Video soft roof: Device Technology

The circuit arrangement of roof house using soft bitumen coating

The circuit arrangement of roof house using soft bitumen coating

  • due to the small specific gravity, is significantly reduced load on the structural elements of the roof, which makes it possible to save on other materials;
  • ease of repair. In case of damage, only a small portion is changed;
  • no loud noise when it rains, it is important for premises located in the attic;
  • when applying soft roof laying technology is such that almost no waste remains;
  • corrosion of such materials is not terrible, as they have no metal components;
  • the cost of certain materials is not large.

This type of roof, like any other, has several drawbacks:

  • Fire soft materials is weak, since they are often the basis for a bitumen. To a large extent this is true for roofing and roofing. Modern technologies allow to increase fire resistance to acceptable performance;
Roof has many advantages, among which - light weight and ease of installation

Roof has many advantages, among which - light weight and ease of installation

  • under the soft roof battens required continuous installation, which increases the overall cost of the work. The exception is
    ondulinWhich is somewhat stiffer than other materials, so it is possible styling and crate with a small gap;
  • weak thermal insulation properties, which makes it necessary to laying the insulation.

All these advantages and disadvantages inherent in varying degrees in some materials for the soft roof. stacking technology is also different at all.

Installation of shingles (video)

Types of materials for the soft roof

Materials for soft roof there are the following basic types:

  1. Bituminous mastics. Rarely used in private construction, as are mainly used to cover horizontal or slightly inclined surfaces.
  2. Polymeric membranes. Made of PVC and other polymers. Glued to the prepared screed using prokleek.
  3. Roller coating. There are adhesive or requiring heating.
  4. Soft tile. The most popular and expensive material. With a variety of shapes and colors, I gained a lot of popularity. Is the piece goods.
  5. Ondulin. Similar to the slate, ribbed sheet material of cellulose and bitumen. It has the properties of hard and soft roofing materials.

All these materials have a completely different technology styling with a soft roof. Apparatus roof requires careful selection of the most suitable of them.

Installation of shingles Shinglas (video)

The device is a soft roof: Technology laying roll materials

By roofing materials include: roofing, roofing, Fiber-glass, steklomas, tekloizol and evroruberoid. They all have similar production technology. On the basis of cardboard or glass fiber layer is applied bitumastic with the polymer components. If an ordinary roofing felt and only related to the first generation of materials, today, do not use very popular because of the short (5 years) life, the other widely used in construction. Modern roll materials have several colors of color and 20-year-old service life. This allows you to cover their roofs of industrial buildings, sheds and outbuildings.

Installation of the soft roll of roofing own hands

Installation of the soft roll of roofing own hands

Round materials are not very convenient for the soft roof. stacking technology is too complicated and time-consuming. It is important to remember that this type of material may be laid only on the roof with a small (up to 30 °) slope. Before the start of major works produced leveling base, laying waterproofing and vapor barrier mastic preparation and priming.

Bonding begins with the far corner of the roof lifting places. The material adhered to the base by means of mastic, which is heated burner. In the case of a self-adhesive coating, this condition is not necessary. Typically several layers stacked so that the joints overlap subsequent layer. Their number depends on the angle of inclination of the roof. If the roof is flat or inclined by no more than 5 degrees, it is necessary to make 4 layers to 15 degrees - 3 layers, and more than two layers is sufficient. Each layer is adhered to the material, compacted with a roller.

Fastening sheets soft roof to the wooden base

Fastening sheets soft roof to the wooden base

Useful advice! Upon detection during the operation of air bubbles on the roof surface, they must be cut with a knife. After that, place slit tightly pressed until the flow mastic.

The use of rolled materials more justified in the construction of large industrial facilities and apartment buildings with flat roofs. For private housing construction is best suited soft roofing shingles.

The device is a soft roof (video)

The device is a soft roof: technology stacking piece goods

Soft or shingles is a material piece of a small size. Its length is 1 m, and width 33 cm. This ensures that all installation work can make one person. Each web is divided into 4 parts in the form of different geometric shapes and resembles classic tiles.

Before laying tiles preparing soft ground. Battens have to be continuous. It is often made from plywood or similar sheet materials. If necessary, the entire surface or in places that require special attention, laid carpet underlay under the soft tile. He is a special web material, contributing additional waterproofing.

Roof shingles trimmed Boxed

Roof shingles trimmed Boxed

Stacking sheets starting from the eaves. Main smoothly put the first row, then it will be easier. The sheets are glued with putty and nails are punched in areas of perforation. At the final stage is set and horse wind sheets. A typical representative of shingles is a soft roof Shinglas, video installation that shows the simplicity of the work, even on the roofs of private houses.

Useful advice!Laid shingles are best in hot weather. This promotes better adhesion of the material.

Whatever the soft roof of the piece goods, the use of the backing of the carpet under the soft tile, insulation and vapor barrier - an indispensable condition for its normal functioning.

Installation of shingles with their hands (video)