The ceilings are made of MDF in lumber and brick houses: how to mount panels, video-installation instructions and photos

Making the ceiling of MDF, so that even the big-eyed neighbor does not distinguish them from the timber!


Table of contents

  • 1 Evaluation from the point of view of the master
    • 1.1 pros
    • 1.2 Minuses
  • 2 mount technology
    • 2.1 Materials and tools
    • 2.2 preparation of overlap
    • 2.3 Headlining
    • 2.4 finishing work
  • 3 conclusion

The ceilings are made of MDF hardly a popular interior design solutions: make them relatively rare, and in most cases, when a panel of the material used and wall covering work. Still, this version finishes has its advantages, so that the planning of finishing the interior of this technology should be borne in mind.

Several times I had to sheathe The ceiling panels of MDF because I can responsibly say, nothing complicated in this work there. Properly prepare the ceiling to the finish, and accurately process it, we get a fairly efficient design, which, moreover, would be very attractive to look at. Well, and how to achieve such a result, I'll tell you!

This looks like a natural casing, but weighs much less

This looks like a natural casing, but weighs much less

Evaluation from the point of view of the master


Decorating the walls and ceiling of MDF panels are usually used as an alternative to natural wood paneling. It is wood-paneled and with a plastic lining and we will compare this stuff in the first place.

In my opinion, the main advantages of wall panels made of MDF as a material for false ceilings, the installation can be considered:

  1. Low weight. Easy ceiling paneling perfectly kept on a standard frame of timber or metal-profile, and does not have loads on the floor.
  2. Easy installation. If you are comfortable (it is formed in just a few hours of active use) ceiling is going on the principle of design, and for fixing parts to the crate does not require any complex adaptations.
Coating obtained smooth, beautiful and functional

Coating obtained smooth, beautiful and functional

  1. Functionality. The panels themselves are quite thin, because their installation structure allows to lay in a gap between the suspended part and capital ceiling. This gap we use for field wiring, ventilation ducts and other communications, for installation of ceiling fixtures, etc.
  2. Environmentally friendly. MDF is made of pressed cellulose fibers with adhesive impregnations, so that the content of the material of phenols and of other volatile substances typically does not exceed the minimum values. Consequently, these ceilings can be installed even in children's rooms.
Imitation upholstery painted board

Imitation upholstery painted board

  1. Reliability and durability. Although not the highest mechanical performance, with proper care such ceiling is able to last for ten years or more. Furthermore, MDF panels have good moisture resistance, because plating is much less susceptible to swelling and deformation than, for example, plasterboard.

Kitchen base moisture resistance will be enough, even though I would have chosen non-marking option, which will not be visible droplets of fat from the plate.
But the bathroom is better to take the MDF panels, waterproof laminate film, rather than the classic products with melamine paper coating: nevertheless regular moistening a protective layer may not live through.

  1. Attractive appearance. Proper selection of panels of color allows perfect fit ceiling paneling in the interior space: can both mimic natural wood and choose a more original version (under a rock or under marble). The advantage is a relatively easy recovery after damage coverage: Lose "marketability" panel can be easily removed from the mounting and replaced with a new, minimally different in shade.
Ability to set the built-in light - also a plus

Ability to set the built-in light - also a plus


Using MDF panels for the ceiling in a wooden house or in an apartment with concrete floors, you must remember about their shortcomings:

  1. Moisture resistance veneered products, and products with a melamine-coated paper does not allow to use them for decoration with a constantly high moisture content. Especially since you can not use MDF for the decoration of the bath - changes in temperature and humidity quickly "kill" finish.
The relatively small thickness of the material explains its fragility

The relatively small thickness of the material explains its fragility

  1. Mechanical strength MDF also low. The thing is that for the decoration of the ceiling applied products of small thickness, which are not designed for heavy loads. It solves the problem of installation of a part of the frame and the ceiling protected from knocks.
  2. Fire resistance of the material, though higher than those of natural wood (right note - not much), but still not enough to completely eliminate the possibility of ignition. It is necessary to consider laying hidden behind paneling wiring: The cable is only in special incombustible channels of corrugated plastic or metal, and all connections are in order to avoid isolating circuits.

