Cordless screwdriver Metabo PowerMaxx BS, 10.8 Volt, 2 Ah

  • Battery pack voltage - 10.8 V
  • Battery capacity - 2 Ah


The plastic case is large and roomy. It can be used to store not only the tool, but also the necessary equipment and consumables.

Screwdriver case


Drill driver perfect for drilling various materials:

  • Drilling capacity in wood (mm) - 22.0
  • Drilling capacity in metal (mm) - 10.0

Has 2 speeds

Drilling materials

Suitable for small jobs in the car and garage

Working with the car

Ideal for assembling cabinet and built-in furniture

Furniture assembly

Reviews of real owners

Alexey: I chose between four models of screwdrivers and settled on this. I considered such models:

Makita DF330DWE / DF030DWE. One with a keyless chuck, the other for a hexagon. Very nice design, it fits nicely in the hand, the best case, as it seemed to me. The disadvantages are the noticeable backlash of the cartridge and the useless illumination, tk. shines directly into the cartridge.

Bosch GSR 10.8 2 Li. It is very pleasant in the hand. There is the same as with a keyless chuck, and with a hexagon. But much more expensive than competitors, even if taken in a cardboard box. In a case, it is much more expensive. The case is very cool, but the screwdriver only takes up half of its space.

DeWalt DCD 710 S2. Awesome! In the hand, like a glove, the weight distribution is perfect. Very high quality in appearance. But, I refused it, because I wanted a smaller instrument. Although I did not want to let go of it.

Eventually acquired Metabo. The agony of choosing - with a keyless chuck or with a hexagon is gone by itself. Since the cartridge is removable on my model, the mount is threaded. There is a Quick modification - there the cartridge is held by the coupling. Yes, the change is faster, but the price is 1000 more. And I thought the thread was safer. The backlight is bright and shines where it needs to be. Batteries 2 Ah - the largest among competitors, there is a charge indicator on the screwdriver. It is very comfortable in the hand, the handle is slightly narrower than that of Makita and Bosch. The only case is somehow flimsy, as it seemed to me. And too much free space. Although it is a plus for someone.

Complementing the review after almost two years of ownership: This is my favorite power tool in the house! I don't think the case is too big anymore. Fitted: a set of bits, a set of drills, a jig for drilling, a screwdriver, more drills in bulk, a box with self-tapping screws…. In general, the place does not disappear. I made 9 holes in 16 chipboards with a 45 mm crown. Shurik was warming himself, but he did it wonderfully. The backlight helps out all the time!

There is a fly in the ointment - during drilling, the chuck may loosen and the drill may fall out. Accustomed to periodically pull up, does not bother.

Andrey: An excellent screwdriver, his brother has been twisting the same for a couple of years at a construction site. I gave my father such a screwdriver, he is happy. I recently bought myself this miracle. Self-tapping screws, it is comfortable in the hand, the battery lasts for a long time.
So I can recommend this model to you too. Compact, handy. A case in which there is a lot of space.

Michael: Small, but high-torque, drives even self-tapping screws to 130 without problems. Large suitcase for additional equipment. Quick charge 40 min (approx). For home and summer cottages, that's it!

Cordless drill-driver Metabo PowerMaxx BS, 10.8 V Li-ion 2х2 AhAlexander: An excellent screwdriver, initially I wanted to take a different brand, but then I turned my attention to metabo and made the right decision. It fits perfectly in the hand, light, small size and removable cartridge allows you to climb into hard-to-reach places, good lighting and battery indicator. The charge holds for a long time, powerful enough, I even had to drill in a brick. Nice roomy case, fits a second screwdriver and a bunch of small things. I use it every day at work and in the country, I have never regretted it.

Sergey: We bought as many as three pieces, a powerful shura, lightweight, we use it in the professional field, the craftsmen are very satisfied, before there was an uncomfortable large suitcase, but the new shura were in a small comfortable case, which is convenient to carry with yourself.

Anton: This screwdriver makes a positive impression. I have been using it for more than a year, with the help of a screwdriver I made repairs in the apartment. Powerful, suitable for renovation in an apartment. Ergonomic shape of the instrument. There is a backlight, which is very handy!

