As a self-install and adjust the washing machine - 3 main rules

It has long been forgotten, when the hostess washed hands. Today in every apartment washing machine - a familiar unit. It allows you to save time spent on maintenance of clothes clean. First it was the machine with only one washing course, and had to squeeze by hand by rotating rollers.

They were replaced by semi-automatic machines, in which the container for washing and spinning were isolated from each other, and the linen shift had to shift manually. Modern devices have a drum in which washing occurs and rinse, and spin. Also, washing machines have a rather complex electronic stuffing allowing implement multiple complex washing regimes.

The drum washing machine rotates at high speed and has a considerable weight. Users of home appliances are often faced with a problem when it overloaded or clothes during the spin cycle is not evenly distributed. The machine starts to vibrate, make noise, and sometimes even "dance" - to budge and bounce.

drum overload should be left to the conscience of the owners, but sometimes the machine "out" from the corner even without exceeding the permissible weight of the laundry. The reason -

improper installationand regulation washing machine. To continue not to face the challenges and difficulties in the operation, you need to follow three main rules.

Rule 1 - The washing machine must be level

It seems that this requirement is very simple, but in practice many of them neglected. If the floor is perfectly flat, you are lucky in the bathroom. If the tiles stacked haphazardly or played with time, it is necessary to carry out floor leveling. In the case of irregularities on the starting concrete foundation, it is also required to align via tile adhesives, or cement-sand mixture.

When the floor is given in the right state, nastaot turn the machine installation. But when set to designated place can feel like a reeling machine, if you try to shake it. The fact that the machine feet are bolts with locking nuts and thick rubber pads on the thrust bearing.

If they are turned to the wrong length, the machine will continue to move at work. On the Internet you can find tips to limit rocking cars and tweak support in the area of ​​sagging angle. However, the human eye is deceptive, so follow the instructions.

Step by step guide of the washing machine level adjustment

Step 1. Put the machine and check its position construction spirit level (level). So you need to do four times: On all four edges of the top cover.

Step 2. If the air bubble is rejected, the legs must be removed or, conversely, to shorten. Lift the edge of the machine and placing it on a piece of wood. Remove the legs bolt to the desired number of turns, and then secure the clamping nut.

Step 3. Repeat for all four legs. Last lower machine to the ground and a second verify level. If necessary, go over the problematic pillars again.

Rule 2 - Water connection

Wing nut on the hose for filling stiralki water just fits to the mixer, on which is wound a shower unit. However, this connection is uncomfortable every time have screwed shower watering can and then return it back.

The machine should have separate crane of cold water with isolation valves. This point of the draw it is necessary to provide for the repair of the bathroom plumbing and wiring upgrade.

Rule 3 - Draining the washing machine must be carried out through a siphon

Complete the majority of units for washing has a special attachment that allows you to bend the drain hose at an angle 180 degrees. However, it is intended not to make the end of the hose hook shape in order to catch him by the edge of the bathtub or toilet. It simply fixes the hose on the wall in a certain position.

When draining into the sewer to the pipe must be water seal. Otherwise unpleasant smell of sewage is seeping slowly into the machine and can spoil the smell of laundry during washing. The hose can be worn on a special cap in the trap under the sink or bath, and can be connected to the siphon hidden drain. It is urged by a spring ball and prevents the penetration of odors.

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