Repair of floors in the apartment: the restoration of the concrete screed, wooden floors, and other, videos and photos

Repair of floors - manual for beginners masters


Table of contents

  • 1 The types of residential flooring
  • 2 Repair wood floor
    • 2.1 Step 1: dismantling the boards and audit log
    • 2.2 Step 2: installation of flooring
    • 2.3 Step 3: Preparation for finishing
  • 3 Repair concrete floor
    • 3.1 Method 1: eliminating cracks and dents repair mortar
    • 3.2 Method 2: repair self leveling mixture
    • 3.3 Method 3: dry method repairs
  • 4 Output

How to Repair a rough floor of the apartment with his hands? I'll talk about the specifics of this work, and will also show two variants of the restoration types of coatings - wood and concrete. You will learn what materials it will require and how to perform the work themselves.

Repair the floor in the apartment under the force of every home handyman

Repair the floor in the apartment under the force of every home handyman

The types of residential flooring

Rough floor in the houses and apartments is most often found in two forms:

  • Wooden;
  • Concrete.

The process of repairing the floor, as easy to guess, depends on its type. Therefore, below I will talk about the restoration of each of them. I am sure that it will help beginners to independently carry out the repair of apartments from the beginning to the end.

Repair wood floor

Repair wood floor includes several stages:

stages of repair

stages of repair

Step 1: dismantling the boards and audit log

If the floor is in need of major repairs, ie it creaks, sags or simply rotted boards, follow these steps:

illustrations Description of the action performed
yvloaryolvproyl1 Preparation of materials. At this point you will need the following materials:
    • Impregnation of wood;
    • Nails or screws;
    • Insulation and waterproofing (if you want to insulate the floor);
  • Beams and boards (need to replace the old rotten parts.)
yvloaryolvproyl2 Dismantling of the plinth. If a wooden plinth, for these purposes you can use the crowbar.
yvloaryolvproyl3 Removing paint. Eslipol painted with oil paint, you need to get rid of it.

You can use the hairdryer construction or a special tool for removing paint (stripper).

yvloaryolvproyl4 Dismantling the boards:
  • Use a claw hammer or other tool to remove the old nails, and remove plaque;
  • In the process of dismantling the boards inspect for decay and other defects. Those who rotted in part - cut. Completely spoiled - emission.
  • Good board number, so that later it was easier to style.
yvloaryolvproyl5 The audit log:
  • Examine carefully logs for rot;
  • Instead spoiled lag lay new rails;
  • Deal with all the logs and planks for wood impregnation;
  • Make sure that the logs are exposed in the horizontal plane. To do this, apply the rule to the level;
  • If necessary, align the position of the lag. To do this for them can enclose bars, trim boards or plywood;
  • If the floor caved in, it is necessary to install additional lag to reduce the spacing between them.
yvloaryolvproyl6 Warming of the floor:
  • Lay on the joists waterproof film;
  • The space between joists heater fill (may be any insulating material);
  • Cover with another layer of waterproofing.

The base floor is ready, now we need to lay the flooring correctly.

Step 2: installation of flooring

Installation of boards with their hands is as follows:

illustrations Description of work
ydvlpoyvopylvopd1 Laying the first board:
  • Put the first plank across a log along the wall;
  • Align it so that between the wall and the board formed a gap of 1.5-2 cm. The gap should be uniform along the entire board.
ydvlpoyvopylvopd2 Fixing the first board.

Attach the board to the joists with screws. If the board decking, wall side screws should be screwed vplast.

On the reverse side screws are screwed into the lower ridge, which provides for concealed installation.

If the board is the usual boards, screws are screwed too vplast. In this case, the cap should definitely deepen millimeters to 5, otherwise they will interfere with the further finishing.

ydvlpoyvopylvopd3 Installation of the following boards:
  • Press down the second board right next to the first. For these purposes, you can use the mallet;
  • Fix the second board with screws;
  • According to this principle all the lay board.

If the board has to stykovyvat in length, make sure that the joints are located on the floor of the Extension.

It must be said that in cases where the "tree" on the floor in a normal state, ie, floor does not need a major overhaul, the first and the second step can be omitted.

Step 3: Preparation for finishing

So, how to repair and strengthen the floor, we figured out, now look at how to update the flooring surface. Work is carried out as follows:

illustrations Description
yvdaoyolvpryolvrplo1 preparation of materials. To perform this procedure, you will need to plaster on wood.
yvdaoyolvpryolvrplo2 Scratching. Sense sanding surface lies in alignment by removing the thin upper layer of the tree.

To do this, use a special hand tool or machine scraping.

yvdaoyolvpryolvrplo3 Grinding. Use the sander or a plane with a tight sandpaper.

In the process of grinding to get rid of all traces left after sanding. As a result, the floor is supposed to be flat and smooth.

yvdaoyolvpryolvrplo4 Caulking:
  • Existing gaps, cracks and depressions caps screws need to fill putty;
  • Frozen surface must be sanded.

If the floor will be opened varnish, should pick up the color of the wood putty.

