Design a garden house and a small winter garden in the house

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Table of contents

  • 1 The overall design of the house
  • 2 The design of the interior
  • 3 What should be a small garden
  • 4 Winter Garden - summer all year round
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In summer, many of us leave for summer residences, to rest and work in their own garden, a kitchen garden. Very often together with the main building erected on land with a small additional building.

On what should be the design of a garden house, and we'll talk.

garden shed Design

The overall design of the house

They are necessary for a summer vacation, and the house can be built, if desired, so that live in it will be all year round. At the same time, due to the small size, for the construction costs will be relatively small.

The walls are erected, as a rule, made of logs, round timber, popular frame-panel options.

To garden design and construction was attractive, the materials selected should go well with each other. It is worth remembering that when the exterior is not necessary to use more than two of its species. Most often, a garden house is lined with clapboard siding and artificial stone.

Note! It is important to paint the house - if you choose the wrong color, the aesthetics of his broken. Experts recommend building itself to paint the same color, the second is used for window / door frames and verandas / terraces fencing.

Before the construction of buildings, note the number of members of his family, from this amount of rooms in the house will depend.

In any case, it should be a kitchen, living room, storage room, rooms for rest and sleep. Since the summer, people spend much time in the air, the structure must necessarily have a terrace or veranda.

For windows you can make curtains edged wood kruglyashey small section. Through holes in them pull the fishing line. Nanizhite her body from old pens, alternating with chestnuts and acorns. Nail the fishing line on the bar in the form of eaves.

Equally important is the appearance of the doors in the garden house. They are best combined to make - with glass inserts. So the house will be illuminated better.

The design of the interior

Design of the winter garden in the house

Garden house, leather lining.

In the internal environment close attention to the hallway, closet, hallway. It is in the garden house premises data play a special role, as should be maximally adapted to work on the ground.

In the hallway make a hanger for clothing. Manufacture from individual strips and attach to the wall at intervals of 5/10 cm from each groomsman.

Hooks can make from plastic, wood, or by giving them the appearance of round buttons. Coat hanger can be furniture varnish or paint color paint.

Boxes for shoes can make both open and with reclining doors. All of them make the connection on the screws or glue shkantah and furniture.

For fixing the tip-up doors take piano type hinges, a 45 cm long.

Next set under work clothes rack-cabinet.

The most rational solution would be to use as a storage system sliding partition that can be placed both in the house and in the business area of ​​the garden / backyard.

These compact but spacious closets successfully replace your bulky barn. They can be stored no rakes, shovels and lawnmowers, but also to build boxes for fertilizers, utensils for seedlings and flowers, work clothes and so on.

Equipping the cabinet retractable or folding table, you can use it to work with seeds, seedlings, bulbs. Equipping special compartments - to store tools and pesticides.

If the tree from which the cabinet is made quality and beautiful, it can be covered with varnish, lower grade - soak anthracene oil.

It will give an aesthetic material grayish-brown tone, as well as protect it from harmful influences.

Taking care of the construction design, and do not forget about the plot. This is especially important if it is very small. For example, the approach requires careful design garden plot 6 ar.

What should be a small garden

small garden design

Garden in a small area.

Small garden has some advantages in comparison with the great analogy: it is a clearly defined shape and boundaries.

Note! When designing a small space of the landscape is very important to choose its geometric shape and define the objectives for which it was created.

For example, the seating area or patio should be looked as an integral part of the architectural ensemble of the site and continue the theme Exterior house.

In this case, a small garden design needs to be strict, and its shape is geometrically correct.

Arbitrary curves and lines give the landscape and natural sense of movement. To do this, you can put in your garden writhing paved or gravel path or break the flower beds with arbitrary shapes.

If you plan to spend your spare time in the garden, it is in addition to the tracks and the plants must be equipped with a seating area - a gazebo, benches, benches, etc.

For a small space a good solution would be the construction of retaining terraces, walls or raised patio. Can break the raised split-level beds, they will add originality of the landscape and give it depth.

To do this, a little bit to understand the basics of garden - park design.

When choosing plants, consider what will be the size of an adult bush, tree, whether it will suit the degree of illumination area, soil and so forth. The small garden is better to plant only one tree is not prominent. From it will be enough shade, the cut of this, it will be the focus of the composition.

When selecting colors, pay attention not only to shades of inflorescences: use in the design and colors of leaves, bark and fruit of the plant.

Color can visually change the dimensions of your garden. Cool colors: purple, blue, light blue, visually remove objects and make the space larger.

Warm colors create an atmosphere of comfort and privacy. It's worth noting that with a huge variety of colors, in any garden design should dominate the color green.

Tip! It is better not to plant the plants, which over time will grow strongly and break the balance and proportion in the small garden. It is also important in a small space regularly formative pruning garden plants.

If you do not want to leave in the summer of the year, then this will help you in the winter garden.

Winter Garden - summer all year round

a winter garden in a classic style

Winter garden in a classic style

By placing the plants in the indoor winter garden, keep in mind the three main aspects, which it must comply. This - the optimum temperature in summer and winter mode, a high light level sufficient humidity.

The ceiling and walls of the garden is desirable to make transparent materials. The room should have a good ventilation system.

Consider highlighting fitolamp plants that will be suitable for their range of lighting. Windows premises must have excellent insulating properties, and the heating system - the ability to regulate temperature.

It is also recommended to enter into the design of the winter garden in the house of an artificial reservoir or mounted humidifiers.

Draw up a garden is possible by means of three types of plants landing. This is - to put them in pots and pots, planted in large stationary florist or fill the room unmade soil and planted in her plants.

In the latter case, careful waterproofing across the landing area.

Garden decoration in any particular style involves choosing pots and plants that correspond to the selected topic.

Modern garden is usually executed in the style of fusion or high-tech. Often the premises has a sloping roof and the top walls of the triangular and rectangular segments of transparent plastic or glass there.

Accessories recommended for use with a large number of metallic parts.

decor details can act as cylindrical pots, modern sculpture, waterfall, flowing through a rectangular glass illumination on light-emitting diodes plants, water and sculptures.

Winter garden in the style of minimalism - it's a lot of space and a few accessories. This may be ceramic high jars having strict forms and colors, aged stone sculptures, bamboo stems and bonsai trees.

Classic style requires the use of a regular, ie symmetrical layout. Make a garden can be the avenue of pots. They are placed on either side of the main passage with the volume and high plants.

Good will look Baroque Fountain and Empire. The decor can be supplemented with plaster sculptures, wrought iron, wood or stone furniture with noble proportions.

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