4 embodiment as a cost can be hidden in a closet pipe

You always want to have a nice and neat appearance in the toilet, but the pipes can spoil the impression of repair. Therefore it is necessary to take care of this problem. But many question arises: "How is it possible to hide the pipe in the bathroom?"

Nespryatannye pipe - an unpleasant appearance

Nespryatannye pipe - unpresentable view

This method is characterized by simplicity of operation, since it can perform even a novice in this business.

  1. Choice of sizes. First you need to mark the boundaries of the future box on the ceiling and the floor, and then put the marks on the wall with a plumb or laser level.
  2. Mount. It is necessary to attach to the walls of galvanized profile with dowels, and then set the end support elements. There is one caveat - the installation of the stiffeners. When the partition width of 25-30 cm and a length of 1.5-2 m - this is mandatory, because due to lack of the whole structure can collapse when the casing. In other cases - this is optional.
  3. Installation of gypsum boards. Materials begin to consolidate with the side faces, and only then move on to the front part. Pay special attention to the thickness of the material used.
Plasterboard box in the closet

Plasterboard box in the closet

This method is identical to the process of work plasterboard boxes. It differs only in the material. Incidentally, this finish does not require additional cladding, unlike his opponent - drywall.

Plastic box in the restroom

Plastic box in the restroom

This option is ideal for toilets with a small footage. But the shutters are a little more expensive than plasterboard or plastic boxes.

The advantages of roller blinds:

  1. full uniform from floor to ceiling;
  2. full access to the pipes, meters, valves for the repair or cleaning;
  3. quick and easy opening and closing of the structure;
  4. modern and stylish design. Not necessarily use the classic version - white color, it is better to use a roller blind with photo printing.
Shutters on the toilet

Shutters on the toilet

This method is known to us since last century. Lesson is very labor-intensive, requires a lot of effort and full concentration during the work. The only drawback - it is possible to conceal the pipe diameter of not more than 50 mm, and Stroebe wall to a depth which does not exceed 10-15% of the wall thickness. This low cost method, but it is better to give preference to modern methods, as for the repair of the plaster will have to bring down the walls.

Hiding the pipes in the wall

Hiding the pipes in the wall

In this article, you have learned a few ways how to hide the pipe in the bathroom, while not spending a lot of money. I hope this article was useful to you.

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