Turnkey apartment repair price per square meter

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  1. Indicative prices
  2. Comprehensive repair
  3. Capital
  4. European-quality repair
  5. Elite
  6. Cosmetic
  7. What and how affects the cost?
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It is necessary to make repairs in your apartments in several cases: when buying in the secondary market or in a new building, after negligent residents and tenants, or just when it's time to update finish. Someone needs to slightly correct the appearance of the apartment: for example, to tint the ceiling or to re-stick the wallpaper. Someone wants more global changes and is starting a major overhaul, and some are planning a complete redevelopment. Of course, you can try to do part of the work yourself, but it is better to entrust this matter to professionals. The main factor when choosing a company is apartment repair price for one square meter "turnkey". Let's find out why this parameter is so important, what it affects and is it possible to calculate the cost, focusing only on it?

Updated apartment

Indicative prices

Repair is a very individual matter. Therefore, to name even the approximate price, not knowing what exactly needs to be done, and what stages are planned, not a single specialist will decide. However, some average price for the service still exists. It depends on the type of work performed with different repair options: cosmetic, capital, euro or elite.

  • Cosmetic repairs are the cheapest kind. In Moscow, prices for these works start at 1,500 p. per m2 excluding materials (or on the condition that their purchase will be fully borne by the customer). Moreover, it will be an economy class repair. The average price ranges from 2,000 to 3,500 p. / M2. In St. Petersburg, the price range for “cosmetics” is wider - from 1,300 to 4,000 rubles / m2.
Cosmetic work

To completely update the decoration of a small apartment of 30 square meters. m, you will need at least 50,000-60,000 p. plus the cost of materials.

  • Overhaul costs twice as much as cosmetic. Minimum prices start at 4,000 rubles / m2 in the capital and from 3,000 rubles / m2 in St. Petersburg. In special cases, with increased complexity of work, the cost can rise up to 7,000 rubles / m2 and above.
Price per m2

To make major repairs in the 30-meter odnushka, you need to stock up 120,000-150,000 rubles. And this is only the base cost for the work, excluding materials.

  • Renovation will cost even more. Prices for it in Moscow start at 7,000 rubles / m2, in St. Petersburg - from 5,000 rubles / m2.
  • Elite, designed for wealthy people, is the most expensive. The cost per square meter starts at 10,000 p. in Moscow and Moscow region and from 8 500 r. In St. Petersburg. The maximum is practically unlimited, since everything completely depends on the wishes and whims of the customer.
Finishing class "Elite"

Comprehensive repair

The most difficult and expensive is a turnkey comprehensive repair. It is most often done in new buildings. A full range of work is underway to replace or conduct utility networks, redevelopment, decoration and decoration of apartments. All this is done by one contractor. An undoubted plus is that one company carries out all the stages: the workers manage to imbue the designers ’intentions, the connection between the stages is not lost, therefore they manage to fully realize the idea. But there is a minus: if necessary, it is difficult to change the contractor: not every company can provide equally high-quality implementation of all stages of work, many contractors do not like to finish after others masters.

Comprehensive repair work


Overhaul can be called a simplified version of the integrated. Here, not only finishing work is performed, but the replacement of any engineering networks and systems. If necessary, redevelopment, arrangement of shelves or niches from GKL, etc. Overhaul is expensive, but it is enough to do it once, and then for many years only update the exterior finish.

Apartment after major repairs with redevelopment

European-quality repair

European-quality repair differs from ordinary overhaul with high-quality modern materials, strict adherence to European standards. When performing work, the latest technical achievements, the latest equipment and tools are used. Because of these features, renovation is 1.5–2 times more expensive than just major repairs.

European-quality repair


Elite repair or Eurolux involves not only the application of technological innovations and building materials of the highest quality, but also an exclusive and very expensive finish. It includes: Venetian plaster, textile wallpaper, rare noble breeds of wood, mosaic, marble, stucco molding. The works themselves also have a completely different quality level, which is why their cost is so high.

One of the options for luxury repair with a chic finish

Note! Any redevelopment, arrangement of niches, changes in utilities and other apartment configurations must be agreed with the relevant authorities. Otherwise, the homeowner may be obliged at his own expense to return the premises to their original appearance. To sell such an apartment will be difficult.


Redecorating involves working with the finish. Engineering systems do not touch, there are no redevelopments either. Only the surfaces of the apartment change their appearance: the ceilings are painted or whitened, the stretch fabric is mounted, a new coating is laid on the floor, the walls are painted or glued with wallpaper. Since the work here is the simplest, does not require a lot of time or effort, then they cost the least.

Small (partial) apartment repairs are also distinguished when work is carried out in one of two (three) rooms or only in the corridor (in another room). When carrying out work, it is not necessary to free the apartment from the residents.

Finishing Procedure

Not everyone understands what the phrase “turnkey repair” means. This is a type of service in which, regardless of the type (cosmetic or complex), after the work is completed, the customer receives an apartment or room completely ready for living. It remains only to make furniture.

What and how affects the cost?

First of all, the price of the work performed. When drawing up the estimate, it is necessary to take into account a considerable amount of related tasks. You have to pay for everything: not only for the construction of something new, but also for any dismantling: from removing the old coating to the demolition of partitions and walls. Replacing plumbing and electrical wiring is an expensive job. Re-planning, arrangement of various niches or the construction of partitions will cost even more.

Another important cost item is the cost of the materials themselves. So, overhaul using inexpensive domestic materials can be cheaper than European cosmetic. But there are some stages where it is not worth saving: for example, on wiring or heating, because the safety of living depends on them.

Affect the cost and initial condition of the apartment. If the premises were looked after, then the work will cost less. Some operations will be avoided, which will also significantly reduce the price.

Most expensive repairs are in new buildings, as they often have to be repaired from scratch. The same picture with apartments in old houses, where the wallpaper last glued dozens of years ago. Demolition work is usually very expensive here, since the builders first bring the housing to zero condition.

Scope of work


In order to calculate the correct repair cost, they do not take the area of ​​the apartment in m2, but record all the proposed works and their volumes. This is the most correct way to draw up an estimate before signing. apartment repair agreement.

For example, pipe replacement is calculated according to running meters, removal of carpet, linoleum, old paint - by cleaned squares, installation and dismantling of large objects (bathtubs, windows, toilet bowl) - by the number of units, etc. d. But in this case, errors are possible. Most likely, it will not work to calculate the price to a penny. During the repair often unforeseen circumstances arise that can play both an increase or a decrease in the price.

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