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Facing the ceiling - an important stage in the repair room. Currently, there are many options for the implementation of this work - painting, wallpapering, the use of suspension and tension designs, but the drywall ceiling repair is still an inexpensive and convenient option, which you can easily implement their hands.

In this article, we'll show you how to perform the installation of drywall, what its advantages and design secrets.

ceiling drywall repairPlasterboard as a building material is used in almost every field of construction, repair and decoration of residential and non-residential premises. Alignment and installation of walls, creation of decorative elements - it's not all the benefits of using a simple design - plaster with glass-fiber reinforced, enclosed in two sheets of cardboard.

Flexibility, strength and retention of any shape by means of a reinforcing profile allows you to experiment with creating your own unique interior.

Ability to create multi-level system, embedded raster fixtures, with variations in brightness and color glow opens huge space for the imagination of the designer, doing drywall truly unique material repair.

If you are going to do a modern renovation of ceilings, regardless of the selected room, you can use drywall as a finishing material.

For repair and design of the bathroom, and the toilet and kitchen are special water-repellent sheets. Moreover, gypsum has a high resistance to fire and provides good sound insulation. All materials used to create sheets, environmentally safe and do not contain any harmful additives. The price of gypsum plasterboard depends on the class of sheets and their thickness.

Perfect design of the drywall for a bedroom or living room, using the built-in lights can create both a pleasant romantic atmosphere, and the atmosphere of a big party. Due to the additional layer can make a good heat and sound insulation, as well as hide all utilities.

We begin to repair

Materials for the repair of the ceiling

The frame of the ceiling plasterboard

First of all, it developed a sketch of the future design and materials calculation is performed.

The right plan will provide a smooth and beautiful ceiling, helping in the case of complex calculations or difficulties during installation. Be sure to specify the distance by which to reduce the height of the room, remember to place fixtures will take at least 5-8 cm.

Next, the frame. With the guide profiles form a shape of the structure, considering the necessary requirements for rigidity. Error on this stage can lead to deformation of the structure and its collapse.

The final step - mounting drywall sheets. It is best to choose a waterproof material to avoid problems during the subsequent painting. Try to make the joints between the sheets minimal, screws are screwed into the frame at a distance of 10 cm, at least 1 cm from the edge of the sheet.

Upon completion of all joints smeared with putty and sanded finishing plasterboard with their hands. The ready-hole mounted fixtures. Drywall can be painted or covered with wallpaper by designer request.

repair ceiling

Redecorating ceiling

damage to the ceiling

There are times when the full decoration of the apartment with his hands not required, and the ceiling looks quite presentable and requires restoration. Of course, dilapidation is not instantaneous, but sooner or later you will realize that you need to do major repairs.

minor damage

Slight damage in the form of plaster oblezshey not require major repairs. For work will have to hide the floor and all the furniture film, to avoid contamination. The damaged place, remove paint and plaster, to clean and degrease it.

Then the plaster surface, carefully glossing over all cracks and sanded. The last point will be brushing the restored section of the color of the rest of the ceiling and garbage collection in the room. Thus it is possible to recover small surface damage conspicuous.


If serious defect, for example, soaking the plaster due to flooding, a facelift can not do, will have to do a full repair of the ceiling after the leak.

At the recently renovated ceiling may appear yellow spots, which spoils the interior of the room. Before you start decorating should remove the source of moisture and wait for the complete drying of the space inside the ceiling.

Contaminated surface is cleaned from paint and filler, treated with a solution that eliminates spots. She then re-covered with putty and painted. It stains no trace remains.

We do the ceiling in the hallway

Repair ceiling after leak

Gypsum ceiling in the hallway

The entrance hall itself is a versatile room, the ceiling so it can also be made from any material. Since we began to talk about the drywall, plasterboard offer an embodiment of the construction in the corridor.

  • First of all, you should consider the height of the room. The entrance hall is often a fairly small room, its design will depend on the altitude.
  • If the ceiling is high, and the corridor - a narrow, use dark colors for decoration. An excellent solution to be false niches along the walls. You will have free storage space and eliminated the effect of "tunnel."
  • With the drywall it is very convenient to perform and hallway lighting. Recessed lights will create the desired light level in all parts of the corridor. In addition, it can be stepped ceiling that add design effect. Coloring sheets in light colors, we get an increase in visual room.

wooden ceilings

Repair ceiling in a wooden house

Wooden ceiling

Of course, when working with brick ceiling drywall is practically irreplaceable, but it will manifest itself in an old wooden house with a roof made of logs. In homes with a wooden roof, the most popular material for finishing the ceiling, which is not surprising, is a tree.

It is combined with the atmosphere of the house and does not cause problems with the installation. Most commonly used wooden 'bunk', veneered panels or panels of the array.

Note! Although the tree and has greater thermal insulation than a brick, do not forget about the additional insulation of the ceiling. To this end generally use small layer minvanty nestled vapor barrier.

Podshivnoy embossed ceiling of wood would also be appropriate in a wooden house. Making room interior memorable with the usual wooden bars on the surface creates a unique pattern. And the speed of installation of such structures are very happy, it suffices to crate and attaching the bars.

Classic finish using plastering undergoes small changes for wooden houses. Before repairs need to establish a lath, which will keep the plaster layer, which is then painted in the desired color or wallpaper pasted.

But back to the drywall. And in a wooden house, he is perfect as a ceiling finish. Of course, the logs directly to the roof to fix it can not, will have to create a rough suspension structure for mounting.

As we can see, drywall - really versatile material for repair in a small apartment and a private home.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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