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Cork floors: the pros and cons, as well as specifications and examples of existing offerings from manufacturers

Cork flooring boasts many advantages, not inherent in other types of floor covering There is a desire to lay at home plug, but do not have confidence in their abilities? Let's find out just how difficult this procedure and whether to pay for ...

April 7, 2017

Repair of floors - manual for beginners masters

How to Repair a rough floor of the apartment with his hands? I'll talk about the specifics of this work, and will also show two variants of the restoration types of coatings - wood and concrete. You will learn what materials it will require and how to perform ...

March 27, 2017

Moisture resistant laminate: covering laid in 3 stages

Even such a coating, as a laminate, the laminate can be done Moisture resistant stable to moisture is used mainly in rooms with high humidity and a high risk of water splashing onto the floor - in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and perhaps on balcony or ...

March 9, 2017
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Laminate: description, features, styling rules and improper use

Greetings, comrades! Do you know what is laminate and how to fit this floor? I'm going to tell you about the features of the material, to share their own experiences of its operation and the non-application experience when ...

March 7, 2017