What is better and more profitable: stretch ceiling or drywall?

Let's figure out which ceiling is more practical and profitable: stretch or made of drywall.

Advantages and disadvantages

Two-level stretch ceiling coverings

Stretch ceiling advantages:

  • High speed of manufacturing and assembly.
  • Low cost.
  • No finishing required.
  • Easy to clean and care for.
  • Not afraid of water.
  • Modern and durable materials.
  • An abundance of textures and colors.
  • Saves repairs from flooding.
  • It can be completely dismantled with preservation within one day. For example, if you need to dry the ceiling or you need to work with electrical wiring.

Stretch ceiling cons:

  • The blade can be torn or damaged with a sharp object.
  • Low maintainability if damage occurred far from the edge of the ceiling.
  • It is impossible to install additional lighting without installing mortgages.

You can find out more about the installation of stretch ceilings by the link https://artpotolok.kiev.ua/raschet-stoimosti/

Pluses of plasterboard ceiling:

  • Strong and durable material with respect to humidity.
  • Can be repainted many times.
  • Does not tear from sharp objects, but marks remain on the paint.
  • Additional sound insulation in case of using vibration isolating suspensions.
  • Repairable.
  • You can mount light lighting without mortgages.
Ceiling lathing for plasterboard

Cons of plasterboard ceiling:

  • High price.
  • It takes a long time to mount.
  • Finishing required.
  • Afraid of moisture.
  • In case of flooding by neighbors, it completely breaks down and requires major repairs with the replacement of gypsum board and finishing.

Cost of materials

The price of a rough ceiling consists of two parts - the cost of materials and the cost of work. For convenience, I'll take a 10 square meter ceiling. With dimensions of approximately 3 meters by 3.4 meters.

Stretch ceiling

Even at the stage of counting rough materials, the stretch ceiling will be almost two and a half times cheaper.

The cost price of the canvas and related components for the ceiling of 10 square meters will not exceed 3 200 rubles.

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom

This includes:

  1. Film with cutting at the factory - 1960 p.
  2. Baguette - 13 meters, 35 r.
  3. Decorative insert - 13 meters, 10 rubles.
  4. Fasteners - 150 r.
  5. Lighting mortgages - 250 rubles.
  6. Heating pipe bypass - 50 rubles.
  7. A beam for installation of a mortgage under the cornice - 160 rubles.
  8. Suspensions - 10 pcs, 10 rubles.

Plasterboard ceiling

The cost of materials for a finished plasterboard ceiling with an area of ​​10 square meters will be about 8470 rubles.

We calculate the amount of materials for the plasterboard ceiling

This includes:

  1. GKL Knauf GSP-A 2500x1200x9.5 mm - 4 sheets of 250 rubles each.
  2. Guides 28x27x3000 - 5 pieces, 120 rubles each.
  3. Ceiling profile 60x27x3000 - 12 pieces, 190 rubles each.
  4. Straight hanger for ceiling profile 60x27 - 40 pieces, 10 rubles each.
  5. Single-level connector for ceiling profiles 60x27 mm (crab) - 28 pcs, 20 rubles each.
  6. Fasteners - 650 rubles.
  7. Tape for drywall joints (perforated) - 150 rubles.
  8. Primer - 350 RUB
  9. Plaster putty for sealing gypsum plasterboard joints Knauf Fugen - 280 rubles.
  10. Finishing putty Knauf Rotband Pasta Profi - 700 r.
  11. Ceiling paint - 1500 r.

Cost and speed of installation

The fun begins when you have to pay for the work.

Stretch ceiling assembled in 1 day. You will pay for the installation of baguettes, installation of mortgages, stretching of the canvas, installation of lighting and cornice 8 500 rubles.

Plasterboard ceiling installs longer and costs more. It will take one day to install the frame and its sheathing, half a day for priming and sealing, 2 days for two layers of putty, another day for sanding and painting for 2 layers. In total, at least 5 working days.

The cost of the work will be about 20,000 rubles. And this is just a flat single-level ceiling without lighting and installation of cornices. If you want complex shapes, curvature and lighting, then feel free to multiply the cost of work by 2.

As a result, the total cost of a 10 square stretch ceiling will cost 11,700 rubles and it will be ready in 1 day.

It takes 1 week to mount a gypsum plasterboard suspended ceiling and it will cost you 28,470 rubles.

What happens if neighbors flood you

But the most annoying thing is that if your neighbors flood you at least a little, then the ceiling made of gypsum board will completely lose its appearance. GCR, in contact with water, swells and loses its strength and shape. Putty and paint will soak and fall off the drywall. In the best case, you will need to remove the finish in places and repair these areas. Then repaint the entire ceiling 2 times. At worst, a complete replacement of drywall will be required and, as a result, a complete replacement of the finish. This is equivalent to the full cost of the ceiling.

Plasterboard box on the ceiling under a stretch ceiling with lighting

A stretch ceiling not only calmly holds more than 50 liters of water on itself, and does not deteriorate, but also serves as a huge umbrella for your renovation and furniture. To eliminate the consequences of flooding, it is enough to drain the water through the hole for the chandelier or spotlights.

Finished ceiling care

The film ceiling can be easily wiped with a damp cloth using non-aggressive detergents. There are no restrictions on the number of wet cleaning.

A painted suspended ceiling can be washed if you have used the correct paint. But this is often not recommended.

If the ceiling is painted with regular matte paint, then the only way to renew the surface is to completely repaint the ceiling.

Additional benefits

If you insure your home, then having a stretch ceiling is an additional advantage and makes insurance cheaper, since you yourself have protected your repairs from the most basic danger of property damage - flooding!


Expert opinion

Anton Tsugunov

Expert builder. Businessman. 15 years of experience. More than 100 completed projects.

Each person makes his choice independently, but at my facilities I try to dissuade clients from gypsum plasterboard ceilings, as it is expensive, long and not practical.

Stretch ceilings have long ago caught up with and even surpassed frame suspended solutions in terms of design, complex shapes and lighting capabilities.


Tsugunov Anton Valerievich

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Over 15 years of experience
More than 100 completed projects

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