Garden furniture with his own hands: how-to instructions, drawings, holiday sets, video and photos

Garden furniture with their hands out of scrap materials


Table of contents

  • 1 Furniture made of logs
    • 1.1 Bench
    • 1.2 Table
  • 2 Furniture made of tires
  • 3 Table made of logs
  • 4 Bench of the board
  • 5 Output

How to make your own garden furniture? This question is raised by many gardeners who want to equip your site with minimal investment. I decided to share their experiences and tell how to make garden furniture with his own hands from a variety of materials at hand.

Garden furniture, you can make out of materials that are always at hand

Garden furniture, you can make out of materials that are always at hand

Manufacture of garden furniture options, there are many. Therefore, further consider the most interesting and at the same time quite simple options:

furniture Collections

furniture Collections

Furniture made of logs

Consider how to make garden furniture made of wood with their hands without a single nail. For this we need only the logs of various diameters and a chainsaw.

Since the furniture is obtained fairly crude, for its production does not even need to be drawings. All parts are cut on the spot "by eye". At the same time, such performance gives a special attraction furniture.

Bench, made without a single nail, help decorate the suburban area

Bench, made without a single nail, help decorate the suburban area


The manufacturing process of garden benches from a log can be divided into several stages:

Steps of manufacturing benches

Steps of manufacturing benches

The process of manufacturing shops as follows:

illustrations Description of action
table_pic_att14931570374 Making preform. For this operation will need a big log.

Its length corresponds to the length of the bench. The diameter should be such that on the bench was comfortably seated.

Harvesting is carried out as follows:

  • You need to partition the beam so that one part was larger than the other. A smaller portion will be back, and large - seat;
  • By marking it is necessary to saw the log.
table_pic_att14931570395 Scrollsaw legs. For a log base need of the same diameter, as for shop. The length of the value is not the main thing that it was not less than the diameter.

Work is carried out as follows:

  • Saw along the block of wood into two equal parts. These pieces will serve as the legs and benches;
  • In every detail you need to perform your own hands to drink.
table_pic_att14931570396 Performing back racks:
  • Turn the seat;
  • Saw it from the triangular block, as shown in the photo;
  • Remove the crust from the bar;
  • Saw a triangular bar in half. Get the details will be back uprights.
table_pic_att14931570407 Assembling the structure:
  • Place the seat on the cuts in the legs;
  • On one side of the seat drank two groove type "dovetail";
  • In slots, insert the back supports;
  • Then, mark the location for the grooves in the backrest uprights. The space in between the slots must be equal to the space in between the uprights;
  • Cut the slots in the back as well as in the seat;
  • Adjust the backrest by inserting the rack into the slots.
Simple bench from logs can make even without a back

Simple bench from logs can make even without a back

In this production of garden benches process is almost complete. It remains only to polish surface of the seat, backrest and racks. In addition, the design can be lacquering process or impregnated wood.

A table in the form of round wood perfectly complement the bench

A table in the form of round wood perfectly complement the bench


Now look at how to make a table. This work consists of three stages:

manufacturing stages table

manufacturing stages table

Operation is as follows:

illustrations Description of action
table_pic_att149315704511 materials:
  • Beam large diameter for manufacturing countertops;
  • Beam for the manufacture of small diameter the legs
table_pic_att149315704512 Sawing countertops:
  • Cut large logs, which will serve as a worktop;
  • On the underside of the countertop drank three slot for table legs. The grooves should be such that the legs came close to the table top and arranged in desynchronization, i.e. at a slight angle with respect to the table top.
table_pic_att149315704713 Manufacturing legs. Cut logs of smaller diameter logs three equal length.
table_pic_att149315704814 table assembly. The assembly is very simple - hammer legs in tabletop and the table is ready.

That's the whole process of producing garden furniture from logs.