Alexander: I bought this model of a screwdriver a little over a year ago, the quality of this product completely suited me. The screwdriver became my repair assistant, he never let me down. I use it now, two, three times a month! Power that allows you to use it at home both for making holes and for fixing various elements using self-tapping screws. Conveniently, there is a built-in backlight!

Cordless drill-driver Metabo PowerMaxx BS, 10.8 V Li-ion 2х2 AhIvan: I have owned a shura for 4 years, they twisted so much with him that I thought this toy would burn out faster, but no batteries are still normal, the shura himself is still in good condition, only the cartridge is closed! Recently I bought a second shura of the same kind in the car, as an attendant, and the old Made in Germany, out of respect, went into the house. New Chinese origin, not much different, only the color of the twist and metabo inscriptions, but otherwise the assembly is clear! Cool kid at 10.8V.))

Peter: Small, which is really convenient. In a bag with a tool, you can even fit into a pocket, and throw the battery into the next one. A set of screwdrivers takes up more space.
The backlight is also good, but it turns on during operation, which is not very convenient when you need to stick a bit into a screw in the semi-darkness.
And so a normal machine for its price.

Michael: I have been using it for over a year. No complaints at all. The charge holds for a long time, charges within 30-40 minutes. For home purposes, a great option, enough for a long time.

Evgeniy: Cool Shurik, you can twist roof bolts on metal, I was even surprised! the handle is a little thick after work, the knuckle of the thumb hurts, I use it without a cartridge, the cartridge for drills only, the battery is cool and comfortable to hold for a long time, surprisingly small but powerful! the batteries charge very quickly for about 30 minutes in general, super!

Cordless drill-driver Metabo PowerMaxx BS, 10.8 V Li-ion 2х2 AhAlexander: I am assembling furniture. Of all the screwdrivers I've worked with, this one is the best for me. Good weight distribution of the screwdriver. Fits perfectly in the hand. There is enough power. Long battery life. Small, you can crawl into tight spaces. Removable chuck. Backlight (sometimes used it as a flashlight))). Battery charge level indication. The price is attractive now, I took it two years ago for 5800r. And completely satisfied. Recommend!!!
Recommendation: before charging a "dead battery" discharge it to "zero" and do not store dead batteries for a long time, try to charge them immediately and completely (do not allow them to be not fully charged). This will significantly extend the life of the batteries! Good luck to all!

Cordless drill-driver Metabo PowerMaxx BS, 10.8 V Li-ion 2х2 AhVictor: I bought this shura 3 months ago somewhere. So far, I have not yet revealed any flaws. I work for them quite often, collect furniture. I highly recommend it to both assemblers and other users of screwdrivers. At first I wanted to buy a shura cheaper. But after studying the characteristics and reading and looking at the reviews, I realized that it was better to pay extra and buy this one. The battery lasts a long time. Almost a whole day of active work. The battery itself charges quickly, about half an hour. Charge indicator. Even with an almost discharged battery, the power does not drop. Lightweight and comfortable. Many people say that the handle is too thick, but you get used to it. The backlight shines very well, exactly in the right place. Case, lightweight and very roomy. Allows you to carry with you all the necessary tools, and even more. It is very compact in itself. And if you detach the cartridge, then it's generally a kid. It is possible to work in places that are difficult to reach for more bulky shura.
Vitaly: Lightweight, compact, convenient, ideal for inaccessible places due to the fact that the cartridge is removed. The capacity of the battery allows you to work for a long time without recharging. If you want to buy a tool once and for a long time, then you will not be mistaken in choosing this model) And another main plus is the extended warranty from the Metabo company.
Novel: First of all, the size and weight are important for me, there are no analogues. With the cartridge removed, we get the size of the electric screwdriver. I chose for a very long time, compared not only based on reviews on the Internet, but also overexposed all classmates of this screwdriver alive. The handle is a little thick, but these are trifles, but you can put it vertically on the floor. My choice fell on this device, I purchased it for electrical work.
Vlad: A very successful shura! Good workhorse. comfortable. not great. powerful. I bought it over a year ago to assemble furniture. Still alive))) so they took a couple more pieces to the carpentry shop. The batteries charge faster than they can be planted. Shurik is really powerful despite its size. It should be noted a big plus is a twisted cartridge and the ability to use a shura without a cartridge in a more compact size.

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