Fubag TI 2600 maximum power and other characteristics of gasoline generator, video and photos

Overview gasoline generator Fubag TI 2600 - everything you need to know about this equipment


Table of contents

  • 1 The main features of the model
    • 1.1 Characteristics
    • 1.2 advantages of the equipment
  • 2 Recommendations on preparation for work
  • 3 Output
Reliable electricity generator will provide you at any time

Reliable electricity generator will provide you at any time

An inexpensive and reliable source of AC and DC? Gasoline generator fubag ti 2600 is suitable for solving various problems. I know this brand and is ready to tell all the features of this model equipment. And as a bonus will give a detailed step by step instructions to prepare to run the generator.

The generator is ideal for home and for industrial needs

The generator is ideal for home and for industrial needs

The main features of the model

First, I will talk about the main characteristics and then we will discuss the benefits.


Here are the main technical parameters of the generator Fubag TI 2600

  • Maximum power - no more than 2.6 kW;
  • Nominal and recommended power - 2.3 kW;
  • Voltage - 230;
  • Amperage - 10 A;
  • protection class - IP23;
  • Noise - 65dB;
  • Startup Type - recoil starter;
  • Engine Type - 4-stroke;
  • Fuel - 92 octane gasoline;
  • Tank capacity - 4.6 liters;
  • fuel consumption - 1.3 liters at a load of equipment in excess of 75%.
The generator is one of the smallest size in its class

The generator is one of the smallest size in its class

Structure manufactured in a compact size 564h317h453 mm. When compared to similar power plants, then this option will be the smallest, which is very important where space is not enough.

Equipment weight is 26 kg, which allows it to carry for short distances without any problems.

Price ranges from 35 to 44 thousand rubles, so it makes sense to look for the most advantageous offer, only this can save around 9000.

Includes instruction must exist in Russian, so you can understand all the nuances of the maintenance of the equipment in use. Violation of the operating conditions is fraught with the cancellation of the guarantee, so do not neglect this aspect.

Guide helps literally 10 minutes to understand all the nuances of using Fubag generator

Guide helps literally 10 minutes to understand all the nuances of using Fubag generator

advantages of the equipment

Let's start with the main advantages:

  • stable current. Digital Inverter DC converter provides stable voltage so that you can connect to generator any sensitive devices - from zaryadok mobile phones and other devices to the power supply computers. Power quality is virtually identical to the fixed network, so you can enjoy all the devices as usual;
Any portable device can be recharged by the generator under consideration, as it has no surge

Any portable device can be recharged by the generator under consideration, as it has no surge

  • Reliability. OHV engine with electronically controlled oil with an effective air cooling during proper maintenance works for many years. The noise level in the normal range, so if you use does not create much discomfort;

If you want to make even more quietly generator, you can remove the cover and pasted its soundproofing material everywhere except in the slots of the heat exchanger. This revision has reduced the noise level by half.

In addition to these aspects, there are a number of other advantages:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att14918378295 Mobility. The convenient handle allows you to quickly transfer an article, put it in the car. Weight of the equipment is not so high as to create a big problem when you carry, so you can quickly move, if necessary.
table_pic_att14918378296 Availability of Economy mode. With a small power consumption, you can set the switch to economy mode and then the petrol tank is not enough for 3 hours and 7-9 hours.

It is an excellent solution for those who need to connect several appliances that do not require a lot of energy.

table_pic_att14918378297 Convenient panel arrangement. On the side there are two sockets for conventional appliances, as well as three indicators that indicate voltage, overload and low oil.

Also on the panel have a socket for the equipment is 12 volts, the generator can produce and direct current, it can be used for charging batteries.

Housing well protects the unit from dust and moisture.

table_pic_att14918378318 The possibility of combining the two units. A distinctive feature of Fubag equipment - Generator TI 2600 can be combined with another in the same generator.

The system will produce twice as much energy and to unite it to you, you just need to insert the two plugs on the instrument panel.

The photo shows the combined option. Using a special adapter, which has two outlets. It is purchased separately and costs about 3,000 rubles.

table_pic_att14918378329 Can be used for different purposes. Generator Fubag equally well suited as a backup source of energy at home or in the country, and as the main power source in construction or other objects. The equipment has been proven by connecting welders.

Recommendations on preparation for work

Now we look at how their own hands and prepare to spend the first starting. The process is simple, but consists of a set of actions and can not miss a single detail:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att149183783310 The generator is placed on a flat surface. It is better to raise it on the table, to make you work and do not have to stand, stooping when servicing equipment.
table_pic_att149183783311 Unscrew the side cover. To work you need a Phillips screwdriver to remove the housing cover, you must unscrew only one screw.

Then carefully pull the cover and remove it, so as not to interfere with further work.

table_pic_att149183783412 The lid is opened and poured into the oil sump. High-quality compositions for four-stroke engines.

The exact amount of oil should be specified in the instructions. Filler neck is located at the bottom of the photo shows the exact location.

table_pic_att149183783413 Check the oil level. Better check it a couple of times in the process of pouring grease. It is very important to fill the capacity of the label, no more and no less. Overflow as undesirable as Nedolya, so do not rush and pour oil parts until you get the desired level.

Check the oil level before each start. It is desirable to change the lubricant every 30-40 hours generator.

table_pic_att149183783514 Remove the fuel tank cap and poured petrol. For performance, use only gasoline AI-92, does not need anything added to it.

Pouring fuel Be careful when working standing outdoors or in a well ventilated area.

table_pic_att149183783615 With the air filter casing is twisted fixing screw. He is one, so the work will not be difficult. The filter should be checked always, even if you make a run for the first time.
table_pic_att149183783716 The filter is removed and checked. If necessary, it must be cleaned from dust, then the item is put in place.

If the filter condition is not very good, it is better to purchase a new item, it is usually sold in the same place where the generators themselves.

table_pic_att149183783717 Valve opens the lid of the tank. This nuance is very important, because if you do not do this, you can not run the system. It's simple: Turn the box in the «ON» position before starting.
table_pic_att149183783818 Turn the main switch to "On".
table_pic_att149183783819 If the engine is cold, turn choke to «Start» position. If you crank the engine is hot, then you do not need to.
table_pic_att149183783920 Produced manual start. The process looks like this:
  • The rope is pulled with no effort to stretch;
  • Then you need a sharp and quick movement to pull it through. repeat run, if necessary;
  • You can not let go of the rope in an extended position, you may damage the starter.
table_pic_att149183783921 After warming up of the engine valve is closed. After about 5 minutes, you can put the choke in working position and use the generator for other purposes.


You know all about the generator Fubag TI 2600 and will be able to conduct training and commissioning on their own. Videos in this article will help to better understand the subject, and if you do not understand something - ask in the comments.