Repairs in the building with his own hands: when and how to begin to do, order of steps

Repairs in the building with their hands (45 photos) What you need to know and where to start


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  • 2 What you need to know about the repair in new buildings
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You have purchased an apartment without finishing and are ready to turn it into a cozy nest?

Let's talk about how to make repairs in the building with his own hands: the pros and cons of this operation, as well as the fact in what sequence should be taken for the execution of the work.

Repairs in the building with his own hands

Renovated apartment

And it has a lot of cases. When the flat is a concrete box with bare walls, uneven ceiling and floor, with no windows and sanitary ware, each arm may drop. If you need to repair a house from scratch, many people do not understand, from what end to take on this difficult matter.

A good option - find a team of professional decorators, tell them how you want to see new homes, purchase materials and to observe the repair side.

However, the reality is that the owners of new apartments are now becoming young families and people with average incomes. Paying huge amounts of interest on a loan or mortgage, they decide not to spend extra money to hire workers and try to perform the decoration of an apartment with his hands.

Advantages and disadvantages of solutions

When you perform a repair of an apartment in a new building with their own hands, the benefits are obvious - you save a lot of money.

Another issue is that it takes a little more time than when using a professional team masters. In addition, by performing the finish, you are doing it for themselves, and thus worry about the quality and the schlock simply will not allow.

As for the cons. If you think that the repair - it is simple, you are greatly mistaken. Even the simplest repair one-bedroom apartment in the Khrushchev is a matter of very troublesome. At least starting to furnish an apartment in new building, enlist the help of loyal friends and repair manuals.

What you need to know about the repair in new buildings

It is worth saying a few words about when to make repairs in the building. Owners of apartments in houses handed over recently to remember that any architectural structures are within a few years, the process of shrinkage. This applies to a greater degree brick high-rise buildings and to a lesser - monolithic. During shrinkage home geometry changes slightly.

At least to the naked eye, this change is not visible, it can be seen on some circumstantial evidence. For example, once you find that the oil in the pan all the time flows on one side, a children's ball tries to slide into the corner, wall panels oddly vspuchilis and simply made Venetian stucco I cracked. This is the result of shrinkage.

Not all finishing materials (the same wall panels) was kept at home movement. They are deformed together with the walls crack and even break. That's why experts recommend to make repairs in an apartment not earlier than the new building will be executed 2-3 years.

However, if you have no desire to wait that long and want to start finishing works immediately, it is better Choose materials that will withstand deformation: wallpaper cloth, suspended ceilings, parquet natural tree. A ceramic tile, for example, a few years will have to give.

Tip! Making the very first repair in new building, it is not necessary to carry out expensive luxury finishing materials. Choose a cheaper counterpart, that was not so sorry if it is deformed after a couple of years.

The procedure for building repairs

rough finish

Where to begin?


The procedure for repairs in a new building, as well as in housing, which celebrated for many years, in principle, the same. Always start with the most dirty and dusty work: demolition and transfer of walls and partitions, removal of rough finish made the builders, installation of windows, floor screed, distributing pipes and electrical wiring.

When finished with this part, take out the garbage and go to the rough finish premises, which is plastered and plastered walls and ceiling. Just aligning the surface can move on to the final finishing - wallpapering, panels, tiles.

Violation of this order repair of an apartment in a new building is fraught with increase in the amount of construction waste in your home, as well as redoing already done part of the work.

dismantling of walls

Dismantling of walls and partitions - is not so common in new buildings. While many owners of apartments, critically examining the layout of new housing, decides to change everything in their own way. Before proceeding to a breakdown of the walls, it is necessary to coordinate their actions with BTI.

Demolition of load-bearing wall can result in serious consequences for the entire block of flats. There were cases when for this reason the construction is fully or partially collapsed.

If there is a need for the dismantling of the bearing wall or to create openings in it, it is necessary to strengthen the structure. This is done by means of welded metal fittings or corner. Since this work requires precise calculations and professional skills, but also has an increased level of risk, it is worth to trust experts.

It's much easier with a room divider. They can dismantle their own hands.

disassembly sequence:

  • If the apartment has electric wiring, you must disconnect all.
  • Pick the equipment, you may need hammer, angle grinder, sledgehammer, crowbar, hammer, boaster, various scrapers.
  • Find a car in advance, which will take out the garbage.
  • Buy a respirator and goggles.
  • Remove the baseboards, moldings and other decorative elements.
  • Typically, the interior walls are laid of brick. Their dismantling is done from top to bottom, row by row. If you are a hammer or a crowbar, hitting the wall is better to put in the middle, gradually expanding hole.
  • If the dismantled wall separating the toilet and the bathroom (between them is usually a wooden armature), they should be pre-moistened with water, to avoid dusty. Wooden struts can be sawn.

Mounted box, for obvious reasons, it is necessary after the wall dismantled or they created openings. For this aperture treated flame retardant, they do markup insulate by foam. New windows are mounted in the window opening with the help of glazing beads.

How to make repairs in the building, without fulfilling the floor screed? Of course, in any way. floor plate smooth on one side only of that which is the ceiling in the bottom neighbors. For this purpose, a water level is measured height of the floor, after which operate peskobeton screed of mortar. Today, the price of the floor screed varies from 300 to 450 rubles. per m².

Routing water pipes - work that can also be done on their own in an apartment as a whole and renovating the bathroom with their hands in particular. For this purpose not selected metal and metal-fittings, and pipe taken from polypropylene. They are more convenient to the thread using the bead, they are easier to cut, podgibayutsya.

Choosing between a cheaper and more reliable wiring collector wiring, prefer the latter. After the water is very easy to overlap in the case of failure of any plumbing fixtures. However, with tee layout, this problem is solved by mounting stopcocks about plumbing.

Note! When will you do to Stroebe walls using grinders, their diameter must be several times the size of the pipe. Indeed, under the influence of hot water plastic pipe it is not only expanding, but also can be bent.



When installing electrical wiring should be guided by the following considerations:

  • All counters, outlets and switches should be available.
  • Switches are located in the area of ​​the door, at a height of not less than 1.5 m.
  • Sockets are installed in places where you plan to install electrical equipment.
  • The height of the outlet above the floor is 0.5 to 0.8 m.
  • Number of outlets in an apartment - 1 6 m².
  • Wires when installing wiring installed only vertically or horizontally, but not diagonally.
  • The locations of each of the wires must be recorded on a pre-prepared plan of wiring.
  • All connections and branches cables are placed in the insulative housing.

After completing all the main stages of repair of an apartment in a new building, you can start plastering, putty and finishing finishing facilities.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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