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Electrical products (panels, junction boxes, relays, toggle switches, capacitors, meters) are used in households and industries, commercial buildings and residential areas. They are indispensable where the current passes. Electrical devices have different purposes. They increase the security of communications, provide alternative sources of current, and help control equipment. Electrical goods improve the quality of life, make network operation more convenient. When buying, they take into account the purpose of the products, their technical specifications. One of the most sought after products is junction boxes. They are used in electrical circuits. Boxes solve installation problems in different rooms.

Types of mounting boxes

Mounting boxes have several classifications. These electrical installation products are installed on walls or on the floor. Allocate boxes of hidden or open installation. Depending on the material of manufacture, metal (galvanized or painted steel), composite, plastic models are distinguished.

According to the type of outlet openings, several groups of mounting boxes are distinguished. These are models for corrugated or plastic pipes, threaded, for flexible cable or in a metal braid. The most common shapes are round, square, rectangular.

Distribution boxes

For the arrangement of branches, connecting nodes in power and lighting electrical circuits, distribution junction boxes are used. They differ in protection class, installation methods (concealed or open), placement options (outside or inside). The range is very diverse:

  • with screw caps;
  • with special seals;
  • without holes;
  • for sealed cable entry.

Pull boxes and their features

Mounting boxes for pulling and connecting, branches of cables and wires are solid metal structures with covers for four screws. Stretch modifications are used in residential buildings, cottages, offices and other commercial premises. They are mounted on electrical wiring routes. Some draw-type boxes have a high degree of protection against dust and moisture (IP64). They feature an additional seal for maximum tightness.

The choice of electrical goods for private and commercial use is huge. Therefore, before buying, it is necessary to draw up a connection diagram, study the characteristics and determine exactly where you will use the mounting boxes and other products.

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