Now the old wooden floor renovated. It remains only to paint it, or varnishing. If the floor will be laid topcoat, for example, linoleum or laminate, the surface to be treated protective impregnation.

Repair concrete floor

How to repair a concrete floor? To cope with this problem in several ways:

  • With repair mortar;
  • self-leveling compounds;
  • dry method.

Next, consider how to repair the floor in all these ways.

Method 1: eliminating cracks and dents repair mortar

If the floor has a minor flaws such as cracks, potholes and chips, all expedient to remove these defects by a special repair mortar. Work carried out in the following sequence:

illustrations Description of work
ylovaryovroylvpl1 Preparation of materials. For repair of the concrete surface, you will need:
  • Repair mix concrete;
  • Primer.
ylovaryovroylvpl2 surface preparation:
  • Sweep the floor;
  • Treat all parts with a wire brush, which you'll be repaired;
  • Thin cracks expand, using a chisel and hammer.
  • The resulting grooves also thoroughly clean the dust.
ylovaryovroylvpl3 Padding. Treat floor primer with a brush. After drying, the composition of the repeat.
ylovaryovroylvpl4 Preparation of the solution. Before you make the repairs of the concrete floor of the apartment with his hands, shut the water repair mix according to the instructions on the packaging.

If the depth of the cracks or potholes than 5 cm, fill them with the solution you need in two or three stages, to avoid the appearance of cavities.

ylovaryovroylvpl5 Elimination of irregularities:
  • All the cracks and potholes fill repair mortar and align it with a trowel;
  • Frozen solution on the floor need to be sanded.

If the concrete surface has irregularities such as ridges and nodules, it can be ground using grinder with a special nozzle for grinding concrete.

Method 2: repair self leveling mixture

If the tie in poor condition or, for instance, you want to perform a warm floor, you can use self-leveling mixture. Repair in this case is carried out as follows:

illustrations Description of work
yovalryolvproylvprl1 materials:
  • Self-leveling;
  • Repair mix concrete;
  • Primer.
yovalryolvproylvprl2 surface preparation:
  • Carefully sweep the floor and clean the dirt;
  • If the surface have deep cracks, chips or dents, they seal the scheme described above.
yovalryolvproylvprl3 Padding. Treat the entire surface primer in two stages.
yovalryolvproylvprl4 Installation of floor heating:
  • Place mats or special membrane for underfloor heating;
  • Place a zigzag heating elements warm the floor.
yovalryolvproylvprl5 Pouring self leveling mixture:
  • Cook according to the instructions on the packaging solution;
  • Pour the mixture onto the floor;
  • Align the surface using a needle roller. If necessary blow off some solution to the floor.

In this work has been completed. Just a few days after pouring the floor can be maintained. The only thing to keep in mind that high-quality self-leveling mixture is not cheap, so in some cases cheaper to pour a new tie, than to repair the old floor in this way.

Method 3: dry method repairs

If you want to repair a concrete floor in a flat with their hands quickly and without performing wet work, this method is just what you need. Its principle consists in leveling the surface with a sheet of plywood or OSB (oriented strand board).

Work is carried out as follows:

illustrations Description of work
yvloaryolvprolyrplo1 Materials. Before you make the floor in an apartment in this way, it is necessary to prepare:
  • Plywood or OSB (oriented strand board);
  • Parquet adhesive or mastic asphalt;
  • Primer.
yvloaryolvprolyrplo2 Surface preparation:
  • Sweep the floor and clean from dirt;
  • Prime with a concrete screed.
yvloaryolvprolyrplo3 Prepare sheets. Sheets of plywood and OSB are large enough. It was convenient to work with them, cut them into squares measuring approximately 50x50 cm.
yvloaryolvprolyrplo4 Pre-installation:
  • Pre-lay sheets in a checkerboard pattern, as shown in the photo. Where you want - crop. Keep in mind that between the sheets should be a gap of 5-10 mm, a gap between the sheets and make the walls;
  • Stacking sheet number, and make paper scheme their location.
yvloaryolvprolyrplo5 Bonding:
  • Apply glue to the first sheet with a notched trowel;
  • Press down to the floor sheet;
  • Align the sheet using the level.

According to this scheme paste over the entire floor with plywood.

yvloaryolvprolyrplo6 Planing. At the end of the work surface is level the floor scraping machine.

In this work has been completed. I must say that the data can only be used in those cases where the floor screed surface has no deviations from the horizontal.

If the concrete floor is uneven, it is possible to make an adjustable floor. Its principle lies in the fact that a sheet of plywood fastened adjustable rack-like adjustable furniture legs.

Adjustable stand allows to align the sheets of plywood to the horizontal

Adjustable stand allows to align the sheets of plywood to the horizontal

This allows to adjust the position of each sheet relative to the horizontal and with respect to each other. The rest of the work implement according to the principle described above.

Here, and all the information on how to make the floors in the apartment is sturdy and durable.


Now you can to repair the floor by any of the methods described above. If there are strange times, it is also recommended for viewing video in this article. Well, the question if there is, ask in the comments and I will gladly answer.