I pay 500 rubles for a recommendation

I pay 500 rubles for a recommendationGreetings! My name is Anton Tsugunov.

I have a suggestion for you:

I offer you cooperation, work, earnings... Call it what you want ...

Together with a lawyer, I wrote “Instruction Ideal renovation", In which we tell and show how painlessly and without wasting money and time to interact with builders.

In other words: How to make a perfect renovation the first time ...

I want there to be MORE happy owners of renovated apartments and houses, and not as LESS as possible, not conscientious builders.

And you can help me with this! And also make good money!

We have friends, acquaintances, colleagues, classmates, followers on social networks and so on. And each of them Sooner or later thinking about minor or major repairs or finishing from scratch. We can help them do the renovation the first time and complete it with the best memories.

Advise your relatives and friends to purchase and read my "Instruction Ideal renovation«.

Since 2003 I have been decorating premises and really know how to renovate, I understand what I am writing about and really try to share my best practices and experience. A 

for some, this knowledge can save thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of rubles. And save you from working with careless builders!

And it will also allow you to earn 500 rubles from each recommendation!

The scheme is very simple:

  1. I am making a simple and memorable coupon for you that you will share with your friends. And give a link to «Instruction Ideal renovation» (https://shop.mr-build.ru/instruktsiya-idealnyj-remont/)
  2. You recommend purchasing my "Ideal Repair Manual" and say that this coupon your friend will receive a discount of 1,000 rubles.
  3. Your friend uses the coupon and buys a high-quality and useful product, saves 1,000 rubles and throughout later life saves your money and nerves, not allowing yourself to be deceived by unscrupulous builders. He is happy!
  4. I see that someone has used your coupon and paid for the Instruction. On the same day, I will send you 500 rubles to the card. Are you happy!

The more purchases with your coupon, the more you earn!

Every purchase is recorded in my store, I see who has used what promo code and I know to whom and what promo code I have issued. I'm happy to have helped another person!

I pay more than 80,000 rubles monthly to my partners! I know everyone literally by sight. We communicate by mail or in any convenient way (Vatsap, Viber, Telegram, SMS)

Join us!

To start just write to me that you want to work with me and want to receive 500 rubles from each book sold. We will discuss the details and start on the same day.

Contacts for communication:

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