How to make a stylish and affordable wardrobe with his hands - a simple step by step guide

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Today, many owners of country houses and apartment buildings prefer furniture made with their own hands. Most often this is based on the economic side of the question, because to make furniture with his own will much cheaper than to buy it in a shop with a heavy margin.

In this article we will discuss how to make the cabinet with his own hands, without resorting to the help of experts, as well as touch on the topic of choice of materials.

Material for the manufacture of cabinet

The construction market offers a choice of a large number of wood-based materials from which to make furniture. Experts emphasize the outstanding properties of the following wood products:

  • Plywood. Sufficiently strong and wear resistant material. It is completely hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. The classical form of the issue are plates, which are quite easy to carry and prepare for the installation.
  • Particleboard. Sheets made of wood-base materials are one of the most popular variants of the material from which made furniture. The product has the best value for money. Particle boards have a natural resistance to adverse environmental factors.
  • Boards made of solid wood. They presented different sizes and types of wood. For the manufacture of cabinets using birch or oak, these rocks are characterized by their moisture and heat resistance.

Step by Step Instructions manufacturing cabinet with his own hands

Step 1. Making drawing and layout application. This is an important step that should not be neglected. It is necessary to accurately determine the location of future construction, measure the distance from the nearest objects that may affect the setting of the cabinet.

Such items include: batteries, table skirting, tables and other elements of home decor. If the omission of such important details you risk not hold cabinet in place allotted for him, and can also face the problem of bad opening valves.

To make the drawing, you can use a special computer program or do all the work by hand. The second option is the most common, so it does not require additional time to dive into the intricacies of computer modeling. To create a drawing need a pencil and a sheet of paper.

Drawing cabinet made up as follows:

  1. Recreated a schematic view of the front of the cabinet. It displays the height and width, distance from one another and the size of the shelves.
  2. Features of the image of the future design of the side and top. Here is displayed depth of the shelves and the general deepening of the cabinet. At this stage, we should not forget about the wings that may be difficult to close because of the excessive length of the shelves. In the presence of curvature of the individual components, such places need to designate a symbol R.

Step 2. Manufacture of individual parts. Fully completing the drawing, you can start making parts for the future cabinet. In the search, the material selected should be moved to the dimensions of elements vymerennyh the previous step: the top cover, the bottom structure and the rear wall in one piece for the amount of each element, as well as the side walls two in number pieces. Number of shelves depending on the individual preferences of the manufacturer.

Step 3. Now, using a saw, you can create parts. In this process, you should pay attention to the thickness of the blade, as a wide canvas wooden piece got a little smaller.

Finished parts can be covered with melamine, which will give a refined aesthetic to your shelves.

Step 4. design assembly. It is best to carry out on-site cabinet position. Such a move will prevent the risk of damage flooring when moving the assembled structure.

Assembly itself is as follows:

  1. Below the side wall of the cabinet is installed. In it are inserted fasteners, which are responsible for fixing the bottom and top of the cabinet.
  2. Now set the lower and upper cover structure, which, by means of fixing agents, the second side door fits. At this stage, it's worth checking tightness.
  3. After checking turn cabinet and fasten it on the back cover.
  4. Lift the resulting construct, install shutters on the closet, fill its shelves.

Wardrobe autographic manufacturing ready! Read our instructions, you should have no problem with self-assembly and installation of the cabinet.

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