How to make a frame for plasterboard: video-installation instructions with their hands, especially for the construction of the walls, with a semi-circle, Price, Photo

How to make a frame for gypsum board - highlights the choice of material and workmanship


Table of contents

  • 1 Metal or wood
  • 2 Instruments
  • 3 types of metal sheets
  • 4 Putting crate
    • 4.1 marking
    • 4.2 Mounting
  • 5 decorative elements
    • 5.1 The angle of the frame
    • 5.2 rounding crates
  • 6 Summing up

When the drywall can be used to create unique designs, align the wall mount or ceiling. Most of the above types of work require special arrangement of crates. But how to make a frame for gypsum board? This we will now discuss.

Frame - an important component of plasterboard construction, from which the overall strength and durability depends GCR fasteners.

Design under the FCL

Design under the FCL

Metal or wood

Before placing the frame under the plasterboard, determine the materials. Today use metal and wood.

Modern steel profiles are much more popular than wooden structures, and it's not in price. Metal profiles easy to use, stronger and more durable.

metal lathing

metal lathing

If you decide to use wood, prefer conifers.

The wooden base for the FCL

The wooden base for the FCL

wooden base

wooden base

Wooden crates made use exclusively dry and warm areas in which no sharp temperature drop. Do not forget about the special treatment of wood that will protect the timber from rotting, mold and fungi. Unfortunately, wood is not as durable as metal profile, but in spite of this is a clean and high-quality pictures.


Set of tools

Set of tools

Before placing the frame for gypsum board, prepare a necessary set of tools:

So, you will need:

  • Shears for metal (hacksaw). Due to the fact that you have to cut or cut profile, simply can not do without the cutting tool.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Building level and pencil.
  • Perforator (required for mounting to a concrete base).

For wooden crates requires:

  • or jig saw;
  • nails;
  • hammer;
  • building level;
  • puncher.

types of metal sheets

The answer to the question of how to make the frame for plasterboard of metal profile would not be complete without considering the types of profiles for lathing.

  • PP (CD) - basic type used profiles with section 60 (width) by 25 (height) mm. Widely used in the creation of false ceilings. strip length is 2-6 m. PP-arch profile is produced in the embodiment with the radius of rounding of 50 to 500 mm, which makes it ideal for nonlinear designs. (Cm. also the paper design of the ceiling in the living room: types).
    guide rail

    guide rail

  • Mo (UD) - often used as a guide for the PP-profile therefore has minimal cross-section - 28h27 mm, but advantageously can be used independently with the wall covering.
rack mountable

rack mountable

  • PS (CW) - is designed for vertical constructions of partitions. In PS-profile, there is one remarkable feature - the entire length of the hole are performed, which greatly facilitate the laying of utilities. PS profiles are available with different cross-sectional dimensions: 50x50, 75h50 and 100x50 mm.
  • Mo (UW) - a guide profile for the MS has several options sections: 50x40, 75h40 and 100h40 mm.

Before making a frame for plasterboard wall, please be fasteners:

  • plugs;
  • brackets;
  • suspensions;
  • self-tapping screws and screws;
  • anchors.

Putting crate

Before making a frame for plasterboard walls, slide layout.


Instructions for marking their own hands:

  1. Stepping 5-6 cm from the wall (usually indentation value is taken from the thickness of insulation, which is laid in the crate) draw a line parallel to the surface. This line will mark the thickness of the entire wall, including the thickness of the GCR, so be careful.
Marks on the floor and wall

Marks on the floor and wall

  1. By incised lines fall back a distance equal to the thickness of the GFC - this is the edge of your base.
  2. With the help of a plumb drag marks on the ceiling.
Marks on the ceiling

Marks on the ceiling

Wooden crate from the beam is going on the same principle as the basis for the FCL of metal sheets.

Remember that the wrong road marking can lead to fatal consequences. At best, you have to disassemble the structure and alter the frame.


After striping begins assembly of battens.

  1. Fasten the guide profile. To do this, you must take a guide rail and attach them along the line first to the floor, then to the ceiling. This is done with dowels in increments of no more than 60 cm.
Anchoring guide on the floor

Anchoring guide on the floor

 We check the vertical level

We check the vertical level

  1. suspensions. After installation of the guide, attach the entire working surface of the suspensions, which subsequently need for mounting rack rails.
Special suspensions

Special suspensions

  1. Mounting racks. To do this, you need the rack rails that are mounted perpendicular to the guide profile. For greater stability of anchoring their pre-prepared suspensions.
Rack mount rails

Rack mount rails

If you want to strengthen the wall, you can put rack rails perpendicular to the uprights, 2-3 bands will be enough.

Note the extra rack profiles, reinforcing wall

Note the extra rack profiles, reinforcing wall

The price of 1 m² GCR design (taking into account the cost of all materials) is about 500-600 rubles. (Cm. also the article Profile for drywall: features).

decorative elements

In addition to walls and ceilings, foundations are installed under the rounded elements and angles. Therefore, it's time to answer the questions of how to make the frame corner for plasterboard and how to make the frame for plasterboard with a semi-circle.

The angle of the frame

So, how do the right angle frame for gypsum board. Due to the fact that the corners have great mechanical stress, use more than one rack profile, but two. This allows to considerably strengthen the structure.

rounding crates

There can be seen how easily bent profile by means of cuts

There can be seen how easily bent profile with notches

In order to round profile, it is necessary to carefully cut through each rib 1-2 cm. Thus, you can bend the metal at the required angle. (Cm. also the article Decorating the living room with plasterboard: features)

Summing up

Now that you know how to make a frame for plasterboard from a bar. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find the necessary information on the question.