you can find models with other control parameters.

1 place. Aquaris

2nd place. AquaShield

3rd place. Geyser

4th place. Aquaphor


Under this brand, ultrafiltration systems are produced. The possibility of flushing is provided for the cheapest modules. In accordance with the passport data, it is recommended to use one membrane for no more than 5 years. A typical Aquaris hollow fiber module handles up to 500,000 liters.



In the range of serial products of the brand there are no models with a power of less than 5 watts. The device in the basic configuration generates a signal with a frequency of 1 to 25 kHz. This exceeds by a margin the parameters that experts consider necessary for reliable protection against scale.

Aquashield filter for the country house


For fast mainline cleaning, the appropriate equipment is selected in the Aquashef series. The set is assembled according to the scheme of column installations. Depending on the selected load, you will get a water deferrization filter from lime or a softener. Removal of mechanical impurities at a certain stage is provided in the standard equipment of each set. The largest products are able to maintain the operating mode while opening up to 5 points of water intake.

Geyser Aqua Chef


A universal coarse/fine filter is offered in the Viking series. Under this name, stainless steel housings are produced that are resistant to water hammer and are not damaged by corrosion. The cartridge is selected in accordance with the conditions of the problem to be solved.

Aquaphor Viking

Which filter to choose and buy for water purification in the country?

These objects are not intended for permanent residence, so they choose cheap equipment to equip them. A good choice under these initial conditions is an electromagnetic instrument. It can be dismantled in a few minutes. After the end of the summer season, it can be used to protect against scale in a city apartment.

Which is better for iron, lime and rust?

The purpose of the equipment is determined by the manufacturer. To compare products with the same technological capabilities, they additionally check:

  • prices;
  • dimensions;
  • connection method;
  • availability of replaceable modules and other parameters.

The order of maintenance and related costs should be clarified. A comprehensive analysis will help you choose the best option. In our opinion, attention should be paid to the hollow fiber type of filters. These devices do an excellent job with iron, lime, as well as rust in water from a well, well and other source.

Filter prices

Given a specific purpose, we provide information about the cheapest entry-level models:

  • Geyser Aquashef M 322 - price, 42,400 rubles;
  • Aquaris 1000 - price, 43,500 rubles,
  • Aquaphor Viking Mini - price, 11,890 rubles;
  • AquaShield - price, 17,000 rubles.

The cost of individual installations increases if more expensive downloads (cartridges) are selected. The list does not include shipping costs, which are calculated separately when placing an order.

Drawing conclusions

Prepare a project to determine the correct requirements for individual components and the cleaning system as a whole. Do a water quality check during spring floods. This will help provide some margin to maintain processing efficiency while maximizing contaminants.

In a store of a certain brand, products are ordered via the Internet without intermediary margins. The staff of corporate information (service) services is highly qualified. Department stores do not provide a similar level of customer service.

Check current marketing promotions. As part of the relevant events, customers are offered discounts, free performance of certain services:

  • delivery;
  • installation;
  • settings;
  • design, etc.

For a correct budget calculation, take a review interval of at least five years. This will help to take into account the associated costs that arise during operation.

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