But the price ceiling MDF panels - debatable. On the one hand, you can find quite a budget option, but it will look "very not very." And the performance of such products, to put it mildly, not up to par.

I prefer to use the slightly more expensive products (from 1200 - 1500 rubles per square or about 150 rubles per panel). They last longer and look better as an example.

Products with textured surfaces, such as in this photo, are quite expensive - but also look spectacular

Products with textured surfaces, such as in this photo, are quite expensive - but also look spectacular

mount technology

Materials and tools

The panels of MDF to the ceiling is rarely straightforward. Much more often the product is installed on the suspension frame - about the same that is used for installation of plasterboard ceilings. List of materials needed for the installation of floors, includes the following items (listed approximate prices):

Appearance panel may be different, but, as a rule, the more beautiful - the more expensive

Appearance panel may be different, but, as a rule, the more beautiful - the more expensive

Material unit of measurement The average cost, rubles
MDF panel Kronostar pack (6 pcs., 250 mm x 2.6 m) 950 — 1200
MDF panel Wand der Welt pack (3 pcs., 250 mm x 2.7 m) 620 — 700
Corners for masking joints pcs., 2600h47 -60 mm 60 — 100
Klyaymer MDF Packing 100 pcs. 50 – 100
Liquid Nails 100 ml 70 — 120
Wooden beam for a carcass 6 m PC. 90 – 180
Profile metal carcass, 3 m PC. 50 — 120
Suspension for metal frame PC. 5 — 25
The primer penetrates 5 l 250 — 400
Insulation foil penofol 2000 material 3 mm, m2 55 — 70
Dowel-nail for rapid installation Packing 200 pcs. 120 — 180
Materials for creating a frame

Materials for creating a frame

For assembly work, I use a set of tools:

  • hammer drills with concrete;
  • drill with drill bits for wood (for cladding wooden house);
  • screwdriver;
  • I saw with fine teeth;
  • Metal scissors;
  • level;
  • plummet;
  • roulette;
  • Construction steppler.
Overall operation algorithm

Overall operation algorithm

preparation of overlap

Basically, if you have previously performed paneling, with the installation of a suspended ceiling certainly right: the technology is used in almost identical. Finish with your hands is not a big deal, so I shall confine myself to a general description of the algorithm, focusing on the most important, from my point of view, the nuances.

Ceiling treat antiseptic primer

Ceiling treat antiseptic primer

Start headliner need to prepare itself overlap:

  1. In houses with concrete ceilings top plate purify the old finish, and removing wallpaper removing the plaster layer. Whitewash deposited directly on concrete, you can not wash away, especially if it is held firmly enough and does not crumble.
  2. Detected crack and the gap between the ceiling and walls purify, embroider and fill the sealing compound. For small defects I use epoxy putty, large depressions fill tile adhesive based on cement (for this purpose can be also used with epoxy, but it turns out expensive).
  3. Ceilings of log homes made of MDF panels are also attached to the draft prepared by the ceiling. Overlapping of boards or veneer sheets is cleaned, after which it sealed all gaps (konopatka suitable simple or plaster based on wood shavings).
Draft also overlap sealing and gruntuem

Draft also overlap sealing and gruntuem

  1. And concrete and wooden ceiling required to process the moisture barrier composition based antiseptic. This is done quite obvious purpose: to prevent the development of skin MDF pathogenic fungi and other microorganisms.

There is another aspect to be considered, referring to the preparation of the ceiling. Many experts are mounted on the insulation material layer overlap - rolls of expanded polymer coating with a foiled.

Efficiency of such solutions is very high, but when mounting vapor permeability of the polymer film is broken ceiling. Because you can do so only if the ventilation in the room is working quite effectively.


