WPC terrace board: concept, range and application advantages

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WPC terrace board is a modern finishing material intended for laying on verandas, balconies and loggias, along outdoor pools, in areas near houses, sanatoriums and recreation centers. Due to the special composition and special production technology, finished products have a number of positive qualities that make them reliable, durable and versatile in use. This largely determined the high popularity of products among consumers of different categories.

Terrace boards are actively bought by owners of private houses, apartments, cottages, entertainment facilities, restaurants and many other institutions. And this demand is well justified. After all, this material is not only reliable and durable, but also aesthetically attractive.

Key features and benefits of decking

The terrace board is notable for the presence of the following characteristics:

  • it is environmentally friendly;
  • the material does not slip, does not burn and meets all, even the most stringent environmental standards;
  • WPC board is resistant to mechanical and biological impact, it is not afraid of fungus, mold and insect attack;
  • the material is easy to maintain and operate;
  • it is safe due to its exceptional smoothness;
  • the board does not fade over time and withstands impacts exceeding 2000 kg/m2.

On a note! Finished products are offered in a wide range. You can choose from dozens of colors and textures. This allows you to purchase products suitable for any type of interior design, from ultra-modern high-tech to sophisticated neoclassic.

Where to buy high-quality WPC decking

You can buy a terrace board in Terradeck. The company offers a wide range of high-quality, wear-resistant and aesthetically attractive products at affordable prices. The Terradeck catalog contains materials from leading manufacturers with different textures and ways of connecting elements. And yet, the company sells components and offers to use a special service, which involves not only the purchase of material, but also its installation on a turnkey basis with a guarantee for the work done.

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