LED light is on when off: cause

The question is answered: Alexey Bartosh
Hello! Do not interfere with the wiring if you do not know what the resistor value is measured in. Firstly, resistors or capacitors are connected in parallel to the luminaires if the switch is backlit.
Remove it from the circuit, if it is 30 ohms, then this is too little - 30 k ohms is normal. On the far, near or middle lamp, if they are connected in parallel, it does not matter.

If you still have a backlit switch, remove the resistor and try to put a capacitor at 630V and 0.1 microfarad (microfarad) non-polar film, it looks like a red-brown pad the size of a large nail finger.
If there is no backlight, then the problem may be with the wiring. There is often a dim glow from LED and energy saving lamps when off when the switch is not in the phase, but in the neutral wire, as well as with "wet" or old wiring with leaks along isolation.

p.s. Did you connect the resistor in PARALLEL exactly?

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