Make seats and table can be of tires

Make seats and table can be of tires

Furniture made of tires

even old tires can be used for the manufacture of garden furniture. And it is very easy and fast:

illustrations Description of action
table_pic_att149315705116 materials:
  • Car tires;
  • Sheets of plywood or OSB.
table_pic_att149315705417 Execution of seats:
  • Put two tires on one another;
  • Press the tire tightly to each other, and connect them with screws;
  • Cut out a circle of plywood or OSB. The diameter should be such that the circle would lie down on the rim of the ramp;
  • Secure the circle on the rim with screws.
table_pic_att149315705418 Execution of the table: and the table is on the same principle. The only thing you should use three instead of two tires for it.

Tabletop can be made as a circular or rectangular.

Table of logs is perfect for the area, decorated in Russian style

Table of logs is perfect for the area, decorated in Russian style

Table made of logs

It looks beautiful and unusual garden furniture made with their hands in the form of logs log. It is especially well with timbered houses and lumber.

As an example, look at how to make a table of similar design:

illustrations Description of action
table_pic_att149315705620 Assembling the sidewalls:
  • Dial the sidewall table of logs of different lengths. Only in each row of the left and right side wall logs must be of equal length to obtain a symmetrical sidewall;
  • To bond logs you can use a Mezhuyev nageli or even ordinary nails;
  • Between the first and second series billets to be stacked crossmember. For this to be done in POLENOV drank as when building a log house.
table_pic_att149315705721 Installation of countertops:
  • Place the plank on the sidewall of the table and fix them with screws. To make the design more colorful appearance, it is desirable to use for these purposes edging board.
  • When the table is ready, the table top can be sanded and lacquering.

According to this principle can be done not only to the table, but also other furniture for the garden with his own hands, for example, benches or even chairs.

Do yourself a bench is much easier than you think

Do yourself a bench is much easier than you think

Bench of the board

In the country, as a rule, there are always cutting boards left after those or other construction work. So finally I will tell you how to make a nice bench made of boards.

Work is carried out in the following sequence:

illustrations Description of action
table_pic_att149315706023 Production of the rear legs. need two boards length 87 cm for the manufacture of the rear legs. This length will perform a back leg and back ground in the form of one single piece.

Work is carried out as follows:

  • Apply markings on the board, marking the contours of the part. Keep in mind that the rest should be placed at a slight angle to the angle of the seat and backrest Mezhuyev exceed 90 degrees;
  • Saw jigsaw piece on a marking;
  • Finished part to attach the second board and draw a pencil;
  • Cut a second piece jigsaw.
table_pic_att149315706024 Manufacturing of the front legs. need two boards 43 cm in length for the manufacture of the front legs.

They are carried out as follows:

  • Attach the board to the finished piece back;
  • Circle section legs (backless) pencil;
  • Saw jigsaw piece;
  • Attach it to the second board, and just made a return item.
Connect the front and rear legs. Front and rear racks are connected to each other with a bar that serves as the basis for the seat.

The process for mounting a strip looks like this:

  • The front and rear racks to choose slots for straps. To do this, the usual cuts with a hacksaw, and then remove the excess wood with a chisel, as shown in the photo;
  • The resulting groove need to clean sandpaper. Correct geometry possible by means of a file;
  • In the prepared grooves to insert the bar and lock it with screws.

For fixing all the details of construction, use galvanized screws. Otherwise, they can rust and cranky design.

Similarly, it is going to the second sidewall.

table_pic_att149315706225 Assembling the structure:
  • Connect the front cross strut with screws. Length depends on the cross-beam width of the bench;
  • Attach to the frame 4 of the board - the first seat 2 is performed the function, and the second two are back.
table_pic_att149315706326 finish:
  • Thoroughly grind the surface of the structure;
  • At the end of the work shop coat varnish or paint.

That's all the information on how the manufactured home-made furniture of wood and other materials at hand, which I wanted to share with you.


We have reviewed the most interesting options for the manufacture of garden furniture out of scrap materials, and now you can do that job yourself. The only view the video in this article. And if you have any questions - write comments and I will gladly answer.