Design a garden plot in pictures: styles, ideas, videos, take conifers, clematis

Design a garden plot in pictures (51 pictures). Topics to create a particular decor. Color spectrum. Classic, romantic style, country


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  • 1 Basic principles
    • 1.1 Topics for garden decor
    • 1.2 The colors
  • 2 styles
    • 2.1 Classical
    • 2.2 Romantic
    • 2.3 Country
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Design a garden plot in pictures and photos of interest to many today. Why? Because the garden plots have long ceased to be a place of cultivation of fragrant fruits and vegetables, today this area for rest.

Landscaping has always been considered a specific form of art, mastered that, you can create comfortable, welcoming and expressive of land, in which all components of the natural harmony intertwined. Making repair a detached house with his own hands, we begin to design.

Design a garden plot in pictures

Landscape design suburban area has its roots deep in the past. This is evidenced by a legend and witness various historians of the hanging gardens of Babylon.

Mainly when planning the design integrity of the site is to be an image. It can reach by sequentially placing groups of elements in the area, a decor, as well as plants, depending on their color, size and growth.

Basic principles

Topics for garden decor

Allot of sense and purpose of a given territory. Perhaps the use of very different subjects. This may be to create a separate zone in the shape of a butterfly or a flower garden design with their own hands.

To do this, in this area should be planted plants that attract butterflies most. There is also not interfere with statues and other decorative elements associated with this topic. The color scheme should be responsible to the color of these insects.

Popular is the division of the territory into small garden plots with them on various subjects. It may be a small area with a Japanese pond and pagoda.

The colors

For example, red, yellow and orange create a very cozy atmosphere in your garden. If you wish to use cooler colors such as blue or shades of gray, then your site will look more remote.

When using a neutral range - it is white, black, can distinguish bright flower beds in the foreground.

Using the technique of allocating a separate spot, you can draw attention to a certain area of ​​the site.

Note! In order to avoid too sharp contrasts, use natural transitions. They may be achieved by the rising location of the various elements, which will differ only in size or texture. Thus, you will create a visual illusion in small areas.

If you make the transition from high to low plants, there is an effect of visual depth. This technique will make the site more compared with what he actually is. The reverse effect is achieved by planting plants from low to high.

If you want to make the site unique and express their individuality, it is necessary to consider the styles of garden design and focus on one of them.



Garden design in pictures

classic design

Perfect for those who love geometric and clarity. This style involves symmetry with the arrangement of individual elements, as well as a placement of plants in which they are most like a plant in the wild.

Often this style is dominated by one type of plant or plant. For example, grass, gardens, rose gardens. Such methods of landscape design garden site are quite common.

If you like this style, and you want a garden design - in pictures you can see its subtleties and ideas.


garden design in pictures

romantic style

Draw up such a site can only be based on your own intuition. Typical plants of this style is called peonies, climbing roses, delphinium.Clematis are also widely used.

  1. There are several required attributes for such clearance. It is, first of all, carefully entwined with flowers pergolas and arches, as well as the predominance of pastel colors.
  2. Excellent will look pebble garden paths.
  3. Rest areas would be better to issue an antique tile and natural stone.


styles of garden design

country style

It is best to this style will look at the areas, the area with no more than 12 acres. The main features of a country can be considered undemanding to care for the plants, the presence of lush flower beds and a small garden.

Most often in such a garden plant several apple trees, cherry trees, shrubs, for example, black or red currants, raspberries and gooseberries.

It fits perfectly into the curb, made of ceramic tiles, as well as a scarecrow in a garden in the middle of a long shirt. Such a garden design in the pictures can be seen in almost all specialized magazines.

gardens Germany

pine in the garden design

A typical formulation of Germany

The first distinctive feature of these sites is that their territory has never grown vegetables. This is done in order to save land area, as well as because of the love for the beautiful front garden.

  1. Among the woody plants is to give preference to conifers, lilacs and rhododendrons.
  2. Near the house are planted vines or climbing ivy.
  3. Additional decorative elements predominate ceramic and plastic figures rabbits, dwarfs and trolley.
  4. It would be appropriate to place the cart with flowers or without them, and a miniature mill.
  5. Widely used various pots and wicker baskets.

There are many other styles and sub-styles of all kinds in the industry. However, conifer garden design is only used in several different ways. These could be considered German, Russian and Japanese styles.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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