Treat the parquet with oil and wax

Parquet is considered the most expensive among floor coverings.

This is quite justified due to the fact that the production of the material is based on the use of natural wood, which is processed using a special technology. The coating turns out to be not only beautiful, but original, durable and stable. If it is treated correctly and in a timely manner with special compounds, then the parquet will serve for more than a dozen years. This requires oil with wax for parquet buy. These formulations are offered in a large assortment, which allows you to select and purchase for each specific case.

The oil penetrates deep into the parquet, but does not create a protective layer. For that, the dies can "breathe", as the oil penetrates deeply into the structure of the material. The coating takes on a more natural look, which gives the room a natural look.

Typically, wax is used in combination with oil. The floor becomes more protected from moisture and shines. The room takes on a neat and well-groomed appearance. Wax can be used as a separate composition, but this is done several times less often.

Of course, wax oils are natural materials for surface treatment. They are environmentally friendly. Such a combination in the processing of parquet allows you to preserve its natural qualities and protect it from negative factors. The combination of such materials for parquet processing is due to other significant advantages, which include:

  • work is done faster than varnish;
  • if there are damages on the coating, then it is possible to process again exactly the damaged area, and not the entire coating;
  • under such treatment, the floor can "breathe", which is very important for wood, etc.

The cost of this product is lower compared to varnish. In fact, waxing your parquet flooring will be the best way to make the finish more attractive and durable.

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