Differences between a steam generator and a steamer

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Modern people are used to wearing not just fresh clothes, but also well-ironed and steamed ones.

For such purposes, an iron was previously used, despite the fact that steamers have existed since 1940. After going through the improvement stage, steamers stopped looking like an ordinary electric kettle and began to look like real devices for steaming clothes. On the site https://steammaster.ru/ a large assortment of steamers, steam generators and other types of steam household appliances is offered, which allows you to purchase a device for a specific application.

What is the difference between a steam generator and a steamer

As the name implies, that the steam generator, that the steamer works on the basis of steam. By the way, steam not only thoroughly smoothes even small folds on clothes, but also disinfects it well. Despite the fact that steam is the main participant in high-quality ironing in both devices, they differ from each other.

The first difference between a steamer and a steam generator is that the device serves not only for ironing products, but it also disinfects them perfectly. Using a steamer, you can remove stubborn dirt from the upholstery of upholstered furniture, remove mold. In fact, the main difference between the two devices is their purpose.

1. Steam generator

Serves for ironing products using dry steam, which is supplied under high pressure. Using it, you can perform the following tasks:

  • iron products in a horizontal position;
  • steaming in an upright position;
  • perfectly smoothes the smallest folds;
  • ironing several layers of fabric at once.

2. Steamer

It is used for smoothing delicate fabrics. Through it, you can also clean and disinfect various surfaces, only with wet steam. The works that can be performed by the steamer are:

  • ironing products in an upright position;
  • due to the fact that nozzles of varying complexity are included with the steamer, you can clean dust from products, as well as remove dirt from hard and soft surfaces.

In the steamer, water boils up to 100 ° C in a minute. This is due to the heating element. The generated steam rises through a special hose and moist hot steam comes out through the hole in the handle.

As for the steam generator, the boiling point of water in it reaches about 160 ° C. It takes 8 minutes for the appliance to warm up. The result is dry steam that does not leave wet spots. That's all the difference between the two wonderful devices.

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