TOP 10 Most Famous Italian Cuisine Brands

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When we hear the phrase “Italian furniture”, an image of something refined, harmonious and, of course, of high quality immediately arises. Over the years, Italian cabinetmakers have won the hearts of the picky client with their unique work. Fine-tuning their skills day by day, factories carry the best traditions, carefully capturing fresh notes and introducing innovations into their well-established production.

Before setting off in search of the perfect cuisine, we offer a closer look at some of the factories in Italy. We have compiled the TOP 10 brands, having studied the market and reviews in detail, only the best of the best got into the rating. However, this does not mean that other factories do not deserve respect. It’s just that you can fit only ten brands into the top ten, you can’t argue with mathematics.
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So let's go.

Kitchen from the Italian factory Martini Mobili


  1. Valcucine
  2. Aster Cucine
  3. Martini Mobile
  4. brummel
  5. FM Bottega d'Arte
  6. Old Line Cucine
  7. composite
  8. Tessarolo
  9. Bizzotto
  10. Elle Due


Italian cuisine is a guarantee of quality. For many years the factory Valcucine confirmed it over and over again. The big name and recognizable brand provided the plant with an honorable 1st place. Main stream Valcucine - creation classical cuisinein which you will be as comfortable as possible.

Italian factory founder Valcucine Gabriele Centazzo is credited with creating classical style kitchens. It was he who began to develop his craft in an important way for modern times:

  • functionality (lack of unnecessary details, decor),
  • ergonomics (efficient use of every centimeter of area, ease of use)
  • environmental friendliness, which is a trend of recent years, and is unlikely to slow down in the future.

Lead Designers Valcucine do not try to keep up with the latest trends, their task is to stay at a high level, but carefully introducing innovations in forms and materials into our work, thus constantly developing and improving. At the same time, the classics remain classics, timeless and loved by a huge number of people. It is worthy of respect that only environmentally friendly, natural materials are used in the creation of kitchen furniture.

Opening the doors created by the masters of the factory is comparable to the flap of a wing: thanks to innovative technologies, ultra-thin doors move up / down with a light touch of the hand, without making a sound. A built-in backlight gives the Italian kitchen set a flair of magic and comfort.

One of latest kitchen trends became an opportunity make her invisible. In the literal sense of the word. What can be hidden is hidden. Manufacturers of kitchen furniture began to actively develop in this direction, and the factory Valcucine was no exception. Any functionality can be completely hidden behind the facade: from the work surface to hob.

Italian Cuisine Valcucine

Aster Cucine

On the 2nd place factory settled Aster Cucine. For 30 years, it has not lost its leading position, consistently remaining in the top of the best Italian kitchen manufacturers. In the factory catalog you can find classic, modern models, including high-tech style, modern, Art Deco, country music and provence.

The leading designers of the factory are scrupulous about their work and the needs of the client, therefore, when creating a kitchen, they use only eco-friendly materials: natural wood, metal, glass and safety-tested paint coatings of high strength. Product quality is what guarantees Aster Cucine.

The main difference between the kitchens of the factory Aster Cucine are unique geometric lines that create the illusion of volume, the three-dimensionality of the facade. The use of precious materials adds magic and luxury to the collection.

Describing their collections, designers relied on the "moods" caused by individual models. After studying the market, they identified the main groups of people who need:

  • The traditional interior (TradizionaleMood) is an undeniable classic that is unlikely to ever go out of fashion. Such models of kitchens are rather a tribute to traditions, preserved and carefully passed on to the new generation.
  • Modern interior (ModernoMood) is what is in trend today and now. Such models of kitchens are preferred by courageous, active and fashionable people who value beauty and comfort.
  • The transitional interior (TransitionalMood) is suitable for those who are looking for something new every day, without stopping at what it has now. Moving from one style to another, one cannot be constant, therefore this direction is chosen by bright personalities who are looking for themselves and taking the maximum possible from life.
  • Industrial interior and interior in loft style (FactoryMood) was created for those who are ready and love to experiment, to feel freedom. Mixing different materials, styles, ideas and trends is the basis of FactoryMood.
  • Luxury and glamor (LuxuryGlam) speak for themselves. An unobtrusive combination of gilding and silver, immersion in the reflection of mirrors, surfaces made of natural and expensive materials in the complex create the very charm that characterizes LuxuryGlam kitchens.
Italian Cuisine Aster Cucine

