Laundry baskets for the bathroom: types, storage of dirty linen, own hands

Basket for laundry for the bathroom
  • Requirements for baskets
  • Types of laundry baskets for the bathroom
    • Wicker
    • Plastic
    • Metal
  • Cost of laundry baskets
  • Advice for choosing
  • Making laundry baskets with your own hands

The laundry baskets are designed to keep dirty laundry before they get insidewashing machine. To store dirty laundry in them is very convenient, since it allows keeping the whole house clean and tidy. Of course, you can not spend money on the basket and collect dirty laundry directly in the washing machine, but in this case, the colored and white clothes can mix, which will lead to an undesirable result. The presence of this item in the bathroom is a must. The laundry basket should be watched and not left in it contaminated laundry more than a couple of days, as it is a source of dirt and microbes, and heavily dried stains on laundry to be washed every day becomes more difficult.

Laundry baskets for the bathroom

Requirements for baskets

The basic requirements for a basket for dirty laundry for a bathroom are:

  • the presence of a number of holes, openings or cells around and on the bottom;
  • presence of a tightly closing integral cover.

The first requirement provides good ventilation, and the second protection of the contents of the basket from getting water on it.

Requirements for laundry baskets for the bathroom

Types of laundry baskets for the bathroom

Now in stores and in the markets, you can buy quite a few types of laundry baskets. The abundance of types of baskets is explained not only by the use of this object and its necessity, but also by the fact that recently they have become one of the details of decorating the furnishings of bathrooms.

There are two main types of baskets for the bathroom:

  • stationary;
  • Folding.

Folding basket is called a basket in the form of a grid, which you need to pull on a metal base. Some folding baskets have lids. Grids have many small and large holes. The main advantage of such a basket is that it can easily be removed from the premises. Usually such kind of baskets should be searched among the goods of mark IKEA.

Stationary laundry baskets are made of hard materials, and do not change their shape. They are easy enough to fold and throw dirty laundry. However, such baskets are cumbersome, and therefore they can only be put in a bathroom or a pantry.

Stationary laundry basket for the bathroom
Folding laundry basket in the bathroom

In addition to these species, there are still baskets for the materials and places of their placement in the house.

Based on the materials from which the baskets are made, distinguish:

  • wicker;
  • are plastic;
  • metal;
  • fabric;
  • are wooden;
  • leather baskets.
Leather laundry baskets for the bathroom


Wicker basket models today have become very popular. They are weaved, mainly from vines, straw or dried seaweed. Their main advantage is environmental cleanliness, and a lack of susceptibility to absorb moisture, so they quickly decompose. The size and shape of the woven patterns can be completely different. There are options: in the form of lockers with departments, corner, trapezoid, with attached lids and separating, large, small, etc. Such an abundance will allow everyone to find a suitable option for any bathroom.

Wicker baskets for bathroom linen
Wicker baskets for bathroom linen
Wicker baskets for bathroom linen


Do not give up their positions on the popularity of plastic baskets. This is easily explained, first, by the fact that they are inexpensive, come in different colors and shapes. Secondly, the fact that plastic baskets are moisture-resistant and can be washed if necessary. Thirdly, they do not weigh heavily, which facilitates the carrying process. Their downside is that the plastic is a material that is fragile enough to shorten the life of the basket. Basically, plastic baskets have a lot of holes, but there are models without venting cells. Such options are undesirable in use, so dirty laundry in an enclosed space can promote the reproduction of microbes and bacteria, and the laundry itself can become saturated with unpleasant odors.

Plastic laundry baskets for bathroom


Baskets made of metal, look quite stylish and fashionable. More suitable for decoration in the style of "high-tech".In metal baskets wheels are provided, which makes them easily movable. In the market you can find baskets of different shapes: in the form of a rectangle, a cylinder, etc. Plus such baskets are their moisture resistance and durability, and a minus is a limitation of colors and the size. Metal baskets, in general, are large. In addition to baskets made of sheet metal, there are also baskets of thin, but strong wire. It is important that the baskets are made of metals with anti-corrosion coating, otherwise they will not serve for a long time and will soon rust.

Metal laundry basket for bathroom
laundry basket for bath of metal wire

Wooden boxes are very good in use and are environmentally friendly. If, during manufacture, they have been treated with a special moisture-repellent liquid, they are also hypoallergenic and moisture-resistant, as well as not moldy and do not decay.

