Smart Class House: AFI Park Vorontsovsky Residential Complex

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"Smart home" has long been a trend that has become widespread in the capital. More and more people are seeking to buy an apartment in a similar house. After all, smart systems already know how to create a comfortable microclimate in the premises, adjust the lighting. They have the function of starting automatic watering of plants and turning on smart TV.


Smart home systems adjust the parameters of water, heat and energy consumption, monitor smoke sensors and possible leaks, and face recognition technology is used instead of keys.

What is a "smart" residential complex

"Smart" residential complex" implies the automation of the entire territory of the residential complex, buildings, apartments, garages, parking lots and individual heating points, and not just the control of equipment inside the apartment.

Modern technologies allow you to control lighting, conduct video surveillance of the territory, including parking lots and playgrounds. A unified monitoring system for the management company is also being organized.

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Video intercoms are installed in residential buildings, the system controls lighting, temperature and air quality in the entrances. They also monitor smoke detectors, fire alarms and ventilation.

In apartments, smart technologies collect data from meters and transmit it for billing. At heating points, the system also collects data from devices, performs remote control, warns of emergencies and controls parameters.

Thanks to smart solutions installed in an apartment complex, unpleasant and difficult situations such as fire, flood or robbery can be avoided.

House of "smart" class in the residential complex AFI Park "Vorontsovsky"

One of these projects was the AFI Park Vorontsovsky business class smart home from the developer AFI DEVELOPMENT.

In the quarter, the project planned 846 apartments and 180 apartments with different layouts.

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Smart home systems will be present in all aspects of life in the residential complex. Surveillance cameras will be connected to smart technology that will be able to recognize people and cars, so the owners will be able to get into the entrance and even the apartment or the parking lot without using keys.

Owners will be able to manage the "smart" content of housing using an application on a smartphone. With the help of this intellectual platform, they will solve all housing and communal services issues in their native Criminal Code. In addition, the service allows you to transfer meter readings online, issue passes for guests or call the master at home.

It is planned to install charging stations for electric vehicles in the “smart” parking of AFI PARK Vorontsovsky. The lobby lobby will be equipped with personal electronic cells, where letters and orders from online stores will be delivered.

What does smart home technology include?

Before installing a smart system, you need to find out what is special about smart home technology.

Firstly, the use of smart devices in the apartment provides a new quality of life. This allows you to manage home appliances in automatic mode, united in a single ecosystem. The system is designed to increase life comfort and improve safety. We should not forget about such an important aspect as saving money when using smart meters. You can control the system through a special mobile application from anywhere in the world. What does Smart Home include?

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Thanks to smart technology, all lighting fixtures in the complex are united into one network, which allows you to control energy consumption using various sensors.

Ventilation, heating can also be controlled by a "smart" climate control system. With its help, you can set the desired temperature in a separate room and maintain it for the required time. Also, the same system is responsible for the operation of air conditioners in the building, underfloor heating, microclimate in the greenhouse or winter garden.

"Smart Home" allows you to manage security systems. The technology does not allow unauthorized entry into the apartment, and prevents the occurrence of accidents. The system controls fire alarms, backup power, video surveillance and burglar alarms.

The multiroom system allows you to distribute video and sound from one source to the entire room.

Where to choose an apartment in new buildings of the "smart" class

Today, smart homes are becoming more accessible to buyers. In the capital, there are several dozen business-class new buildings from various developers in which a smart system has been introduced.

One of the brightest examples of a modern smart home is LCD AFI Park Vorontsovsky.

The residential complex is located in the SWAD, which is considered one of the most beautiful districts of the city. Also, the area has a good environment.

In addition, the location of the quarter can be defined as "smart". Leading universities of the capital and the country work nearby. In addition, the old Vorontsovsky Park is within walking distance.

The project corresponds to one of the important directions of Moscow's development - everything you need for life is nearby. It has good transport accessibility: in 8 minutes you can walk to the metro station "Kaluzhskaya" and "Vorontsovskaya", in a quarter of an hour - to Moscow City and the Kremlin.

You can find more detailed information about the residential complex, prices, location, infrastructure and terms of delivery of buildings on

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