Wooden wall panels 3D. An objective look at fashionable finishes

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The easiest way is to glue the wallpaper and consider your mission to renovate the interior completed. But if you want to give the room a distinctive, unique design, pay attention to wall panels with a three-dimensional effect.

Once they were rare and did not differ in variety. Today buy 3D panels for walls in St. Petersburg you can in any hardware store. But if you order them directly from the manufacturer, it will turn out cheaper and more reliable, in the sense that there is no vendor cheating, and marriage is also excluded.

However, first it doesn't hurt to find out what the vaunted 3D effect panels are and if they are suitable for your space.

Manufacturing materials

Modern materials processing technologies make it possible to create 3D wall panels from gypsum, plastic, glass, metal and composites. Nevertheless, wood and MDF are still considered the best. It will not be superfluous to outline their main competitive advantages:

  • none of the listed materials can compare with the durability of high-quality wood and MDF;

  • properly dried and treated wood does not rot even with changes in humidity and temperatures, and MDF, including veneered, is, in principle, not subject to bio-corrosion;

  • woody motives have always been and will remain in trend. Wooden 3D panels look expensive and expressive. Any variations "under the tree", one way or another, give an imitation.

On modern milling machines, specialists create wood panels with a three-dimensional effect, impressive in their beauty and unusual simplicity. Therefore, you can choose an option for any interior style, and even more eclecticism.

Types of 3D wall panels

A rich selection of finishes is another strong argument in favor of buying 3D panels from the manufacturer. In addition, there is the possibility of manufacturing according to an individual sketch. This will give you an exclusive.

Since wood and materials based on it lend themselves perfectly to processing, all the ideas embodied in such panels cannot be enumerated. Here are just the main options:

  • end ones are made of long lamellas with convex and concave sections;

  • shield - the most common. These are ready-made modules on a plywood base;

  • mosaic and fragmentary 3D panels are no less popular. They are laid out on the wall in a certain sequence from individual elements.

The volumetric effect is created by the factory method on milling machines, by means of a special layout or a combination of elements of different configurations.

3D wall panels in the interior

Designers love this finish for its versatility and, therefore, versatility. Firstly, it is a three-dimensional pattern, which can be simple and concise, such as 3D end panels, or intricately original, such as mosaic and panel modifications.

Secondly, the color scheme is of great importance. Panels in natural wood color or patinated look noble and elegant. Ideal for classic interiors and the popular loft style. Paintable wall panels become a chic backdrop for minimalism, scandi-style and provence. There are a lot of ideas, it remains only to choose according to your taste.

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