Shower cabin combined with the bathroom: pluses, views and functions, interior

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Shower cabin combined with bath
  • What is a bathtub with a shower cabin?
  • Advantages of
  • Forms and Dimensions
  • Optional Equipment
  • Installation and Layout Options

Someone likes to relax in a hot bath to the sound of your favorite music, and someone prefers to start and end your day under shower sprays. But the vast majority of people prefer to use both types of water "therapy", depending on the mood. Combine these two activities with the help of a shower cabin combined with a bath.

Girl in the combined bath

What is a bathtub with a shower cabin?

Fans of various water procedures, as well as connoisseurs of ergonomic types of equipment will appreciate the shower cabin, which combines functions and shower and bathroom. This acquisition will not only satisfy the needs of each member of the family, but also significantly change the design of the bathroom. After all, the shower cubicle combined with the bathroom is very stylish, comfortable and functional.

The traditional combined product is a spacious cabin with a deep tray( bathtub), shower and some additional functions. Typically, these shower cabins have a corner structure, which is very convenient for rooms with limited space.

Large corner box
Shower cabin with bathroom Unusual shape
Shower cabin with bath
Bath combination with shower
Shower cabin with bath
Round bath combined with shower

Advantages of

Unlike conventional bathroom or standard shower cubicle, the option combining both shower and bath has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Ergonomic and compact dimensions. The owners of standard apartments in high-rise buildings will appreciate the compactness and ergonomics of the combined cabin, which will fit in any bathroom. The main thing is to choose the right model that harmoniously fits into your bathroom. Experts, however, recommend for tight rooms still choose the options with an asymmetric bath and corner booth.
  • Variety of colors and shapes. Just a couple of decades ago, the interior of the bathrooms was boring and varied. Today, every mistress tries to bring in her own bathroom a special "zest", reflecting the individuality of its owner. The richness of the colors and the variety of the model range of shower cabins from the bathroom make it possible to choose exactly the one that fits perfectly into the design of the "author's" interior.
  • Ease of installation. Modern manufacturers have ensured that the installation and installation of the shower enclosure combined with the bathroom is not very difficult and does not require additional costs. In addition, many shops offer installation and installation of a cheap booth as an additional service to purchase.
  • Practicality. Shower cabins combined with a bathroom are very practical. Sliding door-shutters protect the room from excess moisture, and the bowl of the bath from external influences. A deep bathtub tray can also be used for hand washing and other small water procedures.
  • Multifunctionality of .Modern shower cabins, combined with a bath, have a number of additional functions. Here you can pamper yourself with a hydromassage, two shower options, and in some models even listen to your favorite radio and talk on the phone during the water procedure.
Corner combined bath
Rectangular model of combined bath

Forms and dimensions

Shower cabins, combined with a bathroom, are usually presented today in three main versions. It can be:

  • Combined model, which is closed by curtains.
  • The closed hydromassage side with several functions. Such models have a roof with a built-in "rain shower" and sliding doors-sashes.
  • Constructions consisting of a metal frame and curtain screens. Such curtains can be located on several sides, forming a closed structure on two or three sides.
Combined model with boxing
Closed box
Combined bath with septum

To date, a huge popularity of combined shower cabins of the second option. The success of the hydromassage boxes, combining the properties of the shower and the bathroom, is primarily due to its practicality and multifunctionality. Such combined shower booths also vary in shape and size. The most popular of them is:

  • Corner version of a shower cubicle with a bath. This model is ideal for small spaces where space is worth its weight in gold. The bowl in such products has a triangular shape, so it easily "rises" in the right angle and frees up additional space for other items of sanitary ware or household appliances, and also increases the free space in the bathroom. Cabs of this type are equipped with a deep pallet serving as a bathroom. At the same time there are practically no restrictions on growth.
  • Rectangular combined shower cabins. These models are more suitable for bathrooms where there is no space limitation, since they can be installed anywhere, up to the center of the room. The shape of the bowl of these variations varies from semicircular and rounded to clear rectangular and asymmetrical.
Rectangular combined bath
Corner combined with a shower bath

Optional equipment

Shower cabins combined with bathrooms, as a rule, assume not only the function of a shower or a bathtub. The additional equipment significantly expands the possibilities of such plumbing. This includes:

  • Hydromassage. Most models provide several options for hydromassage, ranging from conventional foot massage, ending with a vertical whole body massage. This function is particularly loved by fans of the Jacuzzi.
  • Radio. Built-in radio allows you to enjoy your favorite music under cheerful jets of an invigorating shower.
  • Phone. Some models provide for the presence of a telephone that is connected to a fixed line and allows you to stay in touch even at the time of taking a bath.
  • Backlight. Variants of highlights in shower cabins are diverse, ranging from a few light bulbs, ending with a version of the starry sky. In addition, the presence of lighting allows you to practice water procedures, not including the top light.
  • Mirror.
  • Shelves for bathroom accessories.
Bath with shower with radio, telephone and lighting
Shower cabin with bath and hydromassage
Shelves in combination with a shower cabin

Installation and layout options

A shower cubicle combined with a bathtub is considered a universal option, as it is suitable for small and spacious rooms. Only installation types can be different, there are only three:

  • wall models;
  • angular models;
  • detached models.

The installation option depends on the room facilities. Designers say that the placement can be considered correct when the shower is directly opposite the door. Also, let's assume the option, when all elements of sanitary ware are located in the form of the letter "P".

In small areas of irregular shape, the shower booth should be installed in a corner, and next to it a bath and a sink. Interestingly, plumbing manufacturers have recently been more likely to listen to the owners of small bathrooms, so there are more and more options on the market for such premises, which are available to different categories of buyers.

Wall-mounted model
Separate model of combined bath with shower

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