Before MDF panels fastened to the ceiling, it is necessary to manufacture the frame on which our sheathing will hold. Make it either wooden bars impregnated with an antiseptic or metal profile.

If the base acts as a suspended ceiling, the panels can be fixed without a frame. But I would still reinsured

If the base acts as a suspended ceiling, the panels can be fixed without a frame. But I would still reinsured

I prefer the second embodiment, since the metal is less susceptible to deformation, and therefore, the ceiling is less likely to "go wave" with the temperature drop. However, the timber I also had to use, and there were no problems because I had already set a portion of the holder.

The overall design scheme

The overall design scheme

Work on the installation frame I usually do on such a scheme:

  1. To begin, I put on the walls of the markup to set the starting Profile. For this vymeryat height of the room in the four corners and save from the lowest value equal to the gap between planned and overlapping sheet set from MDF.
  2. Focusing on the point obtained by a level line outlinesBy which the ceiling will be held.
Start profile around the perimeter of the room

Start profile around the perimeter of the room

  1. Is applied to the starting line profile of galvanized steel and perforator prodelyvat fastening holes are recessed in the wall at least 45 - 50 mm (for a standard fasteners 6x40 mm).
  2. Using anchors for rapid installation, fix the starting profile on the perimeter of the room.
  3. Ceiling nanoshu markup for attaching hangers. The distance between the suspension points is made to be about 60-70 cm and the pitch between rows - 50 cm.
  4. Suspensions from the ceiling mountable plugs and folded vertically downward.
The framework for the suspended structure

The framework for the suspended structure

  1. Panel connecting profile cut to size premisesAnd looking for some of their edge at the starting profile. I fix the end points of each panel, then strictly controlling the position of parts mountable to the panel suspensions.
  2. Until sheathing, laid under the wire ceiling was installedLeading to a built-in fixtures. For installation using corrugated channels of cable, which is fixed to the suspension using wire.

Until you have established themselves lamps, do not connect to the branch distribution box.
If this is not possible, it insulates the wire ends with plastic caps.

Installation instructions MDF panels to the roof batten is quite simple:

  1. The panel is removed from the packaging, and with saws undercut in the size of the room. To avoid distortion, I leave a small - up to 5 mm on each side - a gap of length of the panel, which will compensate for thermal expansion. If necessary in advance to make the holes for recessed luminaires, using drill-Ballerina.
Fastening of panels to the frame

Fastening of panels to the frame

  1. The first panel is applied to the frame perpendicular to the rails so that the spike "looked" in the direction of the wall. Carefully align the part and fix it on the crate.
  2. fixing method depends on the framework material: metal for use is preferably "liquid nail" or small screws, while on MDF wooden beams fixed with klyaymerov which are fixed or small nails or staples construction stepplera.
Mounting clamps on using stepplera

Mounting clamps on using stepplera

Obvious pole mounting klyaymery is possible construction disassembly without damage to the parts.

  1. The plant in the groove already installed spike the next panel, align and fix the same way.
  2. We continue headliner, taking care to remain a constant gap between the elements.
  3. The last panel, will likely have to cut out along. We install it in the slot and is attached to the frame as close as possible to the wall.

finishing work

By and large, this work can be considered complete.

We can only:

  1. Mask the joints of the walls and ceiling paneling, installing fillets. For this purpose, I usually choose the skirting boards of MDF, laminated or veneered by natural wood.
  2. Set the knockout holes and connected to the wiring built-in ceiling lights.
  3. Clear ceiling itself and the whole room from dust and debris.
The result of

The result of


Finishing the ceiling MDF panels - it is a simple technology that allows you to quickly and inexpensively transform the ceiling space, camouflaged with the wiring and other communications. Understand the nuances of technique to help my story and video in this article.

If questions still remain after reading and viewing - boldly ask them in the comments below!