Repair of a one-room apartment: options and examples of finishes, create project

Repair one-bedroom apartment (48 photos). Designing and planning. Equipping bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, hallway and living quarters


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  • 1 Designing and planning
  • 2 Repair of bathroom
  • 3 Kitchen, dining room, she also
    • 3.1 furniture layout principles
    • 3.2 The choice of finishing materials
  • 4 housing
  • 5 Entrance hall or corridor
  • 6 Summing up
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The main disadvantage of one-bedroom apartments - this is a small area and the lack of sound insulation. In the room are placed immediately and rest area, and a work area.

Therefore, good repair one-bedroom apartment, first of all, should maximize its volume and minimize inconvenience.

Designing and planning

Repair studioYou can choose from two options for housing renovation - cosmetic and overhaul. The first is a tinker, a low-budget, and does not change the appearance of the apartment. Any problems with it, you do not decide.

It is more logical to decide on a major overhaul. It is relatively expensive, but you will for many years to get rid of the problems of exploitation apartments and improve its functionality. In addition, it will be a modern, comfortable and cozy.

Repair property, depending on its state, includes the replacement of electrical wiring, heating and water Communications, doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, installation of built-in furniture and trim all the surfaces selected date materials.

Repair options studio

The main thing - the right design

interior accent repaired one-room apartment It should be on the spatial design, which unites the living space into one. Visual and design solutions can vary greatly. Often, they require redevelopment apartment, or conceived to improve its functionality is not achieved.

But redevelopment can damage the building, so its implementation requires approval by the relevant authorities.

Under this option, repair studio may include the following:

  • demolition of partitions room / kitchen;
  • deleting partitions bathroom / toilet;
  • increasing the volume of a room due to a hallway or corridor;
  • combination of kitchen and rooms, due to this - an increase in bathrooms;
  • arrangement loggia as an additional living space.

If the repaired room and kitchen are combined into a single space, be sure to reschedule housing when placed additional hood. Harmony interior apartment achieved the right choice of cladding materials with the maximum use of bright colors, which visually enlarges the space.

When planning issues are resolved, repair and project studio estimates compiled, materials, tools and equipment purchased, you can begin to repair.

Note! The order of execution: bathroom, kitchen, loggia, living room, and in the end - a corridor / hallway.

Repair of bathroom

When repairing the bathrooms with their own hands cleared the wall all the way to the base and shpaklyuyut. Waterproofing is performed, changing the water supply pipe and sewer pipes.

The purpose of all transactions in the bathroom - to ensure long and trouble-free operation of utilities, so it is better to collect from plastic and alyumoplastikovyh pipes.

Walls and floors are best run with tiles, it will save you a lot of trouble later. Color gamut bathrooms recommended to choose between two light colors contrasting colors, the lower should be darker.

Kitchen, dining room, she also

Examples of repair studio

Joint kitchen with dining area

Updating the kitchen - is, first of all, the replacement of utilities. Pipes installed metal and wiring changes are added and conveniently located outlet. Installed new sanitary appliances - sink, faucet, mounted hood.

After redevelopment repair studio continued restoration of the ceiling, walls, floor. All cleaned, puttied, aligned, facing surfaces is performed in the same sequence.

The kitchen always has enhanced functional load. And in the one-room home she often plays a role and the living room. Therefore, comfort and convenience in it depends on the thoughtful arrangement of the furniture and all equipment.

furniture layout principles

Decide on the location of the refrigerator. Right behind him can be arranged in a table with tableware line, stove, sink and a pencil case. The equipment also will complement the wall cabinets or shelves and hood. Sink, stove and table must have the same height, it is best to combine them top.

Personality type decorated kitchen depends on the arrangement of furniture in the most important of its area - the dining room. If you have the opportunity to put there area, you get extra storage of various items.

The choice of finishing materials

Color trim on the walls of the kitchen furniture and its significant impact on the perception of space. We recommend the use of light, but not very bright and a bit contrasting with the colors of the equipment.

Exclusivity kitchen decor and give a variety of art works - plates with paintings, small paintings, products of national crafts. And that price will not bite you hurt for the family budget, fabricate decor with your own hands.

Tip! Kitchen lighting - an essential element. Uniform and good space-filling light can provide built in in suspended ceilings lamps.


repair project studio

The effect of light walls in a studio apartment

The living area is the main part of the studio, so it should be given the most attention. After all, this is a bedroom and a study, and a hall.

  • Room requires the classical spectrum of repair work: all surfaces are cleaned to the ground, defects are sealed to them aligned with plaster, screed and lining made selected materials.
  • Further improvement of housing - is filling it with furniture. The best option - use multifunction furniture and equipment. You can make a built-in wardrobe, folding table, convertible furniture.
  • Cabinet-wall should be provided with separate sections, which will be able to hide a table, bed, bookshelf. During the day the bed is removed, a living room converted into a living room. At this time, the surface of the folding closet converted into a dining and simultaneously desk.
  • Save significant area of ​​sliding and folding doors. Accordion doors and "clamshell" fairly easy to install and durable.

Entrance hall or corridor

In parallel with the work in the living room, you can make and repair of the corridor / hallway. Although they are small, but are of great importance, being the face of the apartment.

If the room is just too small to 4 m², mirror, coat rack, wardrobe should have a minimum size. Highly desirable along one wall mount mezzanine.

If the volume of the hall allows, you can fill it more impressive furniture. Be superfluous wardrobe and a bedside table for outdoor footwear. It is important to come as the best possible was illuminated. In addition, choosing the finishing materials, pay attention to the possibility to wash them using special tools.

Summing up

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