Martini Mobile

Let's move on to 3rd place, which went to the factory Martini Mobile. In 1965, with the support of his father, Giorgio Martini opened his own craft workshop, which had a great future. Martini Mobile creates kitchen furniture in a unique style through a combination of tradition and innovative technology. The manufacturer guarantees quality, which for several decades has only been confirmed by customers.

Martini Mobile uses only environmentally friendly materials down to the smallest detail. At the same time, the production path of each part is controlled from start to finish, since each part is created in one, own production Martini.

The wood used in the work is of very high quality, while the wood panels do not emit formaldehyde. When painting materials to protect wood from aging and wear, water-based paints are used, as well as those containing permitted, safe components.

The factory employs only highly qualified personnel, performing their work with particular pedantry. By creating custom-made kitchen furniture, any idea becomes a reality: from unique carvings to the most daring combination of materials. As the order is created, the craftsmen pre-assemble the developed kitchen model at their place to control the quality of each, even the smallest, detail.

Kitchen Martini Mobile is prestige, durability and authority. She is one of the few factories that can boast of having a reference sample, carefully stored in the archive.

Italian cuisine Martini Mobili


On the 4th place hit the factory brummel, creating kitchen furniture in modern and classic style. The company's designers are client-oriented, offering to jointly develop a kitchen set down to the smallest detail. brummel is a guaranteed combination of aesthetics and functionality.

The main "person" of the Italian kitchen set brummel is an array of wood, which is given special attention. It is selected from the best breeds, and in combination with such natural materials as marble, granite, metal or crystal, the kitchen will truly become luxurious and sophisticated. As for the finishing and painting of materials, ecological components are also used here, paints and varnishes are only water-based, which makes furniture brummel safe for the client throughout the entire period of operation.

The designers of the factory saw and fell in love with the combination of semi-gloss lacquered surfaces with luxurious inserts of solid wood. There is no limit to this color scheme: trendy modern colors will mark the individuality of the kitchen.

Italian Cuisine Brummel

FM Bottega d'Arte

You won’t surprise anyone with the creation of turnkey furniture for a long time, the main thing is to do it with high quality and with love for your work. It is this approach to customers that the specialists of the factory have. FM Bottega d'Artethat allows them to take legal 5th place. The main directions of their activity: modern and classical styles. The company's designers collaborate with the best architects and planners not only within their country, but also abroad.

The history of the factory began in 1978, when a craftsman named Aldo Mazzarolo worked in his own small carpentry workshop, producing unique furniture components. By the way, “bottega” means “workshop” in Italian. Now FM Bottega d'Arte cooperates with the largest international design studios, and the factory intends to go further along the chosen path.

As the masters of the factory themselves say, they "do little - just the impossible."

Italian cuisine FM Bottega d'Arte

Old Line Cucine

On the 6th factory is on our list Old Line Cucinewhich began its existence in 1977. Their main feature is the love for handicraft and the reflection of the local color in their models. Each collection is filled with a truly Italian spirit, each design detail, made in a classic or modern style. Unlike the previous factory, old line prefers to work with local suppliers, as such “close” cooperation directly affects the speed of production, and also reduces the impact on the environment.

The tree used in the work grows in special places - protected areas. Among the species appear oak, American walnut, cherry and ash. The canvases created from them go through a long process of drying and “resting” for a period of 6 months or more. The use of Finger Joint technology helps to create monolithic strips, which will be the basis of future panels measuring 350 x 100 cm and 2 cm thick. This technique allows you to see the connection of the wood fibers. As a result, the panels are highly resistant to influences such as high temperature, steam and humidity - the eternal companions of the kitchen.

Italian Cuisine Old Line Cucine


Italian factory composite, which has become an international brand, has long held a leading position in the design world. She is on our list 7th place. The company has existed for more than 50 years, and as before, its priority is the creation of designer furniture using innovative technologies. The ability to subtly combine beauty and functionality, rigor and elegance help craftsmen create unique facades.

composite is rightfully considered one of the companies that have made a great contribution to the history of kitchen design. Over the years of its existence, the factory has opened a huge number of stores in all parts of the world, the number of which is confidently approaching 160.

Composite kitchens of the factory are made in modern and classic styles. Depending on the requirements of the client, the shape of the models can be any: linear, angular or round.

Italian Cuisine


On the 8th located factory Tessarolo. Its designers are sure that the kitchen is a reflection of the inner world of its owner. Helping to open up as much as possible and project your thoughts, feelings and character onto furniture, specialists develop every detail that will find its place in the future kitchen.

Classic style is unlikely to ever give way dearly to young, new trends. Allowing you to absorb something new, classic Tessarolo will always remain so: traditional, stylish, elegant.

The combination of gold and crystals, wood and steel, the brilliance of metal and complex geometric lines, the imitation of natural shapes, the play of colors give the Tessarolo kitchen a perfect look. Each client should be ready to dive into the enchanting atmosphere of the birth of something new, where any whim can come true, acquiring a real form. A luxurious kitchen is what the Tessarolo factory creates.

Italian Cuisine Tessarolo


Factory Designers Bizzotto, ranked on 9th, are inspired to create new kitchen models through travel. Traveling from romantic France, passing through the spiritual places of Japan, crossing the boundless America, reaching New Zealand with its fantastic landscapes, only the best is collected. In the hands of creative director Tiziano Bizzotto, each product turns into a unique creation that fills the interior with elegance and taste.

The history of the factory begins in 1946, when the Italian Andrea Bizzotto opened his workshop for the production of wicker furniture. Two decades later, Bizzotto went beyond the borders of his native land, starting to acquire materials from different countries: from China to Taiwan. Since then, 3 generations have changed, but the values ​​\u200b\u200bhave remained the same. Refusing unnecessary trifles, style Bizzotto "collects" only truly important elements for his furniture, not forgetting the Italian spirit that fills each collection.

A large number of shades, various finishes and a tree root that runs like a red thread through the collection Bizzotto - countless combinations make it possible to experiment and create something new, close to a particular customer. Bizzotto offers the client such modern solutions as flame imitation, natural stone finishes, gradient coloring, which is again becoming a very popular trend in interior design. Obtaining a holistic image will be the result of the joint work of the designers of the factory and the client.

Italian Cuisine Bizzotto

Elle Due

The factory completes our list of the best Italian brands. Elle Due, occupying 10th place. Launched in 1972, Elle Due is a family business, with their production located exclusively in Italy and nowhere else.

As part of the team Elle Due there are the best international architects who are ready to offer the client original design solutions and sketches of the future kitchen. Their core business is classic avant-garde kitchens – classic furniture combined with a fresh, modern look.

In addition to the kitchen Elle Due great in such pieces of furniture as tables and consoles, chairs and armchairs, sideboards and sideboards, sofas and couches, carpets and chandeliers, columns and boiserie (wooden decorative panels for wall decoration). And this is not the whole list. At the same time, each client will receive a complete picture of the work plan - what will be installed in the kitchen after a while in order to become a true friend to its owner forever.

Italian cuisine Elle Due

The phrase "Furniture of Italy" has long become a stable expression, meaning quality, beauty and luxury. The best factories in the country create a kitchen from scratch, taking into account every little thing. Italian furniture factories are constantly improving, and today they can boast a wide range: from small decor, door handles, cabinets to chairs and huge dining tables.

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