Combined houses. What are the features

Today, a new concept for the construction of country houses has appeared.

They began to be erected in a combination of different building materials. If you use the site, then you can easily be convinced of this and even choose a suitable house for yourself, which will differ from other buildings in its attractiveness and originality.

The building materials used are perfectly combined with each other, which makes the structure unusual and original. As a rule, utility rooms are located on the ground floor, for example, a garage, a boiler room, a kitchen, a dining room.

The second and third floors are intended for living. Children's and sleeping rooms, offices, dressing rooms, etc. are set up here. Combined houses differ from "homogeneous" buildings, that is, erected from one material in order that the use of two different building materials makes the house optimally warm, comfortable, comfortable.

The significant advantages of combined houses include:

  • the first floor, made, for example, of stone or brick, is strong, reliable, durable;
  • the second floor, made of wood, provides a cozy and comfortable stay. In addition, this combination of materials allows you to save money well;
  • as a rule, such houses are built quickly. The house turns out to be warm due to the fact that its first half, made of stone, warms up well. Here you can arrange the living room and kitchen area. In addition to the main heating, install a fireplace. This eliminates the formation of mold, mildew and other pathogenic flora.

The heat rises upwards, i.e., to the second floor, which contributes to the creation of a pleasant warm microclimate.

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