Window-balcony: an amazing solution

Spacious, comfortably furnished balcony, on which you can sit comfortably over a cup of coffee, is a dream for many people. But, unfortunately, the layout of multi-family, and sometimes private houses, does not always imply the presence of a balcony. If the balcony is not compact, you can expand it if you want. If the balcony is completely absent, then dreams of it seem unattainable.

However, creative designers have found a unique way out, helping to solve this problem and create a balcony, even where its presence was not implied initially. Several years ago, architects and designers from Western Europe presented an original design called a window-balcony, which simultaneously functions as a conventional window, and if necessary extends the area of ​​the house, turning into an independent balcony. Overview of such designs "House of Dreams" offers to look in this publication.



Retractable window-balcony

In 2008, the Danish architect Hoffman Du Jardan presented his innovative creation under the name of a sliding balcony. The design was developed specifically for houses in the planning of which there is no balcony, and it is not possible to create it for technical reasons. In the folded form, the architect's design looks like a normal large window. However, thanks to the built-in retractable structure, if necessary, the window turns into a compact but very comfortable balcony.

Design feature and the ability to choose the sizes depending on the technical characteristics of the house does not overload the facade of the building. Window-balcony, created by a Danish architect, is made of a particularly durable laminated glass, fastened with aluminum and steel parts. Despite the fact that the transparent construction looks very light and fragile, manufacturers assure that such a balcony is able to withstand weight within 500 kilograms. Due to the fact that the construction of the electronic control system, the process of pushing the balcony is carried out by pressing the button.

Such an unusual window-balcony transformer is suitable for private houses, as well as for multi-family buildings.

Extendable balcony window

Extendable balcony-window

Window-balcony photo

Window-balcony photo

Retractable balcony photo

Retractable balcony photo

Non-standard balconies in the attic

Solve the problem of the lack of a balcony in a private house with an attic. Architects and designers have developed special attic windows-balconies, which form an additional area, without changing the geometry of the roof.

The most common option for arranging a balcony in the attic is using a window-transformer. From a conventional window, this design differs only in that it consists of two parts. When opened, the lower part of the window unfolds and expands, pushing out the side rails. Thus, the usual window at first glance is transformed into a compact balcony or terrace. This construction is suitable for all without mansard zones, provided that the angle of the roof is from 35 to 55 degrees. We considered similar models in the topic of auditory windows( lyukarnah).

attic window balcony


Window-balcony transformer

Window-balcony transformer

In addition to the fact that the transformer window allows simple and relatively inexpensive to organize an independent balcony space, this design, moreover, gives a lot of advantages in terms of arrangement of the attic zone:

  • first,an additional inclined window becomes an excellent source of natural light;
  • secondly, elegant stylish design looks appropriate absolutely in any room, whether it is a children's room or a study;
  • and, thirdly, the attic window can always be decorated with suitable curtains or blinds.
How the attic windows turn into a balcony

How the skylights turn into a balcony

Balcony where you did not suspect

Balcony where you did not suspect

How to make a balcony out of the window

How to make a balcony balcony

A more complex version of the balcony in the attic is a design that resembles a whole terrace. Window-balcony for the attic in this case can have from two to six sliding doors, installed on a horizontal structure, which is a balcony. On the perimeter, the balcony window is fenced with railings. It is noteworthy that, despite the rather large size of the structure, when installing the terrace does not reduce the area of ​​the attic.

The upper part of the window leafs is usually opened outward along a vertical path, and the lower one can be opened both to the left and to the right, which greatly simplifies the process of airing the room and washing the structure.

Many people are afraid to install such a window-balcony or attic terrace, believing that because of the inclined shape in the sediments in the lower part of the structure, water will accumulate, which will necessarily flow into the room and, in addition, will soon cause corrosion. However, manufacturers that produce windows of this type, use for their creation a special double-glazed window, consisting of two glasses. The first or outer glass is treated with a hardened polymer coating, which, firstly, has high strength, and, secondly, has hydrophobic properties. Due to these properties, water is not retained on the glass and does not leave deposits during run-off, which, accordingly, prevents the development of corrosion.

In addition, in windows of the balcony type, the issue of ventilation is very conveniently solved. If the structure is closed, ventilation is carried out through a removable filter and ventilation vent.

window balcony for the attic

Window-balcony for the attic

Window-balcony for the attic roof

Window-balcony for the roof roof

Attic window-balcony photo

Dormer-balcony photo

Another misconception about the installation of the balcony window is the view that this design is suitable only for spacious and high spaces. But, in fact, such a window can be made to order, taking into account the desired height and width. According to experts, it is optimal if its minimum height is 2 meters. However, considering that this design can be mounted both directly from the floor line, and slightly deviating from it, the balcony type window can easily fit even in the most compact room.

In addition to its beauty and convenience, the window-balcony is an excellent tool for expanding the area of ​​the attic zone. Given the easy way of installation and low costs, this design will be an ideal option for organizing additional useful space. In addition, despite the compact size, this window with a balcony will be another cozy place to relax in the fresh air.

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