The design of the wall: his art version of the paint in the apartment, finishing in the bathroom

The design of the wall (48 photos). paints painted. Pictures and mirrors in frames. Applications from the remnants of wallpaper and stickers. Pictures of fabric and embroidery


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    • 2.2 We have a right
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Walls - the opportunity to realize their design ideas and create a unique interior. Paints, modeling, applique and embroidery - only a small list of things that can be used in the finishing of the walls. Let's get started.

wall design

colors painting

The design of the walls in the apartment

colors painting

One of the most beautiful ways to decorate the room is considered to be painted with paint or design.

Such decoration is deeply rooted. So it practiced in the time of temples and palaces, when the true masters of the dome and the walls covered with unique frescoes.

After so many years of painting technique has not changed. Once the surface is prepared for painting, can proceed to the most pleasant - application images.

If you do not draw yourself out, try using a stencil. Zagotovte it in advance or purchased at home improvement stores. The stencil should be attached to the wall, cut around it with a pencil or just paint.

Be careful! should think carefully before actually painting, how it will be drawing. It is important to present it in great detail.

It is important to figure into the interior and color scheme of the room. So, making repairs in the nursery, you can use a solid painted with large and bright pictures, and in the living room a large element will look better, only at one side.

Pictures and mirrors within

Art from time immemorial

Making pictures and mirrors or art design has been popular since ancient times.

A particular charm has room decorated in this way. To create a harmonious and cozy atmosphere, you can experiment with the size and scope.

We have a right

  1. Never hang a photo of the same size in a row. It looks rather unattractive and dull. Make sure that this step was not only creative, but also fun. Create a composition from a small photo, but there is a large middle.
  2. Often the entire surface decorated with pictures of the same size, replacing them wallpaper. When you select a photo, carefully consider how they will fit into the atmosphere have drawn decorative wall finishing.
  3. The bedroom is usually placed a photo of romantic content in the living room - shared pictures, family, and in the children's best will look bright and cheerful pictures.
Design wall paint

Example photos decor

  1. Mirrors - an integral part of the interior. To decorate the mirror, will select an interesting frame is sufficient. It can be made from the old wooden pegs coated with acrylic paints or large moldings.
  2. A large mirror will perfectly complement the design of the walls in the apartment: bedroom, living room or hallway, giving the room a sense of completeness and charm.
  3. After repairing a child's room for a girl or a boy it is recommended to install a small mirror that would not bore the risk for the child. Most often the choice is made in favor of the closet, where one door is a mirror surface.

Applications from the remnants of wallpaper and stickers

The easiest and most original way is considered to be the execution of a pattern of stickers and wallpaper remnants. From them you can combine virtually any pattern and thus create your own wall design wallpaper. In order to match the pattern of your idea, the pre-draw sketch.

In the children usually use the most vivid remains of wallpaper.

Art design of the walls

Example decor remnant wallpaper

For the rest of the premises are often used pastels and restrained tone.

In addition to combining applications from the remnants of wallpaper, of which you can also cut some drawings and inscriptions. Very original look by a number of boxes of chocolates, pre-pasted wallpaper different pieces.

If you do not have the remnants of wallpaper or you do not want to invent anything, get a special vinyl stickers that will also make your room unique.

Pictures of fabric and embroidery

If you want to experiment with fabrics and combinations thereof, try to create a composition of several pictures with different fabrics, but one common color in them.

Very nice picture will look out of handkerchiefs. Such decoration is typical for children's rooms.

The design of the walls in the bathroom

EXAMPLE tissues decor

If you love to embroider and needlewoman, put their creations in the hoop on the wall. Embroidery revive and give vivacity to your interior.

Summing up

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