Home repair roof: fix old metal and tile roofing materials

Roof repair: the cause of the leak, repairing cement-sand, ceramic tile, metal tile and metal roofing


Table of contents

  • 1 The causes of roof leakage
  • 2 roof inspection
  • 3 Repair of various types of roofing
    • 3.1 Repair of cement-sand and ceramic tiles
    • 3.2 Repair of metal
    • 3.3 Repair metal roof
  • 4 Summing up

Reliable roof - the pride of any homeowner. But what if over the years the roof began to leak intermittently?

Let's try to figure out how to begin the repair roof of the house and how to return it to its former reliability.

The causes of roof leakage

roof repair

You must first determine the cause of the leak before attempting to repair the roof of a private house.

Their are several:

  • roofing surface defects;
  • wetting insulation layer;
  • failure of the drainage system;
  • violation of integrity in place to fit the roof elements and vertical structures (chimney, an antenna, a wall, a parapet).

Occurrence of such faults can be caused by the use of fasteners or poor coating itself, their natural wear under atmospheric conditions, improper installation, mechanical damage (for example during cleaning of the roof snow).

However, not always in practice unable to be as easy as in theory detect leakage. In particular, it is typical for the type of pitched roofs, when the water flows into one place, and the leak appear quite different.

In order to correctly determine the strategy, according to which will be the repair of the old roof of your home, you need to determine the type of leakage.


  1. Occurring during rain or after a certain time. The reason in this case is mechanical damage to the roofing sheet or tightness of its fit in place to the vertical elements.
  2. Appearing at the time of melting snow. Icing occurring at the valleys, drainage funnels and troughs, blocks the normal flow of melt water and lead to water stagnation techam.
  3. Appearing in the summer, optionally after rain. Often, the cause is soakage insulation, creating a critical pressure of water vapor on the roofing during high temperature. In addition, such a leak can occur because of microcracks in roofing, insufficient width protective hoods and aprons or poor masonry brick parapets.

Tip! To repair the roof is necessary to start at the first leakages as long flow can cause rotting floors, and thus greatly increase the cost of repairs.

roof inspection

Home repair roof

inspection of the attic

Repair slate roof begins with a tour. To do this, you need to climb up to the attic and check the state of the floor, rafters, waterproofing and flooring for the presence of mold, damp places rot. Moisture left on the tree, dark marks, as well as capable of discoloring the surface.

Followed by visual inspection to begin. It starts with checking the integrity of the ridge elements and waterproofing. Pay special attention to mounting aprons areas fit the roof surface to the vertical elements.

Drop down to the bottom of the roof valley and check for debris or vegetation eaves board and the bottom layer coating that could be affected by heavy rain or wind.

It is also necessary to check whether garbage clogged gutters, hoppers and chutes, vents, as well as whether any cracks, holes, dents, chips on the surface.

If the examination has not revealed anything, rain rain, go up to the attic and mark a leaking place, and the weather is dry patch up the problem areas.

Tip! During the visual inspection is required to take care of their own security by checking on the reliability of the ladder and providing insurance.

Repair of various types of roofing

Repair of cement-sand and ceramic tiles

Repair of the roof of the country house

Repair of the surface of natural tile

The causes of leaks from a natural coating tiles are often cracks in the tiles located in the docking location with antennas, chimneys, and located on the roof overhang.

This is due to unequal expansion and contraction of the roof parts when changing climatic influences. Also can flow occur due to the time chopping of cement in joints between tiles.

The sequence of works:

  1. It is necessary to strengthen the truss additionally knocked board connecting directly 3-4 rafters.
  2. Remove from old putty joints and apply a new one, consisting of one part of lime, two parts of cement and adding tow (flax fiber).

Repair of metal

Metallocherepichnoy repair the roof is usually necessary because of the loosening of fasteners, errors during installation coating or roofing pie or also due to mechanical damage.

Let us examine each individual case:

  1. fastener loosening is due to the use of low-quality screws. In this case, they can pull up, but it is better to replace a higher quality new hardware.
  2. Cracks and scratches in the coating can be removed completely using special putty and materials for the repair of the roof.

Scratching should be covered with special paint, prevents corrosion, leaks and gaps sealed with silicone roofing sealant (recommend the use of Soudal Aquafix, the price - from 270 rubles.), on the steel through crack to impose pay by soldering iron.

  1. If the wrong device roofing cake (flow typically arises due to the use of cheap films low permeability cover for insulation), you need to replace the old film Superdiffuzionnaya membrane.

Repair metal roof

Roof repair roof

Replacement of damaged sheet metal roofing

The main causes of leaks and subsequent repair of roofs with their hands from a sheet of galvanized iron joints are of leakage, corrosion and mechanical damage.

Repair of the roof rail to the most done in the following way.

  1. The damaged area is cleaned with a wire brush.
  2. Patch is cut from the same roofing material size 5-10 cm larger than the damaged area.
  3. The fault location and edge patches covered with flux and soldered to each other soldering.
  4. After cooling, the seam is processed file.
  5. Partially or fully dyed roof.

At considerable damages produce complete replacement of the steel plates in the same way as changing layers soft roof, the flat roof performing repair.

Summing up

So, we discussed ways to solve the problems associated with the leaking roof of the modern types of coatings. We hope that this article will help you realize how conventional roof restoration and repair of the roof of the country house.

In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.