FBS blocks for the foundation: characteristics, installation features

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If you need to build a building for decades or more, you need to start with a solid foundation. This is what the tape is considered to be. It is suitable for the construction of houses with any characteristics in terms of weight and dimensions, it is used for buildings where a basement or basement will be built. The strip foundation is universal, and it will last more than a century. FBS blocks are used for its construction.

General characteristics of FBS blocks

FBS blocks - these are concrete products, rectangular, monolithic, with mounting loops, gaps. There are no voids in them, in contrast to the FBU blocks. Heavy concrete is used for their production. They are used for construction:

  • walls if the house is low-rise;
  • foundation;
  • basement walls, semi-basements;
  • fences (sometimes).

The blocks are easy to install: thanks to the equipment with special grooves, the products are easily connected, after that the joints are poured with concrete. Also, due to the loops, the blocks are conveniently transported. They are very durable, wear-resistant, frost-resistant.

The manufacture of FBS blocks should only take place at the factory in accordance with the requirements of GOST. For production, concrete M100 or M150 is used.

In Moscow and the Moscow region, they and other building materials are supplied by the company Build version. It is the official dealer of several of the largest factories in the country. In its assortment, except for FBS blocks: bricks, gas blocks, tongue-and-groove slabs, expanded clay concrete and sand-cement blocks, dry mixes, tools, etc. The company provides affordable prices. The selected building materials will be quickly delivered to your construction site.

What you need to know when installing FBS blocks

The block base is not monolithic; seams are formed at the joints of the blocks, which can weaken the foundation. To prevent this, before starting to lay the FBS, a monolithic reinforced concrete layer must be equipped in a pre-dug trench. If a high foundation is being erected, such a layer is made every two rows.

It is possible to mount blocks directly on the ground only if the sandstones are dry. Otherwise, you need to make a sand cushion that will level the layer. FBS blocks cannot be laid on a base that is covered with water or snow.

The blocks are only mounted using lifting equipment. Make sure you can drive to the site before starting work. Installation begins with corner pieces.

The main indicator of the FBS block is its width. The decoding of FBS grades can be viewed in special tables - it will help determine the size of the block and what kind of concrete was used in production.

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