Wooden baskets for linen for the bathroom

The main advantage of textile samples lies in their spaciousness and at the same time compactness. Compared to other baskets, textile models occupy as little space as possible. They can be hung on walls or just on the door handle, if the size allows it. In order to keep the fabric baskets in shape, insets from thick cardboard are inserted on the bottom and walls of the basket. The disadvantage of such baskets is the need to look after them, otherwise they can become moldy and fungi.

Fabric laundry basket in the bathroom
Fabric laundry basket in the bathroom
Fabric laundry basket in the bathroom

Depending on the placement or installation of baskets for laundry in the bathroom are distinguished:

  • wall;
  • outdoor;
  • recessed in the cabinet;
  • corner baskets;
  • hanging.

Basically, laundry baskets are placed in one of the corners of the bathroom or near the wall.

Trash basket in bathroom design

If the place of installation of the washing machine is the kitchen, and the place of the basket is the bathroom, it is important that the basket has convenient handles for carrying. The floor baskets are filled from above, and the built-in cabinet can be filled from the side. Such baskets are installed, for example, in a bedside table under the sink. Wall-mounted laundry baskets are loaded with laundry through an opening at the bottom of the basket, and when they are filled, they are first removed from the wall and then emptied.

Suspended baskets are usually made in the form of tissue bags. Their main advantage is that they save the most space in the bathroom.

If we talk about the forms of baskets for linen, then there is no limit to the fantasies of the manufacturers of baskets. On sale there are rectangular, square, round, oval, cylindrical, and even models made in the form of little animals, fairy-tale heroes and objects.

Bathroom floor baskets
Built-in laundry basket for the bathroom
Suspended laundry basket for the bathroom

The cost of laundry baskets

Despite the fact that this item is not the main functional and design element of the bathroom, at least one basket is worth buying. After all, thanks to the basket, the bathroom will be even more convenient. A properly selected basket makes the room even more cozy and cute. In addition, laundry baskets are not very expensive. Their cost depends on the materials used for their manufacture, size, manufacturer and their appearance.

The cost of the laundry basket for the bathroom
Cost of baskets for laundry for a bathroom

Tips for choosing

To ensure that the basket has served quality and for many years, when buying, you need to pay attention to the following features of the basket:

  • The basket must be strong and withstand heavy weight. For this, the materials that were used in the manufacture of this basket must be strong and of high quality.
  • The basket should be free of any irregularities, sharp elements and jags in the joints of the parts, otherwise they can damage the laundry.
  • It is important that the basket is with a lid.
  • A good basket is characterized by a number of holes for ventilation.
  • It is better to buy a basket that has several compartments, so that it is possible to separate the laundry according to color.
Tips for choosing a laundry basket for the bathroom

We make baskets for linen with our own hands

It's easy to build a laundry basket with your own hands. For this, only desire and perseverance, imagination and basic details are needed.

The easiest way to make a laundry basket is to rework a writing pail. In addition to the office pail, which will serve as the basis for our basket, we need more glue and a thick cord for wrapping.

So, what you need to do:

  • Turn the base upside down and apply around it a drop of glue, observing a distance of 5 to 10 cm.
  • Attach the cord to the spots with glue drops and press firmly.
  • If necessary, apply glue to new areas and thus wrap the bucket completely.
  • For a more original wash baskets, use shoelaces of different colors.
Laundry basket for your own bathroom

Another method of making a basket consists of wire mesh and cloth. The size and type of fabric can be chosen independently, adapting it to your bathroom. To make such a basket you need: washers, cogs, wheels, galvanized steel wire mesh, fabric for the inner cover, thick round wooden board.

What you need to do:

  • Wrap a wooden mesh with a wire mesh, leaving a 5-7 cm stock under the base. Cut off excess cutters.
  • Secure the sides of the mesh by bending the edges.
  • Fold the lower grid stock under the wooden base.
  • Fix the mesh to the base with screws.
  • Attach the bottom of the wheel basket.
  • The basket frame is ready. Sew the fabric cover according to the basket size selected. Insert the cover into the inside of the wire basket and safely put such a basket in the bathroom to collect dirty laundry.
Laundry basket for